The meaning of faith?

Lately I’ve been observing how very fearful a lot of people who say they have faith are.  It’s had me thinking about faith as I experience it and wondering how fear and faith can reside together.

Long time readers may remember I’ve mentioned previously that faith has two levels for me.  Consciously I have a lot and have been able to pursue a fiscally risky path of healing in large part because of my faith that it’s the right path and that I’ll be okay if I follow it.

As I dig into my unconscious, I periodically realize there are old issues that led to a lack of faith and on certain issues I struggle to get past the inner child who doubts.  But because my conscious thoughts include faith and I work pretty hard on transforming those old beliefs, I spend quite a lot of time in “the faith place”.

When I really center and check in, allowing myself to feel the divine presence and the energy of All That Is, I am in a space of calm and security.  In this place no fear exists nor does fear have a reason to be.  The only times I feel fearful are when I move out of the calm secure cloak of faith and into my issues.

So I keep looking at the folks on the right who are so vociferous about their great faith but nonetheless fearful of immigrants, of people of other races and/or religions, of new ideas, etc. and wonder how they can possibly be living in faith and at the same time be so afraid of so much of the world?

And since their faith is allegedly Christian, why do they believe in Christ, who taught love for all our brethren and yet exhibit so much hate for so many others? In that calm center where my faith dwells, I can’t find or feel hate anywhere.  Just can’t be there.  So I really don’t understand this.

Why does faith not bring them peace?  Why does faith not leave them feeling secure that all will be well?

I keep having a corollary thought when, say, a tornado strikes and some of these “believers” point fingers and claim it was because God was mad at the gay mayor –who was completely unharmed– or the liberal congresswoman, etc.

So it seems they have faith in a God who gets mad at a gay mayor and decides to aim a metaphorical thunderbolt but is so incompetent he hits 20 other people and misses the mayor?  I struggle to understand why anyone would ever believe in a god that inept.

I’m quite sure if the ultimate being of my faith decided to smite someone She’d hit the right person…  Or should I say, “I have faith in Her and Her aim?” Although I don’t really believe She’s so much into smiting.

Just stuff I’m thinkin’. No expert opinions or answers, just wondering…

8 thoughts on “The meaning of faith?

  1. Hi Leigh. (Humor me, spirit hasn’t shown me whether its a He, She or Whatever yet 😀).
    I think God’s end goal is for us to understand His love. Hence the freedom to do as we wish, simply because we can’t learn it without tripping and stumbling in life to appreciate what it took to get there. If we are just given anything, we never appreciate it because our hearts and souls aren’t in it and haven’t had to endure anything to fully appreciate it.
    Our conditional love is built on those conditions we place on them. Those fears ‘we’ build that act like a filter in all that we do. Eventually we understand them and in doing so can finally remove that filter and love the one person we have struggled to all our lives…us. Our faith is built on what we have had to face and finally see. Early on it is quite distorted with those filters of fear, but eventually we see our truth, that clear place within minus the filters and masks.
    His aim is perfect, by letting us choose for ourselves and discover His unconditional love that is gently waiting for us inside to understand and see. No greater love can He give but unconditionally setting us free 😀

    • Well, I actually don’t think All That Is has a gender, but sometimes it’s easier to just use a pronoun and I definitely favor reminding everyone that “she” is just as likely…
      I like your thought about all the filters of fear that get removed. Not so sure that’s so likely on the right wing evangelical path these days but in general that IS how it goes.

  2. Hi Leigh,
    Thanks for sharing your musing here. My guess is that people of true faith lead with love, not fear, most of the time. So many, ( including those of the spiritual inclination) use the right lingo but don’t walk their talk. It seems to me that the folks you refer to are distorting their religious ideas to suit whatever purpose needs justification.

    Sounds wonderful to feel the safety in faith. I miss that so much in m life lately, but I have not given up yet.

    Namaste, Linda

    • You’ve had such a rough time lately -so sorry it’s coinciding with a time when your faith isn’t there to sustain you.
      I think you’re right about people of true faith leading with love.

      • Thanks for your compassion. My faith wavers when I cannot understand the relentlessness of suffering I continue to endure. I know that you understand and I am in awe of your patience and grace. 🙂

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