Yea! Book is Done!

Look over there to the right and check it out — my little book on relationships is up on Kindle.  Relating Heart to Heart.  It’s going to be free Nov. 30-Dec. 2 so please lovely blog readers get yourselves a free copy from me next weekend!  Regular price will be $2.99.

If you like it I ask for any or all of the following:

  1. buy a copy for a friend (or all of them :>)
  2. write a review on Amazon
  3. write a blog post about it
  4. tell everyone you know

Somehow I haven’t been able to get it together to write posts this week — between roofers pounding nine hours a day and trying to do stuff to finish the book, just couldn’t get to it.

Spirituality and Marketing–I Have Questions!



As I’ve been preparing to publish a series of small books for Kindle I’ve been doing research on marketing books, which these days leads to looking into social networking.  I’ve been doing my due diligence — I must admit not always enthusiastically.  And a lot of questions keep rolling around in my head that leave me longing for feedback from other spiritual blogging types.

One thing that keeps running through my head is that if I want to market my things through Twitter and blogging, etc. that I feel I should help other people along.  Not just follow, but share their posts about their products, buy products, etc.  I’ve been trying to do more and more to support others who are trying to

I notice that there are many ways people do this.  Some endlessly market themselves but don’t seem to ever do anything to support their followers or their products.  There are some who are very generous in spreading the word about their peers.  So one piece I’m interested in is what others think about the question of supporting others in the way “you” want to be supported and whether you think it matters business-wise.

The other is a feeling I keep having that marketing to the spiritual community is somehow different from marketing to the mainstream.  I’ve been hunting for evidence on this but so far everything I find that relates to marketing spiritual stuff is advice for reluctant healers, etc. on getting over aversion to marketing.  I know I don’t respond well to a lot of mainstream marketing tricks and most of my spiritual community feel the same way but I can’t find any advice on specifically marketing spiritual stuff.

Is your experience that there’s anything different about marketing to the spiritual community?  Do any of you know of a good source of info about how best to market spiritually-related products?  Anyone think there’s no difference?  I’m very interested to hear what you know and/or feel about this.

Healing Journey Monday: The final stretch

RFM Book Cover1

My journey the last month or so has been mostly a hibernation that included lots of sleepless nights from the unwinding head saga and a flu that went several rounds. The amazing upside is that the huge lump of bone in the roof of my mouth has flattened considerably during this time and as the big constricted lump in my head has loosened my energy and outlook have changed noticeably.

I also managed to complete the instruction book for my movement classes (cover above) and it will be available on Kindle within the next couple of days ($2.99). For 90 days it’s available in the lending library if you have Amazon Prime so check it out for free while you can. I even have an author page!

Another big piece of the change-in-progress was a ceremony some friends and I performed a couple of weeks ago to heal all our ancestors – I’m working on a post about that that will be up soon. Let’s just say it was an amazing afternoon.

The last few days, after several days of sleeping and sleeping, I’ve actually felt motivated and positive and I’ve been slowly checking off “to-do’s” that have been hanging over my head for quite a while. This is an aspect of who I used to be that I’ve missed and I have to say I’m glad to have her back!