Dungeon Prompts: Introducing the Alter Ego

Spring in my garden

Interesting prompt today from Sjreejit at Seeker’s Dungeon:  Introducing the Alter Ego

We all have some aspect of our personality that most don’t see.  It may be a superhero that we walk the world as.  It may be a tough guy telling back the bullies that only you hear on the inside while the world sees a soft spoken person.  It may be the shy, sensitive, insecure child that you cover up with a bold and outgoing personality.  Who are you hiding within?  Who do you walk the world as, but most do not see?  Introduce us to your alter ego.

It led me to realize what a big shift there’s been.  For most of my life I’d say I worked hard at hiding how generally frightened–terrified even–of the world I was.  How unworthy and uncertain I felt.  How I worried that any day someone would realize I wasn’t good enough, worthy enough, lovable enough…

I’m not going to say I’ve eliminated all traces, but today I realize I really don’t undergo all those things any more.  I feel more balanced in my inner and outer world–as if there’s not a big difference most of the time.

There’s also been an angry kid in there and a lot of irritability. In that aspect I’d say there’s a good bit more work though I’ve released a lot of anger and spend far less time in that space.  I’d say it’s the main aspect of me that I work hard to hide.  I think a lot of people close to me would smile because it isn’t hidden that well :-)

Most of the time at this point I’m pretty serene, so the irritability factor is not the huge presence it once was.  Sometimes I’m calm and happy and not hiding anger or irritation at all.

The journey to this place of calm and confidence has been so long and arduous I sometimes don’t notice how much has changed.  Moments like this are so sweet, when I stop and see how it was and then how it IS.  Thanks Sjreejit for the nudge!

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Memorial Service Details

Originally posted on The Matticus Kingdom:

Dave’s (Grayson Queen’s) service is going to be this coming Saturday (May 23, 2015) at the Corpus Christi Church in Corona, California at 10 AM PST.


3760 North McKinley Street
Corona, CA 92879-1956

Please help me spread the word again, so those who might be interested in attending have enough warning to make arrangements.  I’ll be there for sure…

And, an update on Rara’s address:

Radhika Jaini WF0124
16756 Chino-Corona Road
Corona, CA 92880

Keep the RawrLove letters headed her direction. Thank you.

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J2P Monday: Ho’ oponopono to heal your world


I’m still hanging out with my “don’t beat the drums” thing (see last week’s J2P post).  It’s led me to think about Hew Len and Ho’oponopono.  Long ago I wrote a post about it.  This time I want to switch the emphasis a little to really focus on the well-known story of Hew Len’s work at a ward for the criminally insane at the Hawaii State Hospital.

This ward had become a terrible place.  Inmates attacked each other and the staff.  The staff had a big turnover and those who did work there called in sick regularly.  The grounds and ward had become run down.  Hew Len was a psychologist who followed a long line of others assigned to the ward.

He never saw a patient.  He sat in his office with a pile of files, periodically asking someone to bring him more.  He read each file and then he did ho’oponopono to heal IN HIMSELF whatever he saw in the file that needed healing.   Slowly but surely, inmates became calmer and no longer needed their meds.  The staff came to work.  The place started being fixed up.  Patients became well enough to be released in such numbers that eventually the ward closed.

He teaches that anything you see as a problem in the world is something to heal in you.  EVERY problem.  Terrorism.  Homelessness.  Hunger.  The environment.  Gangs.  Crime.  Cancer.  Disease.  Human trafficking.  Poverty.  Inequality.  Heal it in yourself, heal the world.  If each of us looked inward and healed every problem we can see within ourselves we would live in a different world.

Although the full program of ho’oponopono is more complex, Hew Len basically works with Mornah’s Prayer.  There’s a short version that seems to be most frequently used.  It’s below, but first I’m giving you the long one and I strongly suggest you start with the long version.

Our brains like lots of words and to feel things are well-explained.  If you’re not already familiar with ho’oponopono, the long version will give your brain more apparent reasons why this works.  Once you’ve become comfortable doing it and you’ve wired some new neural nets that respond automatically to ho’oponopono, you can switch to the short version.

The full version of Mornah Simeona‘s prayer:

DIVINE CREATOR: Father, Mother, Son as ONE:

If I (we), ____________________, my (our) families, relative, and ancestors have offended you, __________________, your families, relatives and ancestors, in thoughts, words and actions from the beginning of our creation to the present,

Humbly, humbly I (we) ask you (all) for forgiveness for all my (our) errors, resentments, guilts, hatred, hurts, trauma or pain, offenses, blocks, etc., which I (we) have created and accumulated from the beginning to the present. PLEASE FORGIVE ME!

(Response) YES, _________________, I (WE) FORGIVE YOU!

LET THIS WATER CLEANSE, PURIFY AND RELEASE ME (US), offender and offended FROM SPIRITUAL, MENTAL, MATERIAL, FINANCIAL, AND KARMIC BONDAGE. (Note: The use of actual water is not necessary. A symbolic sprinkling gesture made with the hand will be sufficient to suggest water.)

Pull out from our Memory Bank or Computer ALL THE UNWANTED, NEGATIVE MEMORIES AND BLOCKS that attach, knot, tie, and bind us together.

SEVER, DETACH, UNTIE, AND RELEASE these unwanted memories and blocks.

Transmute These Unwanted Energies to “Pure Light”!

Fill the spaces these energies occupied with Divine Light.

Let “Divine Order,” Light, Love, Peace, Balance, Understanding, Joy, Wisdom and Abundance be made manifest for us through the Divine Power of the Divine Father, Creator of all life, Mother, Son as ONE, in whom we abide, rest, and have our being… NOW AND FOREVER MORE. AMEN.

