Nine Gates Mystery School and Gay Luce

If I’m going to talk about teachers, I want to do a piece on my teacher and long-time friend, Gay Luce. Gay helped to define my idea of a good teacher. When she’s in an expanded place she’s the embodiment of love and she can hold an energy so strong she can hold the energy of a large crowd in a particular chakra. She’s also human and has issues and wants you to know it. She’s never stopped studying and learning and the teachings at Nine Gates change and grow along with her.

Nine Gates Mystery School is an amazing program. I went through in 1990 and it not only changed my life then, but through the friends I made and the teachers I encountered it continues to change me. Gay herself describes it here:

It’s hard to decide which aspect had a greater impact. You work intensively with the energy of each of nine chakras and just learning how to identify the energy of each and to move to it at will is profound. Until that time I had followed a strictly New Age path. The chance to work with masters of Sufi, Kahuna, Taoism, etc. transformed my sense of walking a spiritual path. I made friends among the students, teachers and staff who have been at the center of my heart ever since.

It’s Gay’s brilliant abilities that have pulled it all together. She’s 80 now – experience her at Nine Gates soon!

6 thoughts on “Nine Gates Mystery School and Gay Luce

    • Hi Dimitie: There are a lot of different things that “healing chakras” could mean in terms of practices to do. At Nine Gates a big emphasis is recognizing that every chakra has a vibrational level of its own and a certain set of life circumstances when its useful to know how to move yourself into that level.. Gay says we’re like flutes who have many notes but usually only play the same one or two. Shirley MacLaine’s Inner Workout — — does a lot to bring energy to each chakra and work on healing and claring. My yoga classes and my own practice center on doing postures starting at the root and working up so that all the chakras are physically balanced. I also do the five Tibetan Rites which particularly work the five chakras of the torso. Does any of that help?

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