Ego Busting 40 Days Are Over

Monday was the final day of my 40 days of the “Ego Eradicator” and it was such a relief to finish!  Mind you, I did it again the next day.  But me being me, with the weight of “have to” removed, it felt better Tuesday.  I managed to only miss one day (had a cold — breath of fire not recommended with runny nose…) of the ego buster itself.  Something like 3 or 4 days I didn’t have time to add Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha.

That in itself is pretty miraculous for me when it comes to meditation practices of any sort.  When I do Deepak’s various 21 day sets I’m constantly having to double and triple up to make up for days I’ve missed and I usually wind up having 2-4 not done at all.  But I loved this one.

The biggest shift I’d say I noticed was getting more things done.  In recent months I’ve been at something of a standstill in many areas (except the faithful pursuit of wellness) and it’s been great to get caught up on lots of items on which I’ve been procrastinating.

The biggest break-through was getting the little e-book(let) finally done.  I’m on final editing phase, I’ve created a cover (thanks to a beta program on Kindle since I’m on a zero dollar budget for this), and I’m expecting to have it uploaded by the end of the week.

Since energy is a long-time issue I also appreciated that the practice has been quite energizing.  I found that interesting since I’ve been practicing kundalini yoga for a couple of years and most of the sets I do involve at least 20 minutes worth of breath of fire.  I feel great after the exercises and it does pump me up briefly but something about the three minutes of the ego eradicator has produced a longer lasting sense of energy.

By the last week the “have to” weighed on me and I dragged my feet to practice many days.  But I was never sorry when I finished that I’d taken the time to do it.  Plus I now feel all sassy cause I made it through!

Do I think my ego has let go of everything?  No, I never had an illusion that 40 days of breath of fire would dissolve every aspect of ego.  But do I think that I got past some issues in order to be in this place of moving forward?  Yes I do.

I recommend this little practice if you have trouble getting yourself to sit and meditate.  It only takes three minutes of breath of fire and three minutes of some sort of mindfulness meditation.  Even I can talk myself into that much. I added 8+ minutes by doing the 108 rounds of Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha (detroyer of blocks) after.  Eventually I also added 9+ minutes of Om Namo Bhagavate Vasaudevaya (liberation).  Since I also love to sing that almost-25 minutes flew by.