The music in me

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My experience recently with Deva Premal’s 21 day meditation series, for which I sang chants every day, has me thinking a lot about music and its place in my life.  And possibly provided me with an answer for some long unanswered questions.

As a child my two main interests were music and writing.  The writing just came naturally.  I did it without thinking and had no goals or aspirations. Music I loved and wanted to pursue.  I took piano lessons for 12 years, voice lessons for five.  When I sent away for catalogs from music schools I was told that I couldn’t go to a conservatory; I had to go to a university and study something that would lead to real work.

I wasn’t the kind of kid who could just take off then and find a way to earn my own way through music school (it never even crossed my mind…) so I went to Northwestern, with the promise that I could switch to the music school there if I still wanted to after some unspecified time passed.  The music school allowed only classical music which wasn’t what i wanted to study. I also realized when I met music students that my training seriously lacked theory and I’d have a hard time catching up.

Later, when I was in a band for a while I realized that all the training left me not well suited for the jazz/rock style I favored.  And then that my talents were more suited to local community theater than the kind of unique career I wanted and I gave up the music dream.

In recent years when I contemplate my talents and desires and try to figure out who I’m meant to be and what I’m meant to do I often leave music out — I mean it really doesn’t cross my mind.  And if I do think about it I turn it around and contemplate it from different views.  I feel like I should want to because “they” always talk about how important it is to look at what you wanted to do as a child.  But as far as a life purpose or career pursuit, I just really don’t want to do music any more.

The Deva Premal series gave me a new idea.  I’ve also tried lots of different paths and never had much sense that one was more my path than another.  I like being eclectic.  But I’m now thinking that I would like to pursue the singing chants more.  SInging those chants opened up something in me that nothing else has and created an amazing flow.

I wouldn’t necessarily chant to the exclusion of all else but if I were going to start taking workshops again or look for a teacher, I think it would have to do with singing chants or kirtan.  It feels like a perfect way to express that musical side and at the same time follow my spiritual path — without having to make it a career or purpose.  In the  meantime I have plenty to learn and sing with on Deva’s Mantras for Precarious Times, Moola Mantra, and Gayatri.  And if I can find lyrics for them, I have a small kirtan collection.  So I’ll be singing along with recordings for now.

Sometimes it seems to take me a very long time to work through things like this but when the right moment comes and things start coming together, wow.  I can often see that I needed years of gathering bit and pieces to get to a more complete picture.  Do you have any loves or desires that don’t seem to have a place?  Or could use a re-purposing?

Ego Eradicator and CPS Open for Comment

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During my Marin visit last spring I realized that Buddhism isn’t for me and that my path is eclectic and leans a lot into New Age/New Thought.  Ever since then synchronicity has been afoot. I found a whole new array of bloggers whose paths are a lot like mine and new practices and ideas keep finding me.

At a time when the unwinding head stuff has seriously interfered with my practices and exercises (all that not sleeping alternating with migraines…) suddenly lots of challenges have popped up that just ask me to spend 10-15 min./day for limited periods of time and I’ve found that perfect in these circumstances.  The latest one came from a heads up in The Daily Love about a Gabrielle Bernstein video on YouTube in which she explains a short meditation called the Ego Eradicator.  The video is:  A Meditation to Bust Through Your Blocks.

It’s just three minutes of a mudra while doing breath of fire, followed by three minutes of quiet meditation (I’ve just been using the Buddhist of practice of breathe in, “I calm the body”, breathe out, “I smile”).  It instantly felt like my next step after completing the Deva Premal meditation series.  Having loved the Deva Premal chants I decided that I wanted to add the chant to destroy obstacles — seemed like the perfect pairing with a meditation to bust blocks.  (see notes below from yoga teacher me for suggestions regarding this practice–if you don’t practice pranayama and/or haven’t done breath of fire I highly recommend that you follow them)

One of the things I learned from the meditation series is that the tradition of chanting 108 times relates to the 108 major nadis in the body.  Nadis are the energy channels through which prana flows.  Chanting 108 times balances the body.  It helps attune you to the vibration of that particular mantra.  All the tracks on Deva’s Mantras for Precarious Times have a mantra chanted 108 times and it includes Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha, the chant to Ganesha, destroyer of obstacles.

