Seven Days of Gayatri with Deva Premal

For the first seven days of January, Deva Premal and Miten offered seven days of doing the 108 round version of Gayatri. They’ve had a weekly Gayatri on FB and later via a paid app since last spring — reaching out in Covid lockdown — and I’d loved those so much I jumped at the chance.

When I did a regular chanting practice a shorter version of the Gayatri was one of the three I chanted daily but I’d not done the 108 round version more than sporadically and it’s just been occasional on their weekly practice. I always found it powerful but the energy of doing it every day was quite amazing. There are usually 2-2.5 thousand people participating and I’ve been amazed at how well I can tap into the larger energy of the group. Powerful.

Besides loving the chant for myself, I love the association with heart and peace. They were doing the 7 days as an uplift to energy as the year began and that felt incredibly important to me, especially with all that’s been going on both in the world and in the U.S. As I’ve teetered between rage and holding a calm space, I’ve kept feeling a need to lift my energy, try to hold a higher space, etc.

It was quite amazing to sing the chant daily. Especially for the first few days I could really feel the build of energy in me. Didn’t stop me from the moments of rage, but left me feeling generally more energized and uplifted, easier to tap back into the heart space. Also feeling like my nadis were not just all being energized but as if they were being rearranged or reconfigured as well.* By the final few days I think I’d adjusted a little bit more to that huge influx of energy.

The worldwide sangha they’re forming is lovely and I highly recommend participation. I’m about to sign on with the app so I can participate in the larger array of activities they’re hosting, including daily meditations, access to a library of mantras, participation in sangha, Q&A with Deva and Miten, etc. They still offer the Gayatri free via Facebook and YouTube once a month. Click through on picture above to page where events are noted.

We so need to lift the world’s vibration now. As I’ve mentioned many times, the higher vibration of few can raise the vibrations for many more and we need to lift the multitudes who are caught at the anger level on up to the next level, where self examination and greater openness begins. If Gayatri is not for you, please find the meditation or practice that suits you and commit to it and/or if you can find a practice group or sangha with which to join energies on line, please practice with such a group.

* When chanting is 108 rounds, it’s one for each of the 108 nadis, or energy channels, which aligns you with the universe or creation.

Clearing and building energy

I tried out this Steve Nobel meditation a few weeks ago and then did it again and have been so impacted by it I’m planning to do it at least a couple of times a week.

The first part does a LOT of clearing old energy from every level of your being and then you build a pillar of light which is both super high energy and creates a barrier that keeps lower level energies from entering.

In these times when I feel it is SO important to be clearing as much lower level energy as possible and also lifting the vibration of the Web of All Life higher, this meditation seems like the perfect path.

I’ll be back to this in an upcoming People Power post, but wanted to share it now so those who want to can start working with it.

Oy the energy… the transition… the cranky


Energetically speaking, for me there’s so much going on these days I have trouble deciding: which kind of energy, what started it, whether it’s me or some cosmic shift…  The unwinding is opening nadis and letting prana flow and grow.  Kundalini seems to be back (or maybe never went away…).  Supposedly cosmic forces are moving us along and flooding us with energy big time.

Besides being “buzzy” with gigantic amounts of energy running through me, lately I’ve been noticing a certain cranky factor.  It shows up just in certain situations and the rest of the time isn’t apparent.  It particularly shows up when I’m watching TV and some type of character I don’t like is a major part of the story.  Types whom I’ve always found mildly irritating are suddenly launching me into fury.

For instance, on NCIS LA, one of the two new characters this season I just never much liked (the other I adored though according to the cliffhanger she may not be back next season).  Most of the season I just kind of ignored her.  But in the finale she played a big part and every officious, obnoxious character trait (not to mention her whistling S’s) seemed exaggerated and especially annoying.

I spent the whole episode waving my fists and shouting, “would somebody just please shoot her (the character, not the actress) and put us all out of our misery???!!!”  “Or at least put tape over her mouth so we don’t have to listen to her?”  Now, it wouldn’t have been all that unusual for me to roll my eyes, grunt, and fast forward every time she showed up.  But shouting and shaking fists, that’s a bit unusual.  And as a basic pacifist, pretty odd for me to want somebody shot…

This total impatience for characters who offend me — and officiousness, which has been a very popular character trait the last couple of years, is something that really bugs me — accompanied by a sense of fury, is kind of new.  I’m aware of the spike in emotion every time it happens.

And then there’s #45.  I didn’t like him long before he ran for President and I’ve certainly been annoyed by plenty since his election.  But now when he shows up on my TV screen, I start gagging and crossing my fingers in the sign to ward off evil.  Again, some unpleasant muttering and eye rolling wouldn’t have been unusual in the past.  On my good days followed by saying the lovingkindness chant.  But now I feel like I’m erupting.

