First Thai massage–wowie

A long ago student of mine popped up recently wanting to know when and where I have my classes now.  I haven’t taught since I lost the place where I’d been teaching last spring and decided it was time for a break.  At the same time, I lost the bodywork trades I’d been doing in exchange for classes so aside from the splurge to have a couple of cranio-sacral appointments late last summer I’ve been without bodywork.

I offered to just give her some classes and she suggested that we trade private lessons for Thai massage.  I knew nothing about it but I love trying different sorts of bodywork so I said yes. Today I had the first appointment and I was just blown away.  The point is to open energy channels but it’s so much more.  A lot of it involves supported yoga poses while the practitioner also works on the stretched out muscles.  Some of the rest I don’t quite know how to describe.

Of course, after a long time away from getting worked on I realized there were a lot more sore places.  I was also impressed that the pattern of moving through the muscles included a lot of places where I’m very tight but don’t often feel that massage therapists address those particular muscles.

I came away feeling like some things had been blown open.  In a good way. The only time I can remember having quite the same sensation of huge energy from bodywork was when I received some lomi treatments during my Marin years from a woman who’d had the good fortune to study personally with the late, great Abraham Kawaii for a couple of years.  Both techniques are designed to open channels and let the energy flow freely though they accomplish it differently.

As I’ve been noting in recent posts, I’m aware I’ve been a little shut down and closed off recently but it was quite something to realize how my body had closed up a bit as well.  Not that I should have been surprised but I have still been practicing yoga and the Robert Masters-based work I developed–though not with my usual regularity–and I imagined that I’d been doing enough to keep my body aligned.  The good news is that even with a bit of lost ground I’m far ahead of where I once was.

I’m so grateful that the universe always seems to send the right practitioner my way at the right time.  I’m also having fun getting to teach my work again so a win-win!

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