Gabby’s video suggests that you do the ego eradicator for 40 days and I’ve committed to that.  I’m going to try to add Om Gum… each time but I’m giving myself permission to do just the three minutes of breath of fire with a quiet time.  I’ve done three days now of the three pieces, which takes a little less than 15 minutes and it feels GREAT!

You can also leave comments about your Sunday prayer, chant, meditation practice here for Collective Prayer Sundays.

Practice suggestions:  Most of my students who haven’t practiced pranayama find breath of fire challenging and if they do too much they experience dizziness/lightheadedness and discomfort.  I generally start them off with Bellows Breath, which is basically breath of fire slowed down.  Take a big inhale while pushing the abdomen out and then a big exhale while squeezing the abs in to release all air.  It sounds a bit like fire-place bellows. It helps to practice the motion of pressing the abdomen out with the inhale and sucking it in on the exhale slowly.  While that’s actually the natural way to breathe, in this country we usually reverse that pattern so this is a struggle for many people. Practice the pattern until it feels easy before trying to speed it up to breath of fire, which Gabby demonstrates on the video.

Once you have the abs motion I suggest you try 10 breaths of fire and stop to see how you feel.  If that’s no problem, try 20.  Do 20 for a few days, then try 40.  When you get to a minute start going up by 30 second increments every few days till you can do three minutes.  Then add the arms-in-the-air mudra.  It is seriously not a great idea to start off trying to do three minutes of breath of fire.  Breath of fire is not recommended for people with high blood pressure, heart disease or risk of strokes — talk to your doctor before trying this.

Enemies Challenge and New Challenge for CPS

Wikimedia by Kborland

Since I finished the enemies challenge for Collective Prayer Sundays shortly before I left town I’m slow writing a post about it.  It gave me some time to think about it.  The challenge for me came out differently than in the past and I’ve never quite decided whether I felt it succeeded or not.

In the lead-up to the beginning of the Iraq War I got tired of the bombastic e-mails and messages from “peace” groups and decided to chant the lovingkindness chant on my own for President Bush, Osama bin Laden, world leaders.  Mostly I chanted for Bush  I chanted half an hour every day for a couple of weeks.  When I started I despised President Bush.

During the course of the chanting my heart softened and I felt the Divine heart of the Prez.  It wasn’t that I suddenly became a Republican or agreed with his positions on… anything.  But I could love the Divine being while not agreeing with what he said and did.  Many times when I led a group in the chant I watched the same impact occur for others.

I chose my late aunt to chant for because I realize every now and then that the forgiveness I felt at her deathbed didn’t stick (see earlier post).   She had no children and I was an only so our relationship was a bit more complex than the average aunt/niece one.  I adored her when I was little but her nasty tongue and mean drunk episodes turned me off by the time I was 11 or so and our relationship was often adversarial after that.  Anyway, I wanted to put the remaining bitterness to rest.

The first two-three days I could feel a stony place in my heart that had her name on it.  After that I realized when I chanted that it was gone.  Before I got to seven days I did one of my “consult the council” meditations during which I was told that i was done with the chanting for my aunt.  I had one or two left to do and it felt odd to leave my own challenge but I try to follow that guidance so I let it go.

I’d like to say that I had some dramatic release or feeling of being freed or a moment when I knew all was forgiven.  But really, it all felt kind of vague.  She’s been dead long enough that she doesn’t really enter my thoughts all that often but I feel relatively benign when I think of her now.  I didn’t experience a big shift this time.  Long ago I saw the wounded heart in her.  I guess I’d say this softened my feeling more and yet I still think she was a mean bitch.  That just doesn’t make me as mad as it used to.

I haven’t heard much from those of you I know participated.  Would love to read a post (put a link to me please so I know) or leave a comment here.

The new challenge.  Regular readers know that I put together a big ceremony a couple of weeks ago to break the hold of an ancestor on me and my line.  Click here to see the script.  I think we all have issues from the past that block us from being truly peaceful.  Sometimes the issues are from childhood, sometimes they’re from ancestral patterns, sometimes they’re from past lives.  My challenge to you is to pick an issue of whatever variety and create your own ceremony/ritual to release that issue.

You can see from my outline that I planned a long ceremony and incorporated elements from several traditions.  Several posts in the next week after the ceremony describe each part of the ceremony (one still to come).  You don’t have to use a single thing that I used, but feel free to check it out and incorporate anything you want.  Pick a practice or practices from any tradition(s) you wish, make it as long or as short as you wish (I recommend that it be at least 10 minutes).  I want you to have time to look inward, decide what issue you want to release and to take your time planning what you want to do so you have until midnight on Sunday October 27 to complete the ceremony.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want suggestions.  There’s a private comment box on the CPS page and you can also e-mail me at collpraysun at gmail dot com.

