Adding feng shui into the mix

English: Feng Shui crystal

English: Feng Shui crystal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the upside/downside aspects of having lots of teachers and learning lots of techniques and practices is that I tend to throw more than one thing at any problem.  The upside is sometimes it takes coming at an issue from more than one direction to resolve it.  The downside is I muddle it up so it’s not always clear what accomplished which…

Still, in the midst of examining my issues with my neighbors (see last post) I remembered that the last time we were having trouble with them, I used a feng shui technique to shift the energy.  Several friends had used this to good effect, so I placed mirrors in each of the three windows in our house that look onto their house/property.  You place the mirrors facing outward (toward them) so any energy they send toward you is sent right back to them.

For some years after I placed the mirrors we had no incidents — though clearly I remained furious on some level about the ones we’d already been through.  When summer arrived, I had to take down the one in my room so I could open the window without having to move the mirror every time.  A while back I realized that somewhere along the way someone (cleaning crew and lots of workmen in and out, so anybody’s guess…) had removed the other two.

And now the trouble has started again.  So yesterday I re-placed a mirror in one of those windows, facing directly toward their house.  Within hours I felt the weight of their energy lifted from me.  I like the way this technique reminds me their energy is theirs and I don’t have to accept it.  Saying the prayers has probably been helping to reduce my anger, but I also think a lot of the anger I felt was me taking on theirs.  As soon as I deflected theirs back to them, I quit being so furious.

Now, at the same time, I want to do the ho’oponopono prayers because I can see how I’ve created this by things I believe.  So at the least I want to heal my side of it.  I have to remind myself, though, that even though Hew Len’s prayers and healing of himself healed all the inmates on the ward as well (see post for more info), I need to approach this from a standpoint of healing myself without investment in how it affects others.  I can’t say the prayers because I want someone else to change.  I say them to change the world I have created.

My neighbors may choose to allow the healing in (as the inmates obviously did), but these stories sometimes end with the people involved just leaving your orbit.  Years ago, in a bad roommate situation, I began repeating affirmations about healing my ability to be a good roommate and have a good situation.

My roommate chose to escalate her bad behavior.  The more I worked on healing, the worse she became until I couldn’t take it any more.  Some friends had turned part of their house into an apartment and it happened the tenant had just moved out so I took the new place.  Even though we each technically had our own spaces, my friends and I hung out happily all the time and after a while I realized I DID heal my roommate situation — by moving to a place with good roommates.  The one I had before didn’t choose to heal or be nice so she resisted changing and my prayers changed MY world.

With my mirror, I’m rejecting the ill will of my neighbors.  With my healing prayers, I’m ready to heal anything in me that has drawn this unhappy situation with them.  Whether that means one of us will move or they will become nice or some other outcome will resolve it, I’m ready to heal me.  What they’re ready for is up to them.

Grrr… uh oh more healing to do

In the midst of changing

Autumn Changes

We got a call from our next door neighbors today shortly after the lawn crew finished clearing leaves from our yard.  They were furious because apparently the blower put some leaves in their yard.  And we’re being ordered to see to it that it doesn’t happen again.  (Not sure what the or else is..).  The Universe does like to send us opportunities for healing, doesn’t it?

So basically they’re mad because they have leaves in their yard… in the fall… in a neighborhood full of old trees… some of which are in their yard…  Although it’s been some years since we had an incident, they started out as the new neighbors who yelled at us over everything.  And it never started with an attempt to have a civil conversation, he’d come flying at us in a fury and start yelling.

At that time there was a neighborhood snitch who reported every violation of every city code she could find (moved away, yea!).  When they got cited they assumed we did it (even though our house doesn’t really have a view of the area in question).  No apology when they found out it wasn’t.  Or the time he started repairing part of the sidewalk and stopped our car as we were leaving by running up, banging on the windows and screaming at us because we hadn’t thanked him even though we told him we thought the area was in his yard.

When surveyors proved he was wrong about his many furious accusations involving the property line (he has major issues about the observance of the line…), no apology for that either.  I quit doing any gardening or yard work on the side that meets their property so he couldn’t corner me any more and we’ve lived in cold but reasonable harmony.

With that phone call today, every furious moment about all those horrible attacks came rising instantly to the surface and it took seconds for me to be boiling with rage.  Wishing I could get a restraining order to keep them from speaking to us or coming on our property.  Thinking of snotty things to say.  Plotting to note any leaves from their trees in our yard and go complain…  🙂   You know, being pretty much… them…

Whatever I see in them is part of me and I can heal it in me.  Apparently it’s time for a lot of healing:

  • For every way in which I guard my boundaries too closely, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.
  • For every vengeful thought or idea I hold, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.
  • For every unreasonable conclusion I’ve reached about others’ behavior or why things happened as they did, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.
  • For every time I’ve flown into a rage and let fly at someone else, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.
  • For every time I’ve held on to anger instead of forgiving, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.
  • For every belief I hold that says if something is wrong, someone has to be to blame, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.
  • For every thought, word and deed that arises from anger instead of compassion, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.
  • For every time I’ve ever let my deep unhappiness lead me to cause someone else unhappiness, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.
  • For judging people as wrong or bad or unlikable, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.
  • For my beliefs that neighbors can be a big pain, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.
  • For disliking people without knowing them or giving them a chance, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.

