Making that one cup of coffee

Having posted about my “sacred” coffee time in my last post, I thought I’d include this Scribblings post about how I make it here

Scribblings from the Bluegrass

Morning Coffee

Over on the Not Just Sassy blog, I recently posted about  coffee and how the one cup I fix every day is a special moment.  Thought I’d describe here how I make the one cup — along with some rambling about my history with coffee.

In a sense my coffee adventures began as a small child when tasting my parents’ coffee left me in love.  Continued when summer visits with my grandmother developed a ritual of her, my friend Cecy and I hanging out in the kitchen savoring coffee ice cream on hot afternoons.

The real development that changed my coffee world arrived early in college, when coffee stores with whole beans and varieties from around the world entered and my friends and I dipped into the land of Melitta cups and French Roast.

A summer studying in Paris and sipping “cafe creme” all over town honed my…

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