As always, please tell us about your experience in your comments or write a post about it and include a link to this blog and tag it CollPraySun or start a discussion on the Facebook page.

Singing Chants and Lovingkindness

By Michel Royon on Wikimedia

Sunday was the 20th day of Deva Premal and Miten’s 21 Day Meditation series and I was a little behind.  So when it was time to do my Sunday peace prayer I also wanted to do the meditation that would catch me up and have me ready for the big Gayatri day on Monday.

I’ve really loved this 21 days of chanting but the 20th entry disappointed me a little.  Instead of openly singing the chant they had written a song that expressed the sentiments of the chant.  I listened for quite a while before realizing there was a chorus of the chant going on so subtly in the background that I didn’t realize it was happening.  I’ve loved singing the chants and they have opened my heart and gotten my energy flowing so just lying there listening to this song didn’t do it for me.

I have the chant, Om Kama Pujitayei Namaha, on their Mantras for Precarious Times so I chanted with that before getting to metta.  The chant brought me to saying the lovingkindness chant from such a lovely, open space, I may sing one of those chants before I chant for peace every time.

The last couple of months has brought a variety of challenges that have asked me to do some practice or another regularly– sometimes I’ve been doing two or three at once and having to get in several things.  I’ve been loving the way it has kept me immersed and moving and opening.  That included one of Deepak’s 21 day meditation series.  I’ve done 4 or 5 of his series now and enjoyed them but none for me have compared with the extraordinary experience of singing these chants with Deva.

The culmination was a an invitation to the world to join in Gayatri on the 21st day.  Suggested times were 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.  I was slightly late for the 7 p.m. time but got in soon enough to overlap with people who started on time.  I felt such power from the chant and the sense of energy connecting around the world that I played the chant on a repeating loop softly in the background for the rest of the evening.

I’ve been listening to Deva’s chants for a few years now but, not knowing the words to most of them, I didn’t sing along.  The chants have such power that you can keep a track or a CD repeating and the energy in a room starts shifting.  So I’ve felt their power but still it came as a surprise to sing the chants and feel their power surge through me.  I’m hooked!

Chanting together yesterday

Part of my favorite walk in Corte Madera

Four of us came together yesterday afternoon to chant, meeting the challenge to gather with at least three others to pray or chant for peace by midnight August 11.  Although we expected a couple more, four was plenty to build a big energy.  From the beginning I felt my heart expanding.  Several of us felt the others who were connecting from other places and felt it built the energy.

As my body opens up stage by stage I regularly note that how I “feel” things changes.  Yesterday, the longer we chanted the more I could feel the heart energy expand and start to move through my body.  I could feel it in many more places than I used to — also could feel a few places where energy still doesn’t go…  The longer we chanted the more I felt that expansion and during the last half hour, when we chanted for earth, I felt myself move into a rapturous state of connection to the energy.

At about the 50 minute mark (I was timekeeper…) I suddenly started choking and coughing, breaking much of that expanded, connected feeling.  Reflecting about it later I thought that  this disconnect relates to the experiences I’ve been posting about in my Scribblings blog, concerning my fear of being consumed (and here).

There are some core issues for me that keep cropping up.  In fact, I think core issues tend to have tentacles that spread themselves through many areas of life and beliefs, so I rather imagine I’ll be running into these again…  They both go back to very early childhood and are intertwined.

One is lack of trust or faith in God.  At some point in tracing backwards I realized that at a very young age the treatment I received led me to believe that God abandoned me.  Although I’ve obviously managed to garner some faith in order to keep going on this path, in a fundamental way I still don’t  thoroughly believe that All That Is  is prepared to take care of me.

The other thread is a “don’t be” message.  “Don’t be so loud.”  “Don’t be such a crybaby.”  “Don’t be like your Aunt Mary Jane (whom I was a lot like).”  “Don’t be a musician.”  Most of who and what I started out to be was actively discouraged — sometimes violently — and I seem to have walked away with a belief that I don’t have a right to live.  And more especially that if I ever live as my true self I’ll be attacked and probably killed for it.

