Oy the energy… the transition… the cranky


Energetically speaking, for me there’s so much going on these days I have trouble deciding: which kind of energy, what started it, whether it’s me or some cosmic shift…  The unwinding is opening nadis and letting prana flow and grow.  Kundalini seems to be back (or maybe never went away…).  Supposedly cosmic forces are moving us along and flooding us with energy big time.

Besides being “buzzy” with gigantic amounts of energy running through me, lately I’ve been noticing a certain cranky factor.  It shows up just in certain situations and the rest of the time isn’t apparent.  It particularly shows up when I’m watching TV and some type of character I don’t like is a major part of the story.  Types whom I’ve always found mildly irritating are suddenly launching me into fury.

For instance, on NCIS LA, one of the two new characters this season I just never much liked (the other I adored though according to the cliffhanger she may not be back next season).  Most of the season I just kind of ignored her.  But in the finale she played a big part and every officious, obnoxious character trait (not to mention her whistling S’s) seemed exaggerated and especially annoying.

I spent the whole episode waving my fists and shouting, “would somebody just please shoot her (the character, not the actress) and put us all out of our misery???!!!”  “Or at least put tape over her mouth so we don’t have to listen to her?”  Now, it wouldn’t have been all that unusual for me to roll my eyes, grunt, and fast forward every time she showed up.  But shouting and shaking fists, that’s a bit unusual.  And as a basic pacifist, pretty odd for me to want somebody shot…

This total impatience for characters who offend me — and officiousness, which has been a very popular character trait the last couple of years, is something that really bugs me — accompanied by a sense of fury, is kind of new.  I’m aware of the spike in emotion every time it happens.

And then there’s #45.  I didn’t like him long before he ran for President and I’ve certainly been annoyed by plenty since his election.  But now when he shows up on my TV screen, I start gagging and crossing my fingers in the sign to ward off evil.  Again, some unpleasant muttering and eye rolling wouldn’t have been unusual in the past.  On my good days followed by saying the lovingkindness chant.  But now I feel like I’m erupting.

I’m trying to decide whether these sudden flares of temper are reflecting something in me that’s clearing.  Or, since I’m inclined to pick up on others’ energy, am I picking up on the general atmosphere of discord and working it out through my reactions to what I see on screen?  Or are some of these cosmic energies that are supposedly flooding us these days creating bigger emotional reactions than usual?  Is the constant big flow of energy creating irritation?  All of the above?

It’s been going on at least a couple of months so I know most things about alignments of stars, etc. have shifted more than once while this has been going on which has me I’m assuming it’s not about the movement of planets and such.

Since lots of you in this community are following all this stuff about this time of transition and are sensitive to energy, I’m curious whether anyone else is experiencing weird stuff like this?  Or are aware of info about the transition that would explain any of this.  Or just, you know, have any thoughts?

Creating Reality on the World Stage 1: Where energy flows


In New Age thinking and the Human Potential Movement, manifestation is a major topic.  How to manifest, what you can manifest… getting the life you want.  Personally I think it’s often a little too focused on getting material things like abundance or a perfect mate, but the principles of manifestation work and they’re the same regardless of what you’re manifesting or whether you’re working on a personal goal or a communal one.

Ultimately manifesting is about energy and how it works.  Everything is made of energy and quantum physics has been showing us that many ideas formerly considered spiritual and airy fairy actually describe how energy works.  The same principles apply whether you’re manifesting for yourself or have a goal for your community, your country, or the world.  Whether you’re talking elections, social paradigm shifts or climate change, the outcomes on the world stage arise from how we focus our collective energy

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

A key principle of energy is that it moves to wherever attention is focused.  In the personal realm, it means if you hang around worrying about money or being unhappy about fat or complaining about how bad you feel, your attention is on the lack of money, or being fat or ill.  Energy is flowing to lack and fatness and illness and creates more of those.

During the recent U.S. election campaign, all the attention from both sides focused on Donald Trump.  The outcome was predictable  Now, even though the electoral college has not voted, no one is officially president, and that outcome could still be changed, those who are against him talk about nothing but him.  Most of the conversation assumes a Trump presidency even though it’s possible we could get a different outcome.  Facebook walls are flooded with Trump, Trump, Trump.  At a moment when a change of focus could change the outcome, both sides are still sending all the energy to Trump.

The electoral college is not legally required to vote for the one who seems to have garnered the most electoral points.  There is precedent several times in our history for the electoral college choosing the other candidate.  But instead of sending energy to Hilary Clinton and toward working on getting the electoral college to choose her, the majority of attention and energy is still focused on him.

If you want Ms. Clinton to win the electoral college vote your attention needs to be on her.  Your Facebook comments should be filled with her name, her picture, thoughts about positive things she has done.  This idea is true for any issue out in the world.  If you send all the attention to what you don’t want, the energy goes to that and creates more of it.

Worried about the environment?  Same thing.  If you endlessly repeat “the air is polluted”,  “the water is full of toxins”, “the earth can’t survive the destruction”, then you’re focused on pollution, toxins and destruction so that’s where energy goes — toward creating more of them.  Change your thoughts to focus on places where they’ve cleaned up the water or how the earth might look if healthy, or areas where air pollution has been reduced, envision more of the activities that created “better” or better yet, take part in them, and then you’re sending energy toward the solution instead of creating more of the problem.

You Choose

You get to choose where you put your attention.  You can decide how you want to think about any situation and what you want to believe.  And then you can send energy toward the direction you’ve chosen.  You do that by firmly holding your attention on the goal instead of on what you don’t want.

If you don’t want Trump but are hanging around thinking about him and obsessing about his badness, you might want to ask yourself why you’re choosing to give all your energy to him??? [I posted a while back on using ho’oponopono to heal “the Trump in you” if you want a place to start]  If you’re fretting about the environment and talking all the time about toxins and pollutants and clear cutting, etc., why are you sending your energy toward those things?

The next post in this series will explore being for versus being against.