Shifting and the winds of change: Part 2

Rite of Spring, 1985, a/c, 79x112 inches, (exh...

Rite of Spring, 1985, a/c, 79×112 inches, (exhibited: The Brunnier Museum, Ames Iowa, 1988). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As often happens, I lost the thread on this series while on vacation.  The plan I had for part 2 when I posted the first one is a vague memory.  I’m sure it will come back to me.  In the meantime, another great round of unwinding began the last couple of days in Michigan and has continued this week and feels like it’s waving and saying, “write about me”.  The last couple of days I’ve realized that all the activity behind my eyes has led to another increment or two of improvement in my vision.

Greater clarity of physical vision feels integral to my journey to greater clarity of overall vision.  And it has me reflecting again on the wonderful wisdom of the late Dr. Harry Sirota–see previous post for more info on him.  He talked about the blurry vision of near-sightedness in relation to introversion.  The inability to see people clearly makes them less scary.  When glasses bring everything into clear focus, it creates tension and, for me, it translated to withdrawing.  If I couldn’t keep everyone blurry, I could pretend to be invisible so they couldn’t see me.

As my vision has slowly improved, first thanks to Dr. Harry’s vision therapy and more recently because of the unwinding, my ability to step out in the world has grown immensely.

I haven’t worn glasses (except to drive) for some years.  My vision has changed so often I couldn’t afford to keep getting new glasses and I didn’t really want them since I knew from Dr. Harry’s work that they’d give me glasses too strong and it would take me backwards both in vision and tension.  I’ve gotten used to viewing the world with a blur around the edges.  It feels kind of fitting as I’ve wandered in the dark for some time, not sure any more if my purpose is what I thought it was nor what it might be instead.

I’ve grown at ease with that blurriness of vision and the uncertain view of what is ahead.  I rest ever more comfortably in the conviction that when it is time I will know.  And that this process of unwinding the muscles is somehow the key to clarity.  For right now it’s all I can do to get through the unwinding.

The more my body loosens up and the more my sight improves, the more I note the winds of change.  I feel these muscles have been holding so much in place within me and as it releases, something new is filling me.  What “the new” is remains fuzzy right now and that’s OK.

A Master’s Wisdom


Can’t emphasize this message enough!

Originally posted on Artist of the Everyday:


You carry Mother Earth within you.
She is not outside you.   Mother Earth
is not just your environment.  In that
insight of inter-being, it is possible to
have real communication with the Earth,
which is the highest form of prayer.

Barbara & Sylvie enjoying life

Barbara & Sylvie making life more beautiful.

Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.

Afternoon R & R

Hannah knows how to relax

We humans have lost the wisdom of
genuinely relaxing.  We worry too much.
We don’t allow our bodies to heal, and
we don’t allow our minds and hearts to heal.

Santa Fe Sunset

Santa Fe Sunset

When we are in touch with the refreshing,
peaceful and healing elements within ourselves
and around us, we learn to cherish and protect
these things and make them grow.  These
elements of peace are available to us anytime.


Life can be hectic, if I make it so, and lately that is what I’ve done.  I…

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I see you. You are beautiful just the way you are.


As she so often does, Louise knocked it out of the park…

Originally posted on Dare boldly:

When I walk into the Choices seminar room on the Wednesday morning, I know that miraculous happenings are afoot. That wonder and awe are in the wings, waiting breathlessly for the trainees to arrive and step into their embrace.

And I know Love is always present. And in its presence, there is nothing that has happened that cannot be healed. There is nothing that we’ve done, that cannot be forgiven. There is nothing that is not possible.

I see it every seminar. Trainees walk in feeling worthless, lost, unforgiven or unforgiving. They avoid. Hide. Run away. Argue. Fight for their limitations. Put up walls. Dive deep into silence.

They carry their wounds, their backpacks filled with regrets, their hearts full of woe. They wrap themselves in the belief they are alone, that no one understands them, that no one loves them. They push down their tears, their broken hearts, their anger…

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Heading home and chant time

I always head off on vacation with great intentions for keeping up all blogs but busier days than usual leave me tired and with too little time…  Can’t believe it’s already our last night.  I HAVE managed to put up quite a few posts about the trip on the Scribblings blog.  Once home I’ll get back to writing the next part of Shifting and the Winds of Change.