I got the connection between those things and the decision at some level to create body armor with my muscles and squeeze “the life” out of my organs and glands — tired and in pain and withdrawn…– a long time ago.  But I can see now that my frequent reluctance to meditate regularly and my reluctance to be consumed by writing both arise because those things take me to the place where I am my essential self, where my true spirit gets to live and shine …  the me who isn’t supposed to live.  Something in me is still afraid to step all the way into that space.

Time to let go, clearly.  Actually letting go, not always so easy…

Do you have a core fear that pops up related to many areas of your life?  Any fears or issues that are hard to let go?


Chanting this afternoon

Wikimedia commons by AnonMoos

For anyone who’s interested in feeling more connected during the chanting, there will be a group of us here in the Bluegrass chanting from about 3:15-4:15 p.m. EDT today (Aug. 4).   This is outside the time frame of Collective Prayer Sundays and is meeting the challenge to gather at least three other people and chant with them by Aug. 11 at midnight.  I’ll also chant at my usual time, approx. 11:45 p.m. EDT  And there’s a recording of me chanting on the Collective Prayer Sundays page.

For the first 15 minutes we will chant;

May I be filled with lovingkindness

May I be well

May I be peaceful and at ease

May I be happy.

For the second 15 minutes we will chant:

May ______  (friend or loved one’s name-same person all the way through) be filled with lovingkindness

May he/she be well

May he/she be peaceful and at ease

May he/she be happy.

We’ll do a brief meditative walk at the halfway point.  The final half hour will be spent chanting:

May the earth be filled with lovingkindness

May she be well

May she be peaceful and at ease

May she be happy.  [The End]

Of course, say your own prayer or chant if you wish.

I know there are some other bloggers who are planning to pray or chant at the same time and there are a couple of other groups around here with meetings at that time who plan to stop and chant at the same time.  I’ll be so interested to hear comments about how it felt to either (1) chant at the same time as this gathering, and/or (2) to chant with your own group.  Don’t forget the Facebook page is also available for comment — click the “like” button to the right (I think you have to be logged in to FB).

A Slow Journey Movement? And new challenge for Prayers for Peace

Note  A couple of days ago I started working on two posts and after choosing one to complete I morphed it into the other and clicked publish instead of preview.  I went back and re-did the ending when I realized what I did.  I’m finally getting to the second post.  A few fast-moving people commented on the half of the original post that was erased so you can see more on this topic back there.

The post was about recognizing that in spite of all the years of digging and practice and affirming, etc. I still have issues about self worth.  When I addressed them years ago they were easy to see.  This time as I meditate on it and look back into my childhood, asking to be taken to the time where I started believing I had no worth.  I can see how it’s tied up with some other issues I’ve looked at before.  But that’s the thing.  The  mind can tuck beliefs and issues around in the consciousness and attach one belief to 49 or  a hundred or a thousand other places and it can take a lifetime to sort through all the threads.

As I ponder all this I almost want to start a series of posts to launch The Slow Journey Movement.  Although I’m very much a New Age woman, I do have a long standing beef with the mentality it fosters that you change one belief or do some affirmations for a few days and change your life.  Not that those things never happen because they do.  But it’s not so common that major change happens that fast and a fully transformed life usually involves hundreds, if not thousands, of those changes.  Most of my biggest moments of change have arrived as a result of a lot of small practices and changes over a period of time; then when I hit the right process everything was ready to shift because of the prior work.

Sometimes it’s just slow.  Sometimes you have issues so intertwined that no practitioner or teacher can give you a plan to get beyond.  Sometimes you just have to figure out one step at a time.  For me there have always been enough milestones of progress and small changes that I could keep faith that if I just kept progressing I’d be well and full of energy again.  If you measure success by fast results this journey can be disappointing and I’ve seen people give up when they didn’t see enough progress fast enough.  Be the turtle and not the hare.

Challenge:  this time I’m making it a month-long challenge to give you time:  gather at least three other people between now and the end of the weekly prayer time on Sunday, August 11 (but it doesn’t have to be on Sunday or at a specific time) to meditate/chant/pray together for at least a half hour, preferably an hour.  Spend the first 15 minutes saying the lovingkindness chant (or your prayer or other chant) for yourselves (each of you for your own self).  Then spend 15 minutes saying it for someone you love or care about.  Then spend half an hour chanting for the earth.  Adjust the times as needed if you’re meeting for less than an hour.  I suggest that you have a short walking meditation at least halfway through and possibly between each of the three pieces.  Comment here or on the FB page or write a post about your experience of doing the prayer in a group and tag it CollPraySun.  See the Collective Prayers Sunday page for the chant and more info on CPS.

