The unwinding head saga

This is really a Healing Journey Monday piece but it’s AlphabeThursday and today the letter is “U”. I’ve had this post and this title in my head for a while so this just seemed like the day to post. It’s actually a topic with several parts so the rest will show up on Mondays (probably, […]

Illustration unwinding head and update

Not even half way through the month and I already missed posting.  Started to do one last night and hit a fatigue wall — literally could not keep my eyes open, which lately can translate to falling asleep sitting on the floor with the laptop in my lap…  Decided to save the laptop and go […]

Unwinding Head Update

Recently my mother looked over at me, watching my face contort as unwinding muscles yanked my jaw around and dragged at my eyes, and said, “I don’t know how you’ve stood that for so long.  I think a couple of weeks of that and I’d shoot myself.”  I didn’t know how much I’d needed someone […]

The journey and the time it takes

When I chose a post to reblog for Sindy’s challenge I went on instinct but wasn’t sure why I landed there.  I guess the reason in part is that I’ve been reflecting on the journey from hearing there was a problem ancestor to realizing I carried many issues and muscle patterns from my ancestors to my recent healing.  And remembering back […]

Healing Journey update–woo hoo

The unwinding of the muscles in my face and head the last few months has been pretty relentless.  Finally reached a point where I both had some money put aside and felt enough had opened that a craniosacral treatment or three could help finish the process.  So, with delight, I made another appointment with Robyn. […]

Thankful Thursday: Surrendering

As the unwinding in my head progresses ever nearer to completion, times are both trying and exciting.  Trying because the tugging and pulling hurts and keeps me from sleeping. Exciting because my face is already so much more open than at any point in memory and I can imagine how great it will feel when […]

Shifting and the winds of change: Part 2

As often happens, I lost the thread on this series while on vacation.  The plan I had for part 2 when I posted the first one is a vague memory.  I’m sure it will come back to me.  In the meantime, another great round of unwinding began the last couple of days in Michigan and […]

Shifting and the winds of change: Part 1

The more my eyes loosen up and my jaw opens, the more I feel a breeze quietly moving through my being.  Although my eye is still mainly on the prize — finishing the unwinding head saga–I can feel that the shifting in my head is creating shifts in me. Lately I’ve been feeling poked as tales of […]

Layers unraveling — the energy we lose…

  As I struggle with the unwinding muscles I keep being struck by the vast amounts of my energy that have obviously been bound up in holding all of this tightness.  It isn’t a new thought; as the process of restoring my muscles from all of them being steely, twisted, and glued-together has moved along I’ve been aware […]

Chanting, praying, peace … maybe some sleep?

Can’t remember the last time I had a whole night’s sleep.  The good news is that the unwinding muscles are making great progress.  If my brain is functioning it’s doing it on some alternate plane.  I used to say this felt like someone stuck a pin in me and let my air out.  Now it’s […]

More Crystal Bed Revelations

I had my second experience of the John of God crystal bed today (see video below for more info).  Although the energy again felt powerful, the main take away once more was a profound inner dialogue; has me thinking it’s produced by the energy. The unwinding head bit has been particularly wild lately so I’m very sleep […]

I”m back. Maybe. Sort of…

I didn’t really mean to slip into hibernation but the last couple of months I’ve been increasingly less present, not only in blogging but in life.  I’ve been thinking of it as being funky but that really has connotations of depression I haven’t felt.  It’s been kind of an absence of feeling and a lack […]

Ceremony Breakdown: The Chants

For a “wiccan” ceremony I suppose some would consider it odd to spend the first half hour saying and singing Tibetan and Sanskrit chants.  But as I’ve pointed out before, I like to put together elements of different traditions that speak to me.  If you’ve not been following along on this journey, I’m going to […]

Healing Journey Monday: The final stretch

My journey the last month or so has been mostly a hibernation that included lots of sleepless nights from the unwinding head saga and a flu that went several rounds. The amazing upside is that the huge lump of bone in the roof of my mouth has flattened considerably during this time and as the […]

I feel the earth?… my back?… move… What’s quaking?

When I lived in San Francisco and Marin County the earth was often moving. I got kind of used to feeling a little bit of shaking. Then when kundalini started running I sometimes woke up to the sensation that the bed was quaking and I’d realize that we weren’t having an earthquake, it was just […]