Life and a meditation

I have posts buzzing around in my head, from my spiritual journey lately to more People Power to mulling over Mueller, but life has been getting in the way.  My 93-year-old mother relies on me to get to all appointments and to do all shopping and she’s been having lots of appointments.  Between busy-ness and periodic sleep deprivation I’m winding up writing in my head but getting nothing down.

In the meantime, I continue to periodically explore Steve Nobel’s expansive offerings and I’ve found his meditation, “Releasing Anxiety/Fear” to be powerful:

5 thoughts on “Life and a meditation

  1. Life seems to always test us…and then show us what we are capable of.
    I think meditation is the medicine of that journey.
    Thank you for sharing your medicine Leigh, may it keep our hearts and minds healthy 😀

  2. Hi Leigh, I am visiting my 16 month old grandson and find the same thing. Lots of posts rolling around in my head, but the quality time with my grandson is way too important — and writing takes quiet and uninterrupted time! Your mother is very lucky to have you. Thanks for the meditation link. I’ll check it out!

    • Oh grandson over posts, definitely! Hope you’re having a grand time. That meditation took me deep and really helped to see and clear an issue both times I’ve done it.

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