Seven Days of Gayatri with Deva Premal

For the first seven days of January, Deva Premal and Miten offered seven days of doing the 108 round version of Gayatri. They’ve had a weekly Gayatri on FB and later via a paid app since last spring — reaching out in Covid lockdown — and I’d loved those so much I jumped at the chance.

When I did a regular chanting practice a shorter version of the Gayatri was one of the three I chanted daily but I’d not done the 108 round version more than sporadically and it’s just been occasional on their weekly practice. I always found it powerful but the energy of doing it every day was quite amazing. There are usually 2-2.5 thousand people participating and I’ve been amazed at how well I can tap into the larger energy of the group. Powerful.

Besides loving the chant for myself, I love the association with heart and peace. They were doing the 7 days as an uplift to energy as the year began and that felt incredibly important to me, especially with all that’s been going on both in the world and in the U.S. As I’ve teetered between rage and holding a calm space, I’ve kept feeling a need to lift my energy, try to hold a higher space, etc.

It was quite amazing to sing the chant daily. Especially for the first few days I could really feel the build of energy in me. Didn’t stop me from the moments of rage, but left me feeling generally more energized and uplifted, easier to tap back into the heart space. Also feeling like my nadis were not just all being energized but as if they were being rearranged or reconfigured as well.* By the final few days I think I’d adjusted a little bit more to that huge influx of energy.

The worldwide sangha they’re forming is lovely and I highly recommend participation. I’m about to sign on with the app so I can participate in the larger array of activities they’re hosting, including daily meditations, access to a library of mantras, participation in sangha, Q&A with Deva and Miten, etc. They still offer the Gayatri free via Facebook and YouTube once a month. Click through on picture above to page where events are noted.

We so need to lift the world’s vibration now. As I’ve mentioned many times, the higher vibration of few can raise the vibrations for many more and we need to lift the multitudes who are caught at the anger level on up to the next level, where self examination and greater openness begins. If Gayatri is not for you, please find the meditation or practice that suits you and commit to it and/or if you can find a practice group or sangha with which to join energies on line, please practice with such a group.

* When chanting is 108 rounds, it’s one for each of the 108 nadis, or energy channels, which aligns you with the universe or creation.

Ceremony Breakdown: My Chants plus Gayatri event and CPS open

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  1. CPS open for comment; see CPS page for info; pray, chant, etc. minimum 10 min.  Facebook page
  2. Monday, September 30, for the last day of her 21 day meditation series, Deva Premal is inviting the world to participate in the Gayatri Mantra at 7 a.m. and/or 7 p.m. (or help the wave keep going by doing it when you can that day).  Go to this page to register and get access to the chant.  “It is said that this sacred prayer spirals through the entire universe from the heart of the chanter, appealing for peace and divine wisdom for all.”  See this site for more info.

For my ceremony I used others’ chants for the first segment but wrote my own spells for the two main pieces.  I did a lot of hunting but couldn’t find any spells that came close to accomplishing what I wanted and I felt like I wanted it to be mine anyway.  Most of it is self-explanatory (full ceremony script here).

The first one I wrote to call in my guides and ancestors.  Since Robyn’s vision of my ancestor was that she gathered powerful magic to shut down “the sight” for our line, I figured I needed powerful magic to break her spell.  Since I’m something below  a novice at wicca I felt I wanted assistance in bringing enough magic to the ceremony to counteract hers.

In the second chant I felt my two big challenges were to create wording specific enough to create the desired outcome and to write it so that other people in my line could be freed if they wanted to be but not to impact anyone who didn’t desire it and so that the ancestor could stay stuck as she apparently wants to.

When I called in my ancestors I felt the energy in the circle grow powerful and when I chanted to break the spell, I felt a big energy fly up from me.  Otherwise, as I mentioned at the time, no dramatic impact.  It just felt like I did what I set out to do and it felt GREAT!  I highly recommend creating your own ceremony for important issues.