Collective Prayer Sundays

Pray/Chant/Vision Together

minimum 10 minutes — max.: you choose

Sundays:  any tme midnight to midnight in whatever time zone you’re in

I believe in the exponential power of two or more gathered together with the same intent.  I also believe that when many people pray or chant or say affirmations or create a vision or send healing for the earth and/or for world peace those prayers have much greater impact because of that increased power.  In line with those beliefs I want to put out a call in the spiritual blogging world and beyond for people to join in prayers (chanting, etc.) for peace.

In order to make it as easy as possible for people to participate regardless of lifestyle or time zone, I’m suggesting any time in the 24 hours of Sunday that suits you, in whatever time zone you are in as a time frame within which to perform your prayer or chant or vision, etc. for a minimum of 10 minutes.  Because of that increased power of two or more, I encourage people to form groups to pray together — if not every Sunday, then one or more times a month; individuals from groups can do their own practice the other weeks.  I’m envisioning an ever widening circle of participants and waves of prayer for peace fanning around the world for many hours every Sunday as people in different time zones and different segments of the allotted time each send out their prayers.

I’m going to suggest the lovingkindness chant:

  • May the earth (mother earth, the world…) be filled with lovingkindness
  • may she be well
  • may she be peaceful and at ease
  • may she be happy

Of course any prayer or chant or affirmation for peace that you want to choose is fine, or possibly something like Reiki practitioners gathering to send energy for peace; as long as your intent is peace I don’t think it matters which practice you choose to do.  Maybe people can write some short guided meditations for this.

There is a Facebook Page where I post reminders most weeks (I do sometimes miss 🙂 )  You’re also welcome to make comments on this page any time you wish.  I have also created a tag, CollPraySun, so if you wish to write a post(s) about your group or your prayer, etc. you can put that tag on and everyone can find it.  If you need to contact me or want to give me info that you prefer not to pass along in the comments, fill out the contact form below (regular comments box is below the form).

As a beginning I’d really love any of you who plan to commit to the minimum of 10 minutes of prayer/chanting, etc. each Sunday to please say it in the comments.  Any suggestions as to how you think I could add to this or make it better are welcome.

Love, Leigh

If you don’t have a group and want to chant “with” me you can play this recording on YouTube:  Sorry, I’ve tried to embed it and every time I do WordPress erases the code or the code quits working… At the moment it’s right below but use the link above if it’s disappeared.

For info on the award at top see;

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14 thoughts on “Collective Prayer Sundays

  1. I’m taking part in your Sunday prayer idea tonight. I love your suggested prayer and will be using it. Namaste, Leigh.

  2. I sat this morning, but I will sit again and do the lovingkindness meditation tonight. Thank you so much for continuing the practice, Leigh. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

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