I’m trying to decide whether these sudden flares of temper are reflecting something in me that’s clearing.  Or, since I’m inclined to pick up on others’ energy, am I picking up on the general atmosphere of discord and working it out through my reactions to what I see on screen?  Or are some of these cosmic energies that are supposedly flooding us these days creating bigger emotional reactions than usual?  Is the constant big flow of energy creating irritation?  All of the above?

It’s been going on at least a couple of months so I know most things about alignments of stars, etc. have shifted more than once while this has been going on which has me I’m assuming it’s not about the movement of planets and such.

Since lots of you in this community are following all this stuff about this time of transition and are sensitive to energy, I’m curious whether anyone else is experiencing weird stuff like this?  Or are aware of info about the transition that would explain any of this.  Or just, you know, have any thoughts?

Practices and Changes

Some years ago I wrote about how much I loved practicing the 8 Key Breaths, the Five Tibetan Rites and Flying Crane Chi Gung.  I’d turned to those three for their combined impacts on opening energy flow, building energy and balancing energy.

After faithfully practicing for 5 or 6 years, I started slowly moving into doing kundalini yoga more and always sliding in some sets of my flowing body work.  I’ve never dropped the energy practices, but I’ve rarely done all three.  I’m probably most faithful about the 8 Key Breaths, which I have loved since I first learned them in 1990, with the 5 Rites landing in second place.

Tuesday I felt really drawn to do the three for the first time in ages.  Not only did it feel amazing, but because of the opening unfolding in my body, I could feel energy moving through places I’ve not felt it before. And the fullness and flow of energy in the hara, or sea of chi,… wow… amazing.  It’s been one of the most thrilling things about the slow healing of the many issues in my muscles:  revisiting practices after time gaps and feeling the energy of it.

While I’ve always felt energy build in that area during tai chi or qigong practice, I’ve also been aware the energy wasn’t as full as it should be, nor did flow through the whole area.  So the sense of the bigness of the energy and how well it flowed through both second (where hara is located) and third chakras was a big eye-opener for how much progress my muscles have made.

Much of the super tight core in my face that’s unwinding now is connected into patterns going all the way down my body, so each time a knot or two opens, I feel impacts all the way down.  This was the most intense moment of realizing what this opening means for the flow of energy.  Wow.

J2P Monday: Another look at Energy and Power

Abraham Hicks Energy Stream

I thought I’d take a break from issuing challenges and re-introduce some thoughts about how different kinds of energy impact the world.  I’ve long felt these principles back my belief that every person who raises consciousness, moves to a higher vibration, and/or becomes more loving and compassionate impacts the world and the possibility of change.

My beliefs about these impacts come from two main sources (although I’ve encountered lots of info that supports these two):  (1) Paul Ray’s Cultural Creatives (Harmony House, 2000) and (2) David Hawkins’ Power vs. Force (Hay House, 1995).

Ray’s study posits a growing group he calls Cultural Creatives who tend to be educated, spiritual, concerned about the environment, etc.  When such a group reaches a “critical mass”, a paradigm shift follows in which a nation or the world moves into a new pattern.  The study (now some years ago) indicated the cultural creatives are moving toward that point of critical mass.

While his study was from a sociological research perspective, it also made sense to me because such a group is shifting energetically.  I think it’s the energetic change that powers the shift in paradigm.

In Power vs. Force, Hawkins studied energy and developed a way of determining individual levels of vibration.  Using kinesiology, Hawkins conducted a huge study in which he discerned that people have different vibrational/energy levels depending on their overall state of development on a scale moving from shame to enlightenment.  He also studied the impact of higher vibrating people on those lower on the energy scale.

I suspect as science becomes more able to study such things there will be refinements but I believe to my core his finding that there is far more power in the higher levels where joy, love , peace and compassion lie than at the lower levels.  According to Hawkins, one person with an energy of 400 (reason) counterbalances 400,000 individuals with energy below 200, one person at level 500 counterbalances 750,000 individuals who are below 200.  [This is a very abbreviated version of his work that emphasizes what excites me about it…]

I get really excited about these concepts because they tell me it doesn’t take a majority to change the world, it takes a minority who are all raising consciousness and hence their energy vibrations to a high enough level to influence tens or hundreds of thousands of others.  Each time one of us lets go of anger or learns more compassion or achieves a more open and loving heart, it moves us closer to that paradigm shift when the world moves into peace.

Let it flow grace in winter 2] * Uploaded by Ekabhishek

I know, I know, I kind of harp about fluidity and flow. I’ve understood its importance for a long time, but as these last corded muscles slowly open and I feel blood flow where I could not before that understanding is deepening. If you have painfully knotted muscles or tight muscle patterns your blood isn’t circulating everywhere it should go and the vital nutrients that are carried from your breath into your blood stream are failing to reach many places that need the nutrients.

