A round of forgiveness posts?

cloud for bluegrass blogIn yesterday’s post I invited participation in making posts about forgiveness, but at the end of the post.  Thought I’d reiterate with the invitation as the only piece. I’m going to do a bunch of forgiveness work Aug. 1-14.  I’d love to have you write a post on one of those days about your experience of forgiveness.  Whether you want to participate in forgiveness practices with me for those two weeks and write about it or tell a past story about forgiveness or lack of it is up to you.

  1. sign up for one of the dates Aug. 1-14 — Aug. 5 is taken and I will do Aug. 14
  2. write the post and put it up on YOUR blog
  3. link to this post:  https://bluegrassnotes.wordpress.com/2014/07/21/a-round-of-forgiveness/

Each day I’ll put up a link here to that day’s post.


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