Schedule shifting midstream

My schedule shift efforts are slowly moving along and some changes seem to be holding, so I’ve been feeling pleased with the decision to shift.  The muscles in my eyes haven’t been quite so wild.  There’s often some disruption a couple of nights a week but none of the long endless nights of yanking muscles; without that change none of the rest would be happening.

Today I hit one of the goals in the shift.  Lots of friends from the old Unity church here joined a spiritual center called Ahava a few years after Unity closed.  I’ve been attending random afternoon or evening events off and on and volunteering with their God’s Pantry group but  their weekly 10:30 service has been way out of reach for my insane sleep schedule.

When I started shifting the schedule I realized attending the Sunday service — which I’d given up on doing — would become possible.  Today was finally the day I was both awake early enough and rested enough to conceive of getting up, dressed and out.

As soon as I walked in the door I was greeted warmly by Betty, one of the women very involved in the old Unity.  Then Patty, whom I’ve known through the God’s Pantry work hugged me and invited me to sit with her.  A beautiful service, greeting more old friends….  Loved it and it really gave the gargantuan effort of shifting every aspect of my schedule more meaning and purpose.

Other good news to report from shifting is I’ve been having more energy.  Some of that is because the DEEP stuff behind my eye that’s currently unwinding is freeing up a lot of energy. I also suspect in looking at the Chinese medicine clock that I’m now giving some crucial organs a rest during the best hours which then helps the energy.

For the first six weeks or more I got up earlier then was so dazed the rest of my plan for breakfast, exercise, shower and meditation before noon fell apart while I just sat in a fog but in the last couple of weeks, with energy picking up, I’m getting more things done every day– nowhere close to the kind of busy days my more energetic friends accomplish, but for me, significantly more.  And I’m finally growing less stupefied in the morning so am hoping to get the whole morning plan happening soon instead of just a couple parts of it.   When I finish shifting to the intended schedule, should be even easier.

Another great bonus has been running errands between 1:00 and 2:45 — in between lunch rush and schools getting out.  Turns out there’s a whole lovely time when traffic is light, parking is easy and stores are quiet!  I’m now addicted to getting things done in this peaceful time frame.  Given my night vision issues, this is going to be SO helpful when darkness starts arriving at 5:30.

Another view from my spot

Speaking of light, I’m totally enjoying having more hours of light and, again, will be so much happier in winter that I’ll be experiencing a fair portion of the hours of sunshine.  Being up and around so much more of the day has led to more time enjoying light and air while writing on our sun porch which always picks my spirits up.

It all feels like coming alive again after such a long journey of healing.  More about that in another post!

8 thoughts on “Schedule shifting midstream

  1. I am so happy to hear and see your new activities take shape. It is so exciting to discover the joy of the “small things” that are not small at all. Looking forward to hearing more about your journey, as always,


  2. This is great news. How patient you have been while your body worked to release all that tension. I hope this trend continues and your new schedule allows you to have a more integrated life. Ahava is such an uplifting place. Many of my friends attend there. I love the music!

    Right now I am exhausted from but grateful for the PT work that is encouraging the release of old traumas by working on releasing the tension and “frozen” muscles in my head and neck and face. Ever had your nose adjusted? Fortunately it does not keep me up at night but all I seem to want to do in the daytime is lay around or maybe doze a few minutes here and there. If I take a nap it will last for 2-3 hours and I am still tired when it is a normal bedtime.

    The Soul Retrieval is Saturday and I supposed to be well-rested by then. Crossing my fingers.


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    • Thank you Deborah — and for the support you’ve been through so much of this. That deep work takes a lot of energy and when it’s also reorganizing your body I think it takes more out of you than anyone who hasn’t gone through it can understand. Interesting we’re both winding up freeing our heads and necks at the same time.

  3. This sounds like such progress Leigh! Well done you! I find it incredibly difficult to change my schedule because my sleep is so erratic so one day I’ll be up at 7, the next at 10, but I’m okay with it the way it is.

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