Still here… mostly :-)


I haven’t meant to disappear but the unwinding in my face has been very intense the last couple of weeks, going on sometimes 16 or 20 hours, interfering with sleep, etc.  So I’ve been kind of flattened — doing well to manage groceries and laundry, etc.  When it’s not too crazy I’m trying to keep up with reading your blogs, but I’m not even doing that as well as usual.

In many ways it feels like there is so little left, but the core pieces are still part of a complex pattern that still has some very tight pieces.  I keep being puzzled as I try to sort out what is twisted up with what– I can study pics of the muscles and this core chunk is still so confusingly complicated  I can’t figure out what all the specific ones still involved are.

The orbicularis oculi and orbicularis oris are heavily involved and some of the muscles down the cheek that connect them plus one or more of the ones that go from the front of the eye on back into the head.  But a few pieces are still being pulled far enough off course I wind up scratching my head and giving up when I try to sort it out.

I know, TMI… Anyway, I’m still here and one of these days I will actually write posts 🙂

7 thoughts on “Still here… mostly :-)

  1. Big hugs Leigh. Hang in there. I wonder if you need to know which muscles. Perhaps all you need to do is experience the unwinding, and surrender as best you can. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable it must be. You are so courageous and strong. It always comes back to surrender doesn’t it? Much love

    • Yes, it’s definitely a place for surrender. I’m fascinated by the muscles more, I think, because teaching yoga and movement has me fascinated with how they work and the facial muscles are so little explored, so rarely addressed in body work and so mysterious to most of us. You’re right, knowing won’t help or change but it sure would be interesting! Thanks for the support. Hugs.

  2. I am here with you and you can contact me “off the WP grid” if you want to chat. I have been in a similar place and agree with Alison and Don, get out of the analysis and let it all go.

    with love <3,

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