In the meantime it’s time to think about when you’ll chant or pray or meditate for peace on Sunday.

Collective Prayer Sundays:  In case you’re new, we’re finding 10 minutes at a minimum to pray or chant or meditate (or???) for peace every Sunday.  Details are on the CPS page.  For comments:  you can comment here or on that page or you can go to the Facebook page.

english & me


Getting ready to hit the road and thought I’d reblog this excellent post and say hey and don’t forget to chant or pray for peace today!

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IMG00486Soule’s and Fowler’s are my inheritance from my grandfather, along with a Shorter OED (not pictured). The hard copy Little OED was a find in a second-hand store that had me happy for months. Maybe years. I’m actually still happy about it. Also, my nails look uncharacteristically good in this.

So here’s what I don’t have:

I’m not a grammar perfectionist, with me lots of oopsies will slip through. (I admit to loving those who are seriously good at this, though.)

I have no self-restraint when it comes to commas. I don’t know why but: I <3 ,,,,,, !

I rarely use semi-colons because I am too enamoured with commas. There is no excuse for this. It is simply my nature.

I misspell things and sometimes use the wrong version of an homonym homophone. (This is something that began with menopause. I cannot tell you why it happens but it is my single…

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Shifting and the winds of change: Part 1

The more my eyes loosen up and my jaw opens, the more I feel a breeze quietly moving through my being.  Although my eye is still mainly on the prize — finishing the unwinding head saga–I can feel that the shifting in my head is creating shifts in me.

Lately I’ve been feeling poked as tales of similar workshops and theories have been coming at me from many directions.  Within a couple of days of one another there were posts on Alohaleya and Aligning with Truth mentioned Landmark Forum, which led me to examine that course.  Louise at Dare Boldly has written about Choices Seminars many times and I’ve examined their site.   I noticed that both of them emphasize “story” — an examination of the stories you’ve created about life and who you are and that you adhere to regardless of their truth or efficacy.

Then I had lunch with a friend who told me about a webinar she’s been taking that’s about discovering/examining your stories and letting them go.  Okay, Universe, you don’t have to hit me over the head with a book about it, I get that this is something I need to explore.

Tonight I made my first visit to the monthly Spiritual Cinema group that meets at a Science of Mind-based center called Ahava.  The film was The Shift.  When Wayne Dyer talked about the morning of life and getting caught in the beliefs and decisions we made long ago it struck me that he was also talking about the stories we’ve created.  Apparently my higher self has decided that I need to hear about this daily…

So I’ve been starting to ask myself about what my stories are.  I’ve let go of so much, I know that lots of old stories don’t still function.  But I know there are core issues still hanging around and that those are the ones that are hardest to see; I’m intrigued whether some of these workshops/techniques would help me uncover more.

It also reminded me of the long ago transpersonal psychologist who started me down this path.  She worked from a base theory about creating your own reality.  One of the exercises we worked with a lot was to go into meditation asking, “What do I believe that created this reality?” and then ask to be taken back to when and where that belief started.

At some point  I’d like to attend either Choices or Landmark Forum or both, but in the meantime, I’m planning to work a little bit with what I already know and see what shows up.

I’ve also been encountering lots of messages–including a great post on Brenda’s Blog– about following the things you love and getting that those are the things you’re “meant” to do.  And realizing that I’ve been tending to dismiss the dreams I love the most — the ones that feel the most like me but also feel selfish or not spiritual enough, etc.  Which I get is a story I’ve created….  So I’m also looking at changing goals and aspirations.

Next couple of posts will be more on these winds of change..

Keep Smiling Bag, a little gift for trying times …


Love this!

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Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet

A lifetime ago I had a job in social work where I was privileged to work with folks who were everyday heroes in desperate circumstances. Fortunately, there were many substantive things we could do to help our clients. However, small thoughtful little gifts –  like a KEEP SMILING BAG – were also much appreciated. 

A Catholic might call this a Caritas Bag; a Buddhist, a Metta Bag; a Jew, a Chesed Bag. A Native American might call it a Medicine Bag. I just call it a KEEP SMILING BAG.  It’s a bag full of affection and support in the form of bracing little reminders.

I originally posted this piece in early 2011 but these are trying times for so many people I know. I thought I might post it again. You may have a few people in…

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