Responsible for Reality

I started this journey with a transpersonal psychologist whose therapy worked from the premise that you create your reality with what you believe/think. The first book she assigned was Jane RobertsThe Nature of Personal Reality. When I read it I felt the world made sense for the first time Whenever we explored a situation or issue in my life the question was “what do I believe that created this reality?” I’d also go back in meditation to find the place and time when the belief started.

I soon realized that if I create my reality, then I’m responsible for my life and how it goes. Nothing can be someone else’s fault, no outside circumstance can be blamed for any of my problems. Not that I don’t ever blame an outside force, but I basically felt a huge sense of relief to realize that I am completely responsible for me and no one else can control what happens to me. As an only child whose every move was monitored, the sense of freedom was amazing.

Over the years I’ve realized that not everyone greets that idea of responsibility with the same enthusiasm. Removing the safety net of blame is unnerving for some people. For some, taking total responsibility for their lives is terrifying.

I can see that those fears are there and I can surmise reasons but I really don’t understand that well. I’ve been fascinated by following beliefs to their origins, mapping chains of beliefs, and retraining my mind to hold beliefs that suit the reality of peace and tranquility that I choose.  I still ask myself what I believe that has created any situation and I still love feeling that the responsibility for whatever it is is mine.

Do you like the idea of creating your reality? Does responsibility spell relief or fright for you? What do you believe about life that brought you to your current situation?

This post is for Jennie Matlock’s AlphabeThursday, which is “R” this week.