Thankful Thursday: Oh the plumbing!

A bathroom drain.

A bathroom drain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most of my thankfulness this Thursday relates to plumbing though I also had a lovely cranio sacral appointment.

My last scheduled appointment was on the day 20″ of snow had landed in the night so it was cancelled and it took weeks due to one thing and another to re-schedule.  Lots of unwinding occurred in the meantime.  There was plenty of movement in the appointment and Robyn had quite a vision of me, apparently in some past century, invoking a powerful spell while a teacher/friend of hers stood nearby observing.

Which led to a referral to this healer/priestess of many modalities.  On the 15th I have a THREE HOUR appointment scheduled to explore all this.  I’m feeling like the key to the hidden, unmoving piece is about to turn.  More later…  Since then things have been more quiet and I’ve caught up on some sleep, for which I am profoundly grateful.

In the meantime some long-building issues in my bathroom came to a head when water in EVERYTHING ceased to drain.  The initial plumber couldn’t clear it and referred us to an outfit with a roto rooter and some sort of camera device.  Running the roto rooter was pretty expensive and if that didn’t do it the camera process would add much more and the fix if it came to that would have involved tearing up the patio and putting in new pipe.  Yikes.

Thank goodness the rooter thingy solved the problem without having to go on to the rest. Everything is flushing and draining better than it has in months and the plumber even fixed an issue that made the tank take 15 minutes to refill after every flush.

I couldn’t use my bathroom for something like 36 hours and it felt like days and days of stumbling across the house in the night or the rest of the time heading on autopilot to my bathroom and having to turn around and go to the other side of the house.  Amazing how tied we become to these amenities and how hard it is to be deprived of them for even a small time.

I’m so thankful (1) to have my bathroom back, (2) in far better working order than before and (3) without the gigantically expensive tear-up-the-yard scenario!

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Thankful Thursday — struggling for gratitude

I’ve missed posting for Thankful Thursday quite a few times now.  Been back on the yanking muscles, no sleep schedule* and, besides being kind of out of it about schedules in general, I’ve been feeling a little “grrr” about it all.  Tends to make me a little blind to the many things for which I might feel gratitude every day.

Finally managed to remember on a Thursday — barely, but hey, that counts!

  1. Yesterday it was warm enough to open windows for hours.  I love having fresh air blowing through.
  2. Found a new dish to love yesterday at one of my favorite restaurants. Parmesan Tilapia.  Uh oh.  Gonna be even tougher to decide what to order every time.  That’s a problem for which I’m very grateful
  3. While my smoothies are always pretty tasty, some just come out with an extra somethin’, somethin’–my usual thought is “I want to make that into a dessert” — healthy and YUMMY.  The last two I’ve made have been in that extra good category.
  4. Grateful I can buy all the stuff to make those healthy smoothies.  And that I have a house in which to drink them.

And now I’m thankful I stopped to be thankful because I feel better.

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Thankful Thursday: gluten free eating

I have a sensitivity/allergy to wheat, which makes lots of restaurant menus tough to negotiate.  When I first got taken off wheat, there were basically no substitutes.  No spelt pasta, no quinoa tortillas, no gluten-free this and that.

Even after I could buy substitutes for cooking at home, restaurants were a nightmare.  Often my only choices were a salad stripped of most of its contents (can’t have dairy either) or a leathery piece of chicken with some tasteless vegetables on the side.

Things have been improving for a while.  The Atkin diet brought lots of choices that work for me.  And in the last year or so, increasing numbers of restaurants have gluten-free options.  Even though I can have the gluten in other grains, those grains are rarely used; gluten-free at least means wheat-free.

So when Puccini’s Smiling Teeth started advertising a gluten-free menu I really perked up. Italian food is my fave but I’ve had to make my own for a long time.  Sunday night found me happily scarfing down gluten-free spaghetti with meatballs and I could even have garlic bread!

After years of eating spaghetti only if I made it or if I decided to suffer the consequences and eat the wheat, I felt so thankful, sitting there with my wheat-free Italian meal!

[As usual, it never occurred to me to take a picture so, sadly, the photo above isn’t a picture of my dinner… probably not gluten-free either.

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Thankful Thursday: Modern conveniences

English: Electricity Pylon, crossing lines Deu...

 Electricity Pylon, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The electricity went out for a few hours last week.  Just long enough to enjoy a spell of silence…. and to be really appreciative when it came back on before the house got too cold or we got too bored with reading by candlelight.

Ever since then I’ve been feeling so grateful for the running furnace, the garage door that goes up and down at the push of a button, the kitchen appliances that make cooking so much easier, the internet and computer that keep me in this blogging world…

I take it all for granted sometimes, forgetting to be grateful for the abundance I have.  Nothing like a blackout to remind me!

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