From Darkness to Light Day 13 by Leigh Gaitskill

I wrote a post for Sreejit’s blog and it went up today:

The Seeker's Dungeon

The Long and Winding Path

by Leigh Gaitskill of Not Just Sassy on the Inside

Before the journey found me back in 1985, I’d been unhappy for a long time. Never comfortable in my own skin from early childhood, I’d grown up neurotic, anxious, snarky, insecure and utterly lacking in self-confidence. By the time I reached my early 30’s I was newly out of law school, didn’t like the law and was pretty thoroughly miserable   My constant whining and complaining led to more than one friend gently questioning whether I’d considered therapy.

One friend had been seeing a transpersonal psychologist who worked with meditations, past life therapy, etc. and I knew immediately that was the direction for me. Soon I was immersed in reading The Nature of Personal Reality, repeating affirmations from Shakti Gawain, meditating, asking myself what beliefs I held that created this or that reality, etc. I…

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