I’m going to be exploring this one and saying the prayer for a while, I suspect.

Review: Your Magnificent Self

Barbara Franken has given me a chance to read her new book, Your Magnificent Self:  A Journey to Freedom.  There are still a few dates open to put up a review or interview Barbara; see here.

Filled with Barbara’s “intuitive paintings”, which are quite fun, the book is Barbara’s journey through meeting nine spirit guides, each of whom worked with her on deepening her understanding about a different area of life.

From Magdalena’s teachings about self love to Potent’s lessons about achieving potential, each tale describes a journey to understanding a different aspect of life on earth.  Many tales contain a guided-meditation-like journey you could use as a blueprint for guiding yourself to discover your inner knowledge about each subject.

Her vivid sense of the spirit guides as beings who walk beside her and impart their teachings is inspiring. Meditations with spirit guides have been around a long time and I have my own set of guides but I’ve not experienced them as having specific areas of teaching nor have I “seen” them as beings I could describe or draw.  I enjoyed following along as Barbara met each one and learned the lessons each came to teach.

For anyone who’s worked with Shakti Gawain’s Creative Visualization practices or with Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction or The Secret, Barbara’s journey is a nice addition in describing the state of healing and vibrational tone at which it is possible to create the life you choose.

An enjoyable journey.

You can click on the picture above to be taken to the Amazon page for buying in the U.S.

J2P Monday: Prisoners, Healing and Us

Last week I posted about Oprah’s interview with Bryan Stevenson, which I’ve again embedded — I found it so inspiring, I want to make sure everyone has a chance to see it.  As I watched I also felt inspired to issue a big challenge.

I’m really issuing it as a two-tier challenge.  The usual challenge for everyone to consider crime and prisoners and heal yourself is below.  First, though:  as I watched and listened to Stevenson’s great compassion for prisoners I started thinking about Hew Len and his work with the criminally insane.

The short version:  Hew Len was asked to help out at a ward for the criminally insane where conditions were so bad the staff turned over constantly, inmates never improved, etc.  Without ever seeing a patient, Hew Len sat in an office with their files and healed IN HIMSELF anything he saw in the files that needed healing.  Because everything you see in the world you created, so if you see a problem healing yourself heals the problem.  Longer version is here.

It didn’t take long before patients went off meds, patients who had to be shackled walked free, staff came to work every day… and then things improved so much the ward closed.  He NEVER SAW A SINGLE PATIENT!  He only healed himself.  Info about the prayer he uses is here.

Suddenly I had a BIG idea.  What if we could get a network going all over the country — or better yet, how about all around the world??? — of groups who go to prisons and heal in themselves every problem they see in every file of every prisoner?  And/or catch it earlier and have groups reading the files of kids in Juvenile Detention and healing themselves of every problem they see?

So my first challenge is bigger than any I’ve made.  For this one I’m asking you to get it out there on social media.  Let’s spread the word and spark a movement!  I’m better at vision than execution but if anyone wants to take up the challenge and try to coordinate a broad movement I’ll be happy to help in any way I can.  If anyone wants help to start something in their state or province or county, etc., I’ll be happy to step up.

I see a threshold issue of getting permission to go into the prisons and get access to the files, so if someone has an answer for that, I’ll get the word out.  It may be as easy as asking or going in under the umbrella of a church or it may take forming a 501(c)(3) [for folks in other countries, that’s the U.S. tax designation for a nonprofit organization].

Results will be measurable.  When the prayers are healing the inmates, recidivism will start going down and to whatever extent they keep records on violent incidents within the prisons, the rate will go down.  Ultimately crime rates go down.  So this is a chance to use ho’oponopono in a setting where tangible results will occur.  Just as Hew Len’s work erased the need for the ward, a network praying at all the prisons can reduce prison populations and crime.

Is anyone in with me?  Does this inspire any of you?

My usual challenge is for all of you to examine this issue in yourselves.  In this case, it’s a question of looking at your beliefs about crime and criminals.  Whether you believe in punishment or in rehabilitation, whether you believe many criminals have excuses due to hard childhoods or you believe there is no excuse, where does your belief come from?

Is fear involved in forming your view?  Does your view come from your heart and a place of compassion?  If not, why not?  What do you think causes people to commit crimes?  Name all the reasons you can think of for why people are in prison.

For every reason you name, say the prayer.  Heal those reasons in you.  Or if you have another healing modality you like, do that.  For every problem you believe exists in society related to crime, heal it in you.


For all my beliefs that I have been abandoned or mistreated, “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.”

For all my fears that someone may hurt me, “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.”

For any feeling of lack within me, “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.”

For any violent feelings I hold toward others, “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.”

You’ve got the idea.  Go forth and heal!

