Oy the energy… the transition… the cranky


Energetically speaking, for me there’s so much going on these days I have trouble deciding: which kind of energy, what started it, whether it’s me or some cosmic shift…  The unwinding is opening nadis and letting prana flow and grow.  Kundalini seems to be back (or maybe never went away…).  Supposedly cosmic forces are moving us along and flooding us with energy big time.

Besides being “buzzy” with gigantic amounts of energy running through me, lately I’ve been noticing a certain cranky factor.  It shows up just in certain situations and the rest of the time isn’t apparent.  It particularly shows up when I’m watching TV and some type of character I don’t like is a major part of the story.  Types whom I’ve always found mildly irritating are suddenly launching me into fury.

For instance, on NCIS LA, one of the two new characters this season I just never much liked (the other I adored though according to the cliffhanger she may not be back next season).  Most of the season I just kind of ignored her.  But in the finale she played a big part and every officious, obnoxious character trait (not to mention her whistling S’s) seemed exaggerated and especially annoying.

I spent the whole episode waving my fists and shouting, “would somebody just please shoot her (the character, not the actress) and put us all out of our misery???!!!”  “Or at least put tape over her mouth so we don’t have to listen to her?”  Now, it wouldn’t have been all that unusual for me to roll my eyes, grunt, and fast forward every time she showed up.  But shouting and shaking fists, that’s a bit unusual.  And as a basic pacifist, pretty odd for me to want somebody shot…

This total impatience for characters who offend me — and officiousness, which has been a very popular character trait the last couple of years, is something that really bugs me — accompanied by a sense of fury, is kind of new.  I’m aware of the spike in emotion every time it happens.

And then there’s #45.  I didn’t like him long before he ran for President and I’ve certainly been annoyed by plenty since his election.  But now when he shows up on my TV screen, I start gagging and crossing my fingers in the sign to ward off evil.  Again, some unpleasant muttering and eye rolling wouldn’t have been unusual in the past.  On my good days followed by saying the lovingkindness chant.  But now I feel like I’m erupting.

I’m trying to decide whether these sudden flares of temper are reflecting something in me that’s clearing.  Or, since I’m inclined to pick up on others’ energy, am I picking up on the general atmosphere of discord and working it out through my reactions to what I see on screen?  Or are some of these cosmic energies that are supposedly flooding us these days creating bigger emotional reactions than usual?  Is the constant big flow of energy creating irritation?  All of the above?

It’s been going on at least a couple of months so I know most things about alignments of stars, etc. have shifted more than once while this has been going on which has me I’m assuming it’s not about the movement of planets and such.

Since lots of you in this community are following all this stuff about this time of transition and are sensitive to energy, I’m curious whether anyone else is experiencing weird stuff like this?  Or are aware of info about the transition that would explain any of this.  Or just, you know, have any thoughts?

11 thoughts on “Oy the energy… the transition… the cranky

  1. Kundalini definitely allows stuff to come up and amplifies it. Or at least it has for me. As for labeling energies and figuring out cosmic effects going on right now, that is so not my area. But I can say with certainty that if you’re reacting emotionally to something, there’s a low vibration ringing out in your body. Can you bring back the feeling, the fury or the gagging when you’re in a meditative state? And follow it to see where it leads and ask it to be healed? (As I read this post, I happened to be watching an old episode of NCIS LA 😉).

    • My guess is it’s bits and pieces coming from all these things that are going on at once. And yes, kundalini can bring stuff up. I’ve been doing a different type of meditation lately so it’ll be hit or miss whether I fit one in of the sort where I’m asking questions and following trails but it’s a good idea. Thanks.

  2. I feel that energy too. For me, I have been focusing on channeling that energy into creativity and cleaning up my life.

    With Trump, I tend to think being cranky is the appropriate response. He represents something that women in particular have tolerated for a very long time, and we’ve had enough of being treated like objects to be used and tossed aside.

    Collectively women have gone beyond our boiling point, and we’re saying it’s time for some big changes. The challenge is how to do that without becoming whatever it is that is oppressing us.

    For me, part of the problem in our society is too much yang energy pushing us to be hasty about how we live, and rushing through our lives. This is part of how people like Trump and others get elected. The Bullies push their way into power.

    To be honest, I am struggling with how kind, calm and nice “enlightened” people have to be. I do believe living out of our calm and peaceful center is important, and yet there are times when it is right to express our outrage over injustice. For me, slowing my life down and focusing on finding pleasure in small things is what is keeping me sane.

    • These times are definitely a challenge and I think that’s the blessing of what’s going on. I always come back to raising the energy vibration to a higher frequency and working on my own part in that… which may be one of the reasons I’m so “buzzy” 🙂

  3. I see my long comment I made last week doesn’t appear…. not sure what happened Leigh but your post gave me a little giggle as I read your questions and can reply in summary… everything is happening now because of everything! We are emptying our body/mind vehicles quite naturally, all we have to do is observe, realise it’s all happening and release all our old human programs and beliefs. We’re going quantum, so breathing, relaxing and enjoying our life is on the menu. Much love x

    • Not sure what happened to your comment — the spam folder has nothing in it, so it didn’t land there. A mystery.
      And yes, as I’ve pondered I’ve been concluding that “all of the above” applies here. The energy in me is even wilder now, so just hanging on for the ride 🙂 Hugs, Leigh

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