People Power: The 2%…we don’t need ’em

The corporate machine has been growing ever more powerful, perhaps since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution–or has concentration of wealth in the hands of a few just always been the norm? At this point global corporations “own” far too many politicians, have far too much power and create havoc on the environment with their never-ending greed and will for “more”.

They puzzle me, though, these theoretically smart billionaires.  They seem to live in a delusion that we are still a feudal society.  They are lords who own the land and can half starve the peasants who will still manage to produce enough crops.  But, hello, it’s the 21st century.

You people are not feudal lords. You own hotels and restaurants, you manufacture goods and hawk technology.  And in order to have profits you need us, the 98% to have enough money to buy your crap or you won’t make a profit.  You also need a work force that’s healthy enough to do their jobs.

So why do you refuse to pay people a living wage?  Why do you buy politicians and attempt to keep the 98% from having health insurance, or having enough money to afford to buy more than the basics?  Amazon, for example, pays a wage that’s barely enough to rent an apartment, works their employees to the breaking point, setting targets that mean people can’t even take a break.  And that’s just typical.  And not the worst wage or conditions.

Deep rooted in society for centuries has been a belief in scarcity that’s built into capitalism.  The idea that there’s a limited supply and some will have to go without, which encourages people to hoard.  A simple shift to the belief that there is abundance enough to go around could change the world completely. (See below for links to some insights on this history)

In the meantime, if the 2% break the 98% too badly, profits go down.  So they need us.

Not so clear how much we need them.  Their advantage at the moment is lots of people who think they need their stuff and can’t imagine an alternative.  But we can create our own goods and services.  And in building those businesses we can create our own jobs.

Do we need the 2%?  Not so much… Stay tuned for more.

For some interesting insights about how indoctrinated we’ve been for centuries:

  1. Myths of Capitalism: The Myth of Scarcity
  2. Degrowth: A Call for Radical Abundance

The People Power series so far:

17 thoughts on “People Power: The 2%…we don’t need ’em

  1. I am so pleased you pointed me Leigh to this most Excellent post of yours.
    And I loved the quote which headed your post.

    We have to ask ourselves, why are ‘THEY’ afraid of us, that they keep us in fear, dumb-down and drive most to be in constant debt that enslaves them into their system of control?

    Because they know if ever enough of us DID ever wake up, we would change this world, and their tyranny ..

    I have missed this series Leigh and I hope to find time to read your other posts in this series..

    I am amazed you only had one person who commented..

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the truth of how it is..
    Much love and well wishes my friend ❤

    • Yes this has been one of those blog series where I’m excited and wind up surprised at the lack of interest — while others I wouldn’t predict garner lots of notice and comments. I just keep feeling I have to write these…. Same for the series on women. Really pleased that you like these. People Power posts.

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