Even if we never go into a prison, I think if we pray for the “us” in every “criminal” we see on the news and for every prisoner in general and heal in all of us the “problems” in us that we project into what we see in the world, we can change the world.


Peace Time and more

Putting this post up a little early but I’m counting it as the daily post for Nov. 8.

It’s about that time–or, depending on where you are in the world, you’re about out of time–for Sunday’s chanting or praying or meditating for peace.  See the Collective Prayer Sundays page for more info.  However you choose to hold a space for peace, hope you find serenity.

Normally I wouldn’t be posting so much on the Wizard blog during NaBloPoMo, but I try to be on top of goings on in the Spiral and one special event ended last weekend and another started a couple of days ago so I’m posting more about Wizard101 and less here about my spiritual journey or on Scribblings about my life.

Stayed tuned for the challenge I promised here earlier in the week.  And you can check in on the Scribblings blog for a tale of restaurants on the annual trip my mother and I take to my home town of Flint, MI.

Free meditations and misc. this and that


When I read Louise’s excellent post yesterday on Dare Boldly I wound up also reminded that I signed up for Deepak’s latest meditation series and forgot to start on Monday.  This is the second series from Chopra and Winfrey in a row that’s been absolutely on point for where I am and the focus I could use:  Become What You Believe.

It’s not hard to catch up from this point since each meditation is only about 15 minutes.  I did two yesterday and plan to do two today to catch up. The series stays up for 5 days after the end so you could also start today or tomorrow and just do one a day.


In line with the winds of change I keep seeing noted, I’ve been experiencing odd rounds of anxiety occasionally and realizing some old pattern is rising up for release.  I’m curious how many others (or any others?) are noticing things like this?


For NaBloPoMo I’m posting on my other blogs, so a few posts this week showed up elsewhere:

  1. Baron Mordecai and Mysterious Cave (really of interest for Wizard101 players only)
  2. Ultra Pets (also game-related)
  3. Sunset from the Porch

I have another post or two to do from the annual trip to my home town– Flint, MI– with my mother, so those will be appearing on the Scribblings blog sometime this month.


Bryan Stevenson on Super Soul Sunday

I pretty much always enjoy Super Soul Sunday but I especially enjoyed Oprah’s interview with Bryan Stevenson, who’d already totally impressed me on Charlie Rose.  Watching this gave me a big idea for a Journey2Peace challenge so keep an eye out, I’ll issue it soon!  And in the meantime enjoy:


J2PMonday: Who goes first?

When I explain my beliefs about healing yourself as the primary vehicle of healing the world, I regularly encounter naysayers who believe absolutely in offering service and see self-healing as selfish.  I’ve never quite understood why one has to exclude the other.

There’s an ancient schism in Buddhism between those who believe all must be enlightened before “you” become enlightened — in other words that you must help to bring everyone before you get there yourself– and those who believe in an individual path of enlightenment.  I say, maybe we need both.  Even more, maybe we need to find a way to wed the two.

I kind of like the series of paths to enlightenment in yogic thinking, in which there are various ways to reach enlightenment.  It’s open to each person to feel which one draws them and to follow the path that best suits.  The paths include practices for both self-healing and service.  I believe every spiritual path can lead to healing and/or enlightenment.

I used to do a lot of volunteer work and as I feel better I consider doing it again.  I also held various jobs in the “public interest” sector and I like doing work that feels good.  But in those positions, both volunteer and paid, I was often disturbed by the motivations, the negative feelings and the arrogant presumptions of “rightness” that permeated.

As I moved along a spiritual path, I began to feel that sometimes it doesn’t help to jump in based on my UNenlightened assumption about what’s best for someone else.  Or that I may do more harm than good if I show up from a place of anger.

I evaluate any agency or program from a viewpoint of whether they seem to be operating from love, listening to the wishes of those they’re helping and creating their plans from the heart instead of the head.

I don’t believe you have to be enlightened to help, but I do think it’s worth stopping and considering.  Taking a moment to look inward and listen to your heart.

I also think it’s perfectly possible to volunteer for a great place and at the same time keep on healing yourself.  I absolutely believe the more you heal yourself the more you heal the world.  I also believe you can absolutely both serve others in some way AND heal yourself.  Why does one have to be first or better or “the right way”?

See previous posts for more on healing self and world:


Peaceful Sunday and NaBloPoMo, etc.

Possibly peaceful Sunday and NaBloPoMo is an oxymoron?  Anyway, it’s that time again.  Time to chant or pray for peace.  Time to start blogging daily for National Blog Posting Month.  I’m again joining the Nano Poblanos.  If you want to participate, leave a comment for Rara here; and read that post for more info.

As I did last year, I’ll be switching between this blog, Scribblings from the Bluegrass, and Wizard101 Basics for Beginners.  And I’ve already declared I may go missing the week before Thanksgiving as I shop and cook and devote most of my energy to meting out preparations in order to actually enjoy the day.

In the meantime, I’m envisioning you finding some moments to be filled with peace and tranquility.