Healing Journey Monday: Pineal Gland and Sphenoid Issues

A piece of the puzzle that has fallen into place relatively recently regards the relationship between my sphenoid and my pineal gland (for the scientific definition click here and for the more spiritual one click here). More than one practitioner over the years noted that my sphenoid was/is tilted and rattled off probable impacts on my muscles. Kreig Cremeans, the creator of Bodypatterning, was the first to mention that the tilt has been pressing my pineal gland into the on position, causing a constant flood of hormones followed by spells of exhaustion while the hormone supply rebuilds.

A whole lot of things suddenly made sense. One acupuncturist after another treated me incessantly for various issues with the endocrine system. I rotated among treatments and supplements for pituitary, thyroid, kidney and adrenals for nearly 20 years, but although there were increments of improvement and sometimes short term leaps, they were never restored to healthy function. Once I knew that my whole endocrine system was compromised by the tilted sphenoid I could see why nothing anyone ever did resolved the weak functioning of all those glands (there’s another issue that relates and will be another post).

Both pineal gland issues and a tilted sphenoid can cause problems with sleep. My sleep cycles over the last decade have gone increasingly off kilter and now I can see why. A lot of the fatigue issues I have currently come more from sleep deprivation than having chronic fatigue so I’m pleased to have an answer for this one (I have none of the tension, worry issues normally associated with insomnia* – except by 5:00 a.m. I’m feeling worried about not being asleep yet…).

In the case of these problems I can’t tell you I have resolution or a giant change. In recent weeks the muscles in my head are finally loose enough that Kreig’s been able to get my sphenoid to move but it isn’t holding the adjustments yet. But after years of feeling like I was swimming against the current I think we finally have found the real source of these problems. So after years of traveling along a dark tunnel toward the tiniest glimmer of light I can finally see the sun shining brightly and I’m confident that when the unwinding head saga concludes a whole lot of other problems will end.

If you have TMJ or a tight neck that’s resistant to release there’s a chance you have a tilted sphenoid. Check with a cranio-sacral or Bodypatterning practitioner.

* When I was younger I had that kind of insomnia so trust me I know the difference.