Collective Prayer Sundays–the gathering challenge

Peace symbol for CPS

I hope that some of you have had the opportunity to gather with several others to chant or pray.  Although the challenge ends at midnight tonight (Aug. 11), I encourage you to gather a group, once or regularly.  The experience of chanting or praying for peace with others is profound and you can feel that exponential power of two or more gathered — the power of a group sending the energy of peace.  I met with a group last week and the post about it is here.

I will be adding a page that lists all the challenges and I encourage you to try out any of the challenges at any time.  If you want to post something about it you are always welcome to start a discussion about a challenge on the Facebook page or the Collective Prayer Sundays page (links in next paragraph).

Post any comments or thoughts about your group experience here or on the Facebook page for Collective Prayer Sundays.  If you have a lot to say, write a post and tag it CollPraySun.  If you want to search for posts with that tag, right now WordPress doesn’t seem to pick it up if you type it as a topic search but if you click on that tag at the bottom of one of my posts, it will open a long list of posts.

6 thoughts on “Collective Prayer Sundays–the gathering challenge

  1. I did not form a group, but I meditated on peace (Tonglen) with my wife and my kids sleeping in the same room. Does that count? I will try to find someone to join me next Sunday. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

    • I think meditating for peace always counts. So I’m just happy for participation. If you can get three people I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on whether that felt any different from doing it alone — or in a room with 3 sleeping people. And if you only ever do it alone, thank you, thank you for joining.

    • It totally does. And I think if individuals scattered around are praying that collective energy also expands. But most of us can’t feel that extra energy while chanting alone so the challenge was just to get people to feel that power of a group. When enough people take part I think we’ll all be able to chant alone but feel the group out there.

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