Being Peace: Where’s Your Focus

Louise Hay Affirmation

People keep telling me how bad the world is, how depressing, violent, etc.  And I keep trying to tell everyone it really is NOT.  For some time now I’ve been actively seeking positive news (see previous post) and, in doing so, have discovered the world is full of amazing and wonderful people accomplishing amazing and wonderful things every day!  It really comes down to a choice we all make about where we put our focus.  And why.

Governments and mainstream media have their own reasons for focusing on negative stories.  The fear they create justifies big budgets for police and military, the media keep people stirred up and it sells more of their product(s).  Because society has accepted these views and continues to support those who foment them, the negativity just continues.

I’ve embedded this video several times now because I feel it’s such an important message (and it’s only 10 minutes). She’s exploring the impact of having all attention on negative news and suppressing the multitudes of stories of people working for peace, helping the environment, making scientific breakthroughs, etc.  The negativity keeps people divided, which only helps those in power to keep their power and to keep the rest of us dis-empowered, poor, struggling…

Even among people I know who are deeply spiritual and well aware of the power of positivity, there are those who are caught in a cycle of doom and gloom about the current state of the world.  One thing I’ve learned in many years of seeking is this:  when people are stuck on an issue like that, whether personal or political or affecting all humanity, somewhere in them is an issue fueling their negative focus.

I’m putting several positive stories a day on Facebook, so many of the folks who are staying negative have an opportunity each day to look in a different direction.  But they don’t.  Why choose to focus on bad news and refuse to notice the good?

So I’m thinking these days about questions like:

  • what are you getting from holding onto this fear/anger?
  • what do you believe about life or the world that holds you in this place and when did that belief begin?
  • what can be done to heal the negative thinking patterns and/or shift them into positive ones?

As you know, I’ve been using ho’oponopono to explore issues for a long time.  When the bad news starts to “get” me, I begin asking questions like the above and I start working with the prayer:

  • For every way in which I hold negative patterns, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.
  • For every unresolved issue in me fueling anger and fear, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.
  • For every part of me which sees an “other” who is separate and unlikeable/unloveable, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.
  • For my failures at living in compassion and love and being peace, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.

Another way to help change negative thinking is to use affirmations.  I like to create a few which I keep repeating every time I catch my thoughts on certain tracks (this changes over time, so it means creating new ones…) and I also play a lot of recordings of affirmations in the background.

I’ve created a long tape of affirmation recordings from Dick Sutphen which is on Spotify, Steve Nobel has lots of affirmations recordings on YouTube and it’s easy to create a list.  Hay House has offered some nice affirmations recordings from Louise Hay for free.  There are millions more options.

Sometimes the deep issues creating negativity require help from a therapist or pursuing a process like Fisher Hoffman or Choices or the Diamond Heart work of H. Almaas.  While clearing issues isn’t exactly fun work, the relief and freedom that flow from releasing old stuff is so immense, so lightening, so transformational, it winds up feeling great!

Every time one of us clears old negative thinking and offers positive energy into the web, the world inches closer to peace, a healthy environment, and compassion.  The more you heal, the easier it is to stay drawn to the positive and good.  It’s time to empower the peacemakers, the inventors of answers, the compassion holders instead of the corrupt and hateful.

I know most of my regular readers already get this.  But I bet most of you know people who are caught up in the angst of these times, so please pass along the notion that looking at the positive or the negative is a CHOICE.

A few posts from the past about positive thinking (and check out the Journey to Peace tab above):

11 thoughts on “Being Peace: Where’s Your Focus

  1. I appreciate the message you send Leigh here and on FB. I also agree that MSM reaps many benefits from peddling the negative. It is not easy for many to stay positive because it takes more effort to separate from all the angst and focus on the light. But that is what is needed individually and for the planet.

    blessings, Linda

  2. Good morning Leigh. Thank you. I cried when I read your post this morning. Right now my left shoulder is frozen and it hurts. I have acupuncture today and have been practicing meditating and asking my shoulder — what are you trying to tell me? What burden am I choosing to make mine and carrying it so that I am unwilling/unable to release?

    I have a horrendous situation at work right now that has put me in charge and left me feeling exposed, overburdened and fearful for the organization and the people. I feel lost and alone. Uncherished. And even as I write those things I realize how they are all part of the story I’m telling myself that increases the burden, not lightens my load.

    I went from reading your post to looking for Louise Hay’s affirmations. Two thoughts: 1. It’s the left side or feminine side of my body. I feel out of balance. I can’t write about the work situation but I can tell you that what I realize is I have ignored my feminine intuition and exposed myself to working with someone who is manipulating everything. At home, my husband is off on a golf junket with buddies and I am telling myself how this means he doesn’t care, yada yada yada. All thoughts that unbalance my feminine energies.

    2. The burdens are on my shoulders. People are looking to me to make what’s happening at work make sense and make it right. I am — but… it’s a big problem and requires finesse and legal accuracy.

    Your post has reminded me that I am not alone. I do not need to carry the burden — what I can do is release the burden to the universe to free me up to handle the situation one step at a time by doing the right things moment by moment.

    I have let much of my spiritual practice go Leigh. I have been floating in a sea of ennui. I still don’t post negative things. Do not give into the belief the world is a messed up place — but I think what has happened is I have let some of the hopelessness seep in. I have become overburdened because I have let go of doing the things I know are good for me.

    Thank you for shining your light. Thank you for reminding me that the world needs me to shine brightly. That I need me to be free of worry and angst. That to create better I must stand in my light and shine as bright as I can for my soul and all the souls around me to see, in darkness, the light shines brightest when I stand true to myself.

    Namaste my dear friend. You have awoken me.

    • I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been having such a rough time. You have such great skills for exploring and such great willingness to look in the hard places, I know you’ll come through even lighter and brighter. I’m going to see if I still have your e-mail address and send a meditation recording I made for a friend of mine — it’s one I learned years ago, it’s short and it’s for balancing energy between yourself and another person. Amazing the changes that often follow. NO pressure to try it if it doesn’t draw you, just offering as a potential tool.
      So glad the post affected you so much! That’s so nice to hear – thank you.

  3. A wonderful and inspiring post Leigh, indeed Peace resides within each of us and when we all aspire to find it within, what we create within, we to create out there..
    I believe the world that we are being shown is not the majority of hearts within this world.. We a shown a portion of it amplified to generate fear for those who would feed from the negativity ..

    And we who know we have a purpose here on Mother Earth have to keep reminding others to hold their lights within as we hold together the balance of this planet.
    And what we think, we create.. So to focus on Peace is exactly where we should be placing our energies..
    A wonderfully written post Leigh
    Love and Light my friend ❤

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