A round of forgiveness

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Clipart MP900446423 by iCLIPART

A few weeks ago Julianne from Through a Peacock’s Eyes got in touch to tell me she’d “gotten” some info about me while reading a post and that she felt I need healing regarding an ancestor or past life.  That launched an exchange about the ceremony I put together and performed last year.

I’d realized that an ancestor I’d uncovered some years ago had much to do with the tightness in my head and that she was still holding tight (see this post).  Julianne felt that I needed to do a ceremony of forgiveness — that the ancestor needs to be forgiven before she can completely let go.

I’ve been thinking about it since then and realizing that I tend to be cursory about the forgiveness piece.  Not that I don’t work on it or that I haven’t done many ceremonies, practices, and prayers of forgiveness but I don’t always think to do it.  And even when I do, it often doesn’t seem to stick.  I liked the idea of forgiveness for that ancestor but I felt that I wanted to do more.

To be honest, I’ve been a little ticked off at all my ancestors since I figured out how many negative patterns I carry that were passed down by them.  When a friend forwarded me a piece that urged us to be thankful to our ancestors I felt myself tense up and think, “What for?”  Followed by some unrepeatable grumbling.  And there are a few members of my family for whom I’ve performed a variety of forgiveness exercises, only to realize later that I’m still angry.

So I’ve decided that I want to do a more comprehensive forgiveness practice.  I’m working on creating another ceremony.  Fortunately I really like the opening, space-setting, etc. pieces of the ceremony I already created so I don’t have to do it all again.  Just working on the prayer or spell of forgiveness to put in.

I’ve decided that I want to devote two weeks to forgiveness  (keep reading for an invitation below).  My plan is to focus on a particular person or group every few days.  For those days I’ll say the lovingkindness chant and Mornah’s Prayer every day for that person and do the ceremony on that person’s last day.  I’ll post from time to time throughout.

My invitation to you:  I plan to do this forgiveness work starting Aug. 1 for two weeks.  During that time I’d like to invite you to sign up for one of the days from Aug. 1-14 to write a post about forgiveness.  You can participate along with me in working on forgiveness and write a post about your experience.  You can write a post about a past experience of forgiveness.  You can write a post about something you can’t forgive.  As long as it’s a personal account having to do with forgiveness, it works.  I’ll post a list of all those who are signed up to post and every day I’ll put a link to  your post here.  Please link to this post in your post so I get the pingback to tell me your post is there.   Use the comments below to sign up for the date you want.

25 thoughts on “A round of forgiveness

  1. Thank you Leigh! Lovely post. Also forgive yourself. I kinda hinted at this before, but I sense the ancestor that made the curse may have been also been you (or a part of your soul experience). Since time does not exist outside the physical realm, you can “time travel” to her now and both change the curse and forgive her in person.
    Namaste _/l\_

  2. Great sharing here Leigh! I love this post. While I can’t commit to anything since even keeping up my own blog has been touch-and-go for a bit I certainly celebrate everything to do with forgiveness. You’ve inspired me to write more on the topic whenever I can get my muse going againT Thank you. Namaste.

    • Actually you’d be posting it on your blog so if you think there’s a chance you could write your forgiveness piece during those two weeks (just link to this post somewhere in yours) I’d love to have you join the conversation. Let me know if you’d like one of those dates.

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  6. A wonderful initiative and important subject at this time when we are all releasing our yesterdays… are there any dates left, next monday 11th maybe? and I’ll write something about my experience and thoughts on forgiveness… Barbara x

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