The virus and the rabbit hole

As Mom moved toward the end of her stay in rehab and my hip/psoas issues were hitting a zenith, we started hearing about the coronavirus.  Things were revving up when we got home. But we’d been sent off with Mom having barely moved from diaper changes to being able to get to the bathroom with assistance and no home help coming for days, so I felt too overwhelmed by dealing with the transition to full time caregiver to do more than note it as a rising issue.

Before long, though, I was discovering that with Mom in the house I should be going out as little as possible — some say not at all but I have yet to figure out how to get everything done for her without leaving the house.  As much as possible I get curbside pickup or delivery, mostly curbside pickup, but for a couple of places I have to go in.

Otherwise I’m staying home. I gather this is a huge lifestyle change for many people but, having dealt with health issues for a long time, I’m used to staying home a lot, so I feel like life has prepared me for this moment very well.  Not to mention being an only child means I’ve spent tons of alone time since early childhood…

Not feeling huge fear except for my Dad, alone in Florida and not taking this too seriously.  One silver lining to all the time spent in hospitals, etc. is I had Mom and I taking Aireborne every day to ward off the many things that float around those places so we were more immune boosted than normal.  And I’ve had us keep taking some along with elderberry and preventive doses of ganmaoling. Sent some of all those things to Dad and he’s actually taking stuff! I don’t go quite as far as some about wiping everything down or quarantining the mail, but I’m careful and Mom is not going out at all.

The hardest part is watching our already-dwindling investment account go down and wondering how we survive on the other side.  Otherwise the adjustment to this new normal after adjusting to a life of daily hospital/SNF visits and then adjusting to be the only caregiver 24/7 just seems like part of the ongoing fall down the rabbit hole. Head over heels, down and down, dizzy and disoriented, heading for a new world.

In the meantime, I’m looking at the commentary on what an opportunity this is to decide to change the world and throw off the beliefs about wealth and striving and what drives economies to start anew from a different set.  Now is the chance to work on “people power”, for which I advocated in my recent series. Let’s dream and plan a new world. And I’m excited about that.

3 thoughts on “The virus and the rabbit hole

  1. Free predictions and probably worth it (smile)
    Life on the other side

    -mega cruise ships
    -mega commercial aircraft
    -mega indoor tightly people dense retail centers
    -open bins of produce/bulk dry goods
    -mega tightly packed sport stadiums

    -home robotic assistants vacuum/lawn/ambulatory aids (Reduces human in home)
    -home delivery of any kind
    -wifi now more of right than healthcare
    -healthcare (Bernie was right but too dogmatic)
    -industrial/manufacturing automation/robotics

  2. A lovely post Leigh, nice to finally sit down and catch up with you❤️ I’m sure you’ll manage just find caring for your mum, I enjoyed looking after my mum last summer… it was new experience to care for the person who always cared for me! Just remember to take time for you❤️ I like the idea this is part of us all going down the rabbit hole! Yes I whole heartedly agree. Where is going to lead us? Each one no doubt to a different place. It’s why we all must hold our vision high of our grand dream to allow ourselves to individually birth it from within. So really there is no reason to keep focusing out there. Finally we get to to take that step into our own dream… all the energies are ready to help us in a new way. Which reminds me of my writing challenge I’ve put up asking my divine friends to write down their vision of NewEarth so we can create a free ebook in which to inspire others to focus on their own dream❤️ here’s the link.
    Sending you love and energy to care for the both of you, as I know it can be hard going at times🥰

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