Energies of Now: Delving To Reclaim the Deepest of Values

Sophia's Children

The Energies of Now feature a whole lot of potent energy currents, stirring the proverbial pot, disturbing the complacency of “normal,” catalyzing energy (and temperature) shifts, extending yet another invitation to us, and all … with what particular theme or Big Question, exactly?

One major current theme wants us to connect with much deeper, truer, more substantial values — the core values that we often share, when we get to the heart of it, even if our surface opinions and preferences seem oceans apart from one another.

Another primary theme just now is one that isn’t new at all … we’re just still working on actually getting it, because there is still a whole lot of backlash and inclination to, collectively, sink back into the more ignorant, comfortable-even-if-it’s-toxic “norm.”

What’s That Theme?

A Venusian theme … the Feminine, being re-emerged, roots re-woven, timeless wisdom re-interpreted for now, for

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