The need to look beneath

In the aftermath of Kate Spade’s and Anthony Bourdain’s suicides I’m seeing a spate of articles and info pieces on suicide prevention.  The thing that always strikes me when I see analyses of not only suicide but also opiate abuse, addictions or other types of “dis-ease” of any sort, is that no one wants to talk about what I think is the heart of the matter.

In the “first world” we have cut ourselves off from nature, from our essential divinity and thereby from connection to our own souls. Spiritual types talk about it sometimes but the “experts” in these fields talk about these issues as problems with reasoned solutions, instead of ever acknowledging how broken we are by our basic culture.

Some 30 years ago, when I realized how much alcoholism there is on my family tree (not in my immediate family but at the level of aunts and uncles and great grands of various levels…  rampant) I attended a few al anon meetings to explore whether I might have been affected.

At the time, immersed in examining how we create reality, I was horrified at the constant repetition of negative affirmations throughout the 12-step programs.  “I am a drunk.” “I am a liar”.  “I am powerless…”  But even more, I was perturbed by the lack of acknowledging soul and our ability to tap into our own spirit and be transformed.

Over the years, as I have explored ever more deeply into spirit, I have also noted how wounded so many in our society seem to be because of being cut off from nature and its cycles and thus from their own connection to All That Is.  I’ve kept waiting for the “experts” to understand how central that disconnect is to so many of our so-called diseases.  I see the same issues deep within a lot of mental health problems.

So many solutions seem to just side-step the real issue; even to obscure the real issue by providing distractions from ever looking into the true heart of the matter.  Our hearts need healing.  Our souls need healing.  And they don’t heal without a long tough journey through the stuff we don’t want to see.

I’m not sure how we nudge that change into being.  But always I come back to knowing we all vibrate in the same web of being.  Every time one of us heals something in our own hearts we add to the healing of all.  Be the love.  Be the peace.  Heal your own heart.

8 thoughts on “The need to look beneath

  1. Leigh, actually there was a mental health expert on TV today who did speak about society’s disconnection from nature and how exposure to the “green” activates opioid receptors in the brain.
    Trauma plays a huge role in depression and addiction and some say that trauma trumps genetics in this regard.

    In my opinion, both personally and professionally, there are many reasons behind suicidality. There is a lot of beauty and purity of heart in the 12 step process. But I am in agreement with you that our outer world is crumbling are far more people are losing the struggle every day.

    Let’s all be part of the solution.

    blessings my friend!

    love, Linda

    • I agree, the 12 step program as well as many current therapies have helped people — at least more than doing nothing. I just have this strong sense of the spiritual disconnect underlying… And yes, I have been seeing more mainstream types talking about how it helps to be in nature — though usually not acknowledging our oneness with all of it.
      Yes, let’s be part of the solution! Love, Leigh

  2. Very beautifully said Leigh. The world and some its official helpers are as lost as the sheep. We seem to be moving in those extremes of very spiritual or very lost.
    May that sun shine a little brighter into those dark corners and begin the change our hearts need ❤ 😀

    • Thanks Mark. Yes, the big divide can be seen here too. But in that oneness, every time the vibration goes up, it moves the whole; that’s where my hope and vision are.

  3. Beautiful wise words Leigh… it truly remains so simple to open the heart and be aware of the connection we are all part of. I’m having a party tonight celebrating finishing our creative art project ‘our magnificent world’ where we show how we are all part of nature connected as perfect patterns and cycles of living light. This changes the whole dynamics of what life is all about… living in harmony. I’ve always been grateful for the 12 step program, but I have always felt a 13th step was missing…. when each person is ready… to choose to step out of limitation and separation and into freedom and unity. Much love Leigh x

  4. P0werful and beautiful words Leigh. Have you read any of Dr. Gabor Mate’s work? He’s a Canadian doctor who has radically changed how we view and work with additions.

    I love this — “always I come back to knowing we all vibrate in the same web of being. Every time one of us heals something in our own hearts we add to the healing of all. Be the love. Be the peace. Heal your own heart.”

    The image it creates heals my heart. ❤

    • I haven’t read any of Dr. Mate’s work but sounds worth looking into. I read a book many years ago (now can’t remember title or author) that explored the transformation piece that’s missing from most addiction stuff and loved it and was then surprised no one seemed to jump on her bandwagon and take it in a new direction. Nice to hear there are efforts at a new way.
      And thanks– means a lot to know it touched your heart.

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