See also:

The Lovingkindness Chant

Prayer Sunday Open for Comment

First, in case you missed the post about it, this is the same blog as Notes from the Bluegrass but now with a new title and a new look.

As predicted, I didn’t manage the morning Global Peace meditation and, after a lot of not-enough-sleep-days, I didn’t get to the noon peace meditation called for by Ringo until the Central Time Zone’s noon.  But I did chant and toward the end I felt surrounded by a bigger wave of energy than I usually generate from chanting alone.  It felt like I’d expanded out to meet the others who were praying.

Don’t forget there’s now a Facebook page where you can comment on your experiences with the praying, chanting, meditating, etc.  There’s a “like” button for it to the right and I’d so appreciate it if you’d all click on it (when I get enough it will turn on some features for the page that I can’t use now).  I think you need to be logged into FB first.  Hide the page from your wall after that if you don’t want to see the posts…

Building Community to Pray for Peace

Challenge:  You’ll see reference to two other global peace prayer happenings this Sunday in the post below.  My challenge is for you to do one or both of the others as well as the 10 minutes of chanting/praying for Collective Prayer Sundays.  As a major night owl I’m rarely moving by 9 a.m. so I’ll admit it’s unlikely that I’ll be joining that one and thus unlikely that I’ll meet the full challenge.  Comment here on your experience of doing more than one prayer for peace or on any similarities or differences between the experiences.

In last Sunday’s post I described a worry I noticed while chanting that this effort to create a worldwide prayer for peace has failed.  Since I’m still on a learning curve about getting the word out, realistically I know that it’s way too early to know whether it’s going to be successful or not.  But the comment drew a really great response from Karen Wan of Writing Your Destiny and Enchanting Adventures and with her permission I’m copying it here:

I don’t think you’ve failed with your Sunday peace effort, but I do wonder if having a free teleconference that you lead that people could join would help increase the feeling of community.

It’s probably just me, but I can’t say that I find myself feeling connected to anyone else during the prayers, and unfortunately the Sunday night prayer feels like just another task to add to my to do list, so to be honest, I simply do my normal meditations that I was already doing that include a focus on peace and prosperity for all people.

Yet, I want to support you and I applaud you for taking action to do something to promote world and personal peace. I’ll keep trying to get more in the spirit of your intentions.


She’s right, so far there’s not much sense of community around this.  I’ve been working away at developing ways to create community for this prayer project.  I finally figured out the Facebook page and, as you can see, there’s a link on the right side of the blog.  I’m putting a comment each day on the FB page and you’re welcome to start your own threads, so that’s a place where you can engage in conversation about your experience of the prayers.  I put up a post on this blog each Sunday to open the comments for discussion as well.  So even if you don’t have someone to chant or pray with, you can join a discussion about the experience on the blog or on FB.

I’m also working on creating an audio file as a podcast or some other form on line in which I will be saying the chant for 10 minutes so that anyone who wants to can chant with me.  I’m considering the suggestion to do a teleconference but I see it as having the same issue I’ve had about simultaneous prayers in general:  whatever times suits me for the conference will be the middle of the night some place in the world and breakfast time someplace else, etc.  My thought was that a permanent link to a recording of the chant gives everyone a way to chant along with me at whatever time suits.  Thoughts and suggestions about this are welcome.

Some other suggestions:

1.  Karen and I are going to both meditate/chant at 9:30 CDT (her time)/10:30 EDT (my time) this Sunday.  If any of you want to feel as if you’re connecting in, chant at the same time we are and see if that makes a difference.  Get on one of the pages after you chant to find others who want to discuss.

2.  There’s a global meditation project over on Architects of a New Dawn that has a teleconferenced meditation every week beginning this Sunday:  World Healing and Harmony Prayer and Meditation .  It’s base seems to be in Australia so the time doesn’t suit me, but if it works for you (9 a.m. EDT), you can join a group by participating.  It won’t be in the time frame of my project but, hey, it’s praying for peace on Sunday — how could I complain?

3.  I encourage you to find like-minded people in your area and either get together in person to chant or agree upon a time that you will all chant/pray/meditate and then do a conference call or an online chat afterwards to connect.