In other words, if your muscles aren’t healthy, relaxed and in proper alignment you won’t just feel pain or tension or have trouble moving, you will not be as healthy as you could be. It takes a lot of effort for your body to hold all those tight patterns and at the same time your body isn’t receiving oxygen and other crucial nutrients so at the least you lack energy. Deep level muscles can also squeeze organs and glands so that they don’t function properly so you can also have more serious impacts. Allopathic medicine largely doesn’t acknowledge muscles as being affected by accidents or injuries nor that untreated muscles issues can impact much more than whether it hurts to move.

Not only do those knots and twists block the flow of blood and breath but the nadis, or energy channels, through which prana (chi or vital force energy) flows are also blocked. Many, if not most, spiritual traditions have practices to assist in keeping the flow of prana open and full because higher consciousness requires the free and balanced flow of energy.

I feel like my long and—at times—tortuous journey through chronic fatigue and twisted, painful muscles has been in part so that I could learn all this and help other people to understand. In the US we have become so separated from our bodies (I’d guess it’s true in general of western civilization but I’ll just claim it based on what I actually know here) that I’m constantly taken aback by how unconscious most people are of their bodies and how lacking in awareness of how every part connects to and impacts every other part.

I’ll keep coming back to this, trying to say it in different ways so it makes sense to different people. Please, take care of keeping your muscles flexible and strong and healthy.

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For me, it’s all just energy

Tonight as I practiced kundalini yoga and felt the giant energy boost from all that breath of fire, I realized that in all this pondering of philosophy I haven’t really remembered that the main thing I’ve believed in for a long time is energy. I’ve written a couple of other posts about energy so I don’t want to repeat the same things here (see:  The Energy of It All and Working with Energy ).

The theory I’ve been operating under for some time is that if everything is energy and I am energy then maybe the way to health is to work on energy. And it’s been working. As I mentioned in my post on working with energy, I’ve been practicing the Eight Key Breaths, the Five Tibetan Rites and Flying Crane Chi Gung for about five years now in order to balance my endocrine system, balance my energy, build my energy and restore my health. More recently I’ve added kundalini yoga practice, focusing mainly on sets that give a boost to glands and organs.

From the extremely low energy place where I started (one of my friends quipped that I was a “chi free zone” after acupuncturists shook their heads over how little chi I had) it’s been a slow build but in 20 some years of journeying toward health these practices have taken me most of the way.

I particularly like the impact I feel on the nadis. The nadis are a system of energy channels that roughly correspond to the nervous system. When your muscles are twisted up and tight the nadis are blocked so that energy can’t flow freely. When I do these energy building practices I can feel the energy get stronger and stronger in my system and start bumping up against the remaining knots in my muscles. The process of opening the muscles has really sped up since I started working on the energy – helped along by Cremean’s Bodypatterning and the triggers of release work that I designed as well as 26 years of yoga.

Beyond the health benefits, since thoughts are energy and visions are energy and your vibrational level is energy, when you build and balance your energy it changes everything. When you say affirmations and change your mind or sing kirtan and find yourself calm or meditate and become peaceful you are changing energy. When you change the energy you change everything.

The energy of it all (again)

This one from those months when I was the only one who read my blog actually turned out to be important in my occasional re-blog because it’s the precursor to the entry I’m writing for this Thursday’s AlphabeThursday.


Cover of "What the Bleep Do We Know!?"

Cover of What the Bleep Do We Know!?

 “Everything is energy.”  I ran into that concept very quickly when I entered the world of metaphysics.  I accepted it as true from the get go;  I’ve been slowly learning what it means in the 25 years since.  I don’t mean in the sense of science — you can watch What the Bleep (if you’re like me about science, a dozen or more times) if you want that explanation of energy.  I mean in terms of grasping what it means for us if we realize that everything — including us — is energy.

In terms of my connection to the world, I see the “all” of the energy as the great web in which we are all one.  That the physical me extends out into the universe and interconnects with all life everywhere via energy.  That no physical object is what it appears to be.   In other words, the world as I know it is an illusion.  Again, I can say those words and believe them but the more I explore, the more deeply I understand those words and yet I still feel there is much that eludes me.

In terms of self concept, it means trying to grasp that my body isn’t the real me.  As far as the energy is concerned there is no beginning and no end that defines “me” and “you” as separate.  Our conviction that we are separate beings is an illusion.  Every time I point my finger at someone else I am pointing at me.    Every thing that I do in terms of “my energy” is a contribution to either raising or lowering the energy of the web.

I think for the rest of my life as I contemplate the energy of it all I will always have more to learn about what that all really means.