Disentangling The Ties That Bind (with EFT)

I’m a fan of EFT though I’ve not been great at creating phrases that work well. This script looks great for healing any relationship you want to plug into it.

Serene Reflection


Our relationships with our parents are particularly influential in our lives.  These often affect how we judge our self, our self worth and self confidence, as well as our other relationships. Yet, few of us pause to consider the ideal image of a mother/father/child we are unknowingly measuring our parents and self up to. And how this fictional yardstick can be causing deep rooted frustration, guilt, disappointment and resentment.

As introduced in an earlier post, Great Expectations, the demand of how someone should be often has unconscious roots.  Take the example of the mother.  “But isn’t a mother supposed to do this?” will be a hurt refrain I often hear in my sessions.  We would like to have a Superwoman for a mother, but the truth is she is human, fallible and struggling with her own challenges.  We never think of the parents who abuse their children, neglect…

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