4.  Think about creating posts about your experience of this chanting and tie them in to Bloggers4Peace — that way you can link into both this community and the growing B4Peace group.

Also note, this Sunday Ringo Starr has asked the world to stop and pray for peace at noon this Sunday in your time zone.

While I understand the sense of wanting community and I encourage doing this with community, I also really believe that since each of us is part of the All That Is, that every individual prayer has an impact on all of us and that even if we’re all chanting separately, if we can get the numbers to be big enough, the prayers will start having an impact.  I don’t think it’s fast.  I think we might have to keep praying weekly for a long time to shift the world.  But I do think we can do it.  See my previous post on the collective effects of raising vibrations for more info.

I’m also happy to get other suggestions.  As I’ve mentioned, I’m not that much of a techie nor very into social media other than blogging.  I’ve been researching all this for my upcoming ebook and it finally occurred to me to try to use some of what I’m learning for this project but I’m a neophyte so advice from those more experienced is welcome!

Chanting Mindfully for Peace

Meditation in Rocca di Cerrare by Dedda 71.

Peaceful Meditation

This week’s challenge was to practice mindfulness while chanting or praying — to keep your focus only on the words of the chant or prayer or vision and to notice what intruded.

I didn’t manage to do a separate chant ahead of time so I combined tonight’s practice with the mindfulness practice.  I actually always try to stay mindful when I chant so I really just added trying to simultaneously stay mindful and yet notice what crossed my mind.  I wasn’t very mindful tonight.

I was interested to see that the thoughts that arose related to launching this prayer effort.  I’ve been really excited because being a part of moving toward peace has been very important to me for a long time.  Yet I don’t have the feeling so far that very many others are excited, so at first my thoughts jumped to feeling that this has failed (even though I know that it takes time to launch something like this and I have a lot of work still to do about getting the word out).

I pulled my thoughts back to the chant and then they wandered to the point, six or seven years back, when a dear friend–with excellent skills at using right listening to guide her friends deeper into their own hearts–led me to create a workshop I called Journey to Peace along with realizing that I seriously want to be assisting the world toward peace.  I haven’t taught the workshop in a while and I thought I should dust it off and bring it out again.

I don’t feel there’s a deep analysis to do about these thoughts as they swirled around the launching of this project and why I started; doesn’t seem too surprising given what and why I was chanting.  Sometimes I do note deeper issues like some part of me that wants to distract me from the possibility of being peaceful, at ease and happy…. but not tonight.

The last few minutes I managed to successfully use my trick of watching the words float across my inner visual “screen” to stay focused only on the chant.  That, of course, was when I finally dropped into a deeper and more peaceful space.

Tell me about your experience with the challenge.  Or just how it feels to participate in meditating.


Collective Prayer Sundays Week Two

	This image is available from the United States Library of Congress's Prints and Photographs division under the digital ID cph.3b43838

Once again, it’s just after midnight EDT and I know many places are way into Sunday.  This is also one of those Sundays I warned you about when I’m just writing, hey, here’s the prayer reminder and post comments here if you wish.

When to pray:  10 minutes minimum between 7:00 and 11:59 pm in your time zone

What prayer:  any prayer, chant, spell, guided meditation for peace, etc. that you wish.  Suggested chant:

May the earth be filled with lovingkindness

May she be well

May she be peaceful and at ease

May she be happy

If you tried the challenge I made in Wednesday’s post, post comments here or do your own post and tag it with CollPraySun.  E-mail me at collpraysun at gmail dot com if you want to comment privately.

Loved the chanting–I could feel it!


Today was the first day for Collective Prayer Sundays (yeah, yeah, I’m a nightowl–I know it’s technically yesterday, but I’m still on Sunday).  I waited until the end of the span and went long so I started about 11:45 EDT and went for 15 minutes into the Central Time zone’s last hour for praying for peace.  But all day long I could periodically feel waves of peaceful energy flow around me and I LOVED it!

I have no idea how many people participated.  I know here in the Lexington area some friends were spreading the word by mouth so if that was happening in other places there were lots more people praying today than I knew about.  I see this growing bigger and bigger.  I’m looking forward to feeling those waves until we are blanketing the earth in that loving energy all day and it’s so big it floats on into Monday.

I’d love to hear what others experienced.  Don’t forget you can also reach me privately if you don’t want to post at collpraysun at gmail dot com.