The miracle of the glasses

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Boy has time gotten away from me!  A combo of car shopping, car selling, crazy muscles, lack of sleep…  Even got hit from behind on the way home from a car dealership…  fender bender.

Anyway, the miracle arrives in the cleaning out my car portion of the story, but there’s a story before that…

Long ago I wrote about the late, amazing Dr. Sirota, an eye doctor whose revolutionary theories changed the lives — and vision — of multitudes of patients.  He felt nearsightedness is caused by emotional trauma that leads to tightening the muscles around your eyes.

He also felt most modern eye doctors over prescribe; we aren’t designed to have 20/20 vision and glasses that are too strong cause the muscles to tighten more.  So he actually reduced the prescriptions he gave his patients.  Unsettling at first, I wore the first pair of glasses and viewed a blurry world.  I got up on the el and looked across at the other platform, noting I could no longer read the name of the station on the sign over there.

Over some days my eyes relaxed more, I went off on a vacation and then came back, went up to the el platform and read the sign across the way quite clearly.  The muscles had relaxed that much in something like 10 days!  Soon, I could start feeling the tension returning and my eyes aching as my eyes improved and the glasses became too strong.

We went through a number of pairs of increasingly weaker glasses until we hit the place where he said he couldn’t give me something weaker.  From this point, I’d have to let go of the issues hanging on to the muscles.

Many years of searching, releasing, etc. ensued–for many reasons, not just the pursuit of better vision 🙂 .  A different vision therapist (I’d moved across the country) set me on another path.  But I always hung onto the last pair of glasses Dr. Sirota prescribed for me.

Fast forward to when the unwinding muscles started.  Before long I couldn’t wear the special contacts prescribed by my second vision therapist and the super strong glasses he gave me made my head ache.  I pulled out Dr. Sirota’s glasses.  Since I’m nearsighted and I spend most of my life doing close-up work, I don’t really need glasses most of the time.  So I used those glasses to drive.

My vision with the glasses was still rather blurry though better than when I first got them.  And as the muscles kept unwinding I could see a little better with them.  Until the day–probably five or six years ago– I left them on the console around the gear shift on my car and someone borrowed the car.

The next time I got in, no glasses.  I searched the whole car, felt under the seats multiple times.  No glasses.  Over the years, even though I figured they’d gotten knocked out of the car, every time something dropped under one of the seats I got in front and back and felt around, hoping the glasses would show up.  No glasses.

Yesterday, as I began picking stuff up from the floor of the back seat, I thought about the glasses and silently prayed they’d show up.  I moved the mat around some and felt around.  No glasses.  I moved to the front on the same side, picked up a few things and looked down at the floor just under the seat.  THE GLASSES!  Sitting right there in plain sight.

So somehow those glasses flew off the console and became wedged under the mat so thoroughly that after years of periodically tapping around under the seats they couldn’t be felt or seen.  Or poltergeists took them.  That’s my theory.  And now just as I’m about to pass my beloved Jetta along to another owner, I have Dr. Sirota’s glasses again.

For this last spell of unwinding, while I still need some amount of prescription, I can quit driving with the over prescribed glasses giving me a headache and wear the reduced prescription pair from lovely Dr. Sirota. I thought it was a wonderful miracle.