Inspiring Performance and Healing Update

I’m back to zombie state (see below) so I’m mainly going to give you another inspiring performance from America’s Got Talent.  Her story is interesting (beginning), but you can jump ahead to about 1:35 on the recording to just hear her sing:

The last CranioSacral appointment releases have let the final muscles in my face set off on what I think is the last wild ride of unwinding.  It’s incredibly exciting to follow and it also, as usual, is interfering with sleep, giving me headaches and leaving the muscles really sore.

My whole head felt like it was in a vice grip for so many decades it’s hard to explain the sensations as it opens.  Every time a bunch of unwinding occurs, I announce my face feels so much freer.  Because I don’t remember what it’s like to have a naturally relaxed face/head, every increment of release brings me to more freedom than I’ve known.

Muscles that have been tightly wound for decades tend to howl in pain when released, so I REALLY feel this.  But it’s so amazing to “watch” the slow opening in my jaw and behind my eyes.

A couple of practitioners have commented on my head almost seeming like something was pushing down from above while something simultaneously pushed up from below.  My eyes have been pulled down toward my jaw and my jaw up toward my eyes in a giant clamped, pinched configuration for so long.  It’s awe-inspiring to feel the space grow open.

But boy oh boy, it’s wearing on its own and when it’s going on night and day so I can’t sleep….  Zombie Leigh …