My challenge to you:  print out a copy of the prayer to keep with you.  This week every time you find yourself being upset by anything outside yourself, from your bed-mate’s snoring to fear of crime to the political party you despise to acid rain, stop beating the drums of the problem and instead get out the prayer.  Know that whatever you see out there reflects something inside you.  Say the prayer.

You may have to say the prayer dozens of times for the same issue.  Don’t worry about it.  Don’t judge it.  Don’t beat the drum for it.  Say the prayer.  Heal it within you.  The longer it takes, the deeper the hold of whatever it is.  Doesn’t matter.  Just pray.

When you’ve done it enough to feel in tune with it, you can use the much shorter and easier version, which you do for each problem, with the specific issue in mind:

Creator:  I am sorry, Forgive me, I love you, And I thank you.

See here for more about Hew Len and his time at the hospital.  See here for more about the short version.

Sunday Peace Time

It’s that time again.  Collective Prayer Sunday.  Have you carved out a little space for chanting or praying for peace?

If you’re new to CPS:

chant or pray or meditate for peace a minimum of 10 minutes every Sunday.  The suggested chant:  May earth be filled with lovingkindness, May she be well, May she be peaceful and at ease, may she be happy.

However you choose to observe peace, those moments of peace in your piece of the web of all life serve everyone.  Peace within leads to peace without.

Check out the Collective Prayer Sundays page for more info.

Dungeon Prompts: What is my church


The Dungeon Prompt today at Seeker’s Dungeon is:

Today’s Prompt:

We’ve all heard the expression, “you took me to church,” meaning you gave it your all and I was feeling the spirit. But people experience the colloquial church in many different ways.  Some experience it during Football Sundays, or with music or dance, or in a relationship.  While others may experience it in an actual church, temple, mosque, synagogue or in nature.  This week tell us about what takes you to church.  If you are writing about your place of worship, then tell us what part of the experience puts you over the edge. Is it the sermon?  The music?  The testifying? Or are there other life experiences that, although may not be outwardly religious, fill you with incomparable joy.

The moments I’m “taken to church” are rarely in a church (building) or at a service.  Although I’ve had moments of joy while holding hands with those around me and singing “Let there be peace on earth,” at a variety of Unity churches, I’d say far more have come at workshops and gatherings at which a group has joined in harmonic energy in order to perform a ceremony or prayer or offering.

A whole group quietly reverent together and joined in the purpose of love or peace or compassion is so powerful!  I feel the exponential impact of two or more gathered together and creating something more — more power, more love, more heart…

I think the first time I experienced it was many years ago at a Shirley MacLaine workshop.  There were something like 1,000 partcipants and at the end of the last day we all joined hands as she led us on a meditation connecting our energy in love and sending it out in ever-widening circles around the world.  I hadn’t felt anything so immense before.

A few years later, at Nine Gates Mystery School, we spent two 10-day sessions learning –among many other things– how to build energy in a particular chakra and hold that space as a group.  For a few more years I went back as staff.  Part of our job was getting into the energy of whichever chakra the group was working on and to hold that energy in the room no matter what happened.  Now, whenever I go to an event with Nine Gates graduates, whether or not I’ve met them before, I realize that at some point we’ve moved into an energy space together.

I’ve experienced it at many spiritual gatherings and when I lead a group I generally use the “resonation” exercise from Nine Gates to bring the group into heart space.  That sense of harmony and oneness when people drop their personal stuff and everyday worries and let the sweetness of their divine selves radiate–that’s what brings me to church.  Every time.

It’s there, too, when I’m alone and go inward.  Whether I speak the lovingkindness chant or sing chants or meditate, when I reach that place of quiet and connection where the divine in me dwells, that’s church.

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J2PMonday: Not beating the drums

Ever since I read this Abraham Hicks quote, the last part has been running often through my head:

dont beat drum quote

And every time I read e-mails or posts in which someone discusses how bad the world is, how full of problems the earth is, how terrible this or that environmental problem is, I think, “Don’t beat the drums of the problems!”

And more and more I think, “I’m not going to beat the drums of the problems — and I don’t want to hear that beat.”  To me, the image of beating the drums is both about drums as a means of communication and the vibration raised by whatever you’re playing on the drum.

There’s an energy to that vibration and it’s a magnet.  If you’re proclaiming the problems, fretting over the terrible crisis of this or that, you’re magnetizing more of it to us all.  Energy flows where attention goes, so if your attention is on problems and trouble instead of what’s good then the energy of trouble is growing.

It’s not that you can’t notice anything, it’s how you pay attention to it.  Louise, at Dare Boldly, does a lovely job of advocating for the homeless.  I don’t recall seeing any posts in which she was hand wringing or pointing fingers and jumping up and down about the problem.  Instead, she reminds us of the essential goodness of the people with whom she works and tells us about success stories and programs that are working.  It’s a small thing that, to me, makes a big difference.

Although there’s no posting challenge this month, I’m going to issue a challenge for you to just try to pay attention to what you beat the drums for.  For a week, see if you can catch yourself every time you’re clucking your tongue and thinking about whatever you see as problem in the world.  Think about whether you want to beat the drum for that.  Are there positive things you can think about instead?  Has anyone anywhere made progress about the issue?

The media tends to emphasize problems but if you look around there are always great stories of people’s kindness, of great non-profits that people have founded, improvements in environmental issues, etc.  Look for the positive stories and beat the drums for those.  A few spots to check:

CBS Sunday morning also offers lots of great stories about people doing good and interesting things.

What do you tend to beat the drums for?  Are you playing the drum beat that sings of all the good and wonderful things in the world?  Or the drum beat that laments the problems?  Are you becoming a magnet for good or bad?  In the great web of all life, what message do you want to bear?

If post about the exercise, link here and when I pick up the pingback I’ll mention it in the next post.