Blessed healing journey

Sunset2 Dec 3 2017

A couple of friends recently commented on my ability to tune into patterns opening in my body.  It’s always nice to hear, but initially I didn’t give it much thought.  Last night, however, I was reflecting on this long healing process in light of their thoughts and noticed how I’ve mostly considered it and written about it as torture.  Now, I often look for the up side and I’ve written posts indicating some positive thoughts, but over all I must admit the general misery and discomfort of unwinding muscles and sleepless nights for the most part fill my focus.

Suddenly I could see more blessing in it.  Not only that the process has forced me to pay more attention to my body than I ever would have given it.  Not only that I have been able to mark progress on many fronts even while many people don’t quite believe healing in this form is happening.  But also a blessing because I seem to be on a very unusual path in this whole unwinding/healing muscle thing and I’m seeing that I’m in the privileged position of being a path finder.

When I first began complaining of fatigue and issues with my muscles, western medicine was swearing up one side and down the other that neither chronic fatigue nor fibromyalgia existed so their diagnosis was that I should see a shrink.  Period.  Alternative practitioners began providing answers and naming the two major issues they found [fyi: when western medicine acknowledged fibromyalgia they also defined it so my symptoms didn’t seem to fit although alternative therapists have often felt my muscles and said I have it…].

According to my first serious therapeutic massage specialist every muscle in my body was wound up like a steel cord, all the muscles in every muscle group were glued together and the groups were also glued to my bones.  Eventually, after many of the larger and surface muscles were in much better shape and most unstuck from the bones, another practitioner saw and helped me realize the underlying intertwining and complex patterns remaining in the smaller and connective muscles.

I’ve been at it for three decades. Some practitioners have been dismissive of what has gone before because they felt it should have all been resolved quickly – and then they failed to resolve it.  I had to accept a long time ago that my muscles were in trouble at a level that was way beyond most practitioners and too complicated to resolve speedily.

It has taken many types of body work, inventing my own exercise program (combining the Psychophysical Method with yoga), emotional release work, past life work, ancestral healing work and more to reach a point where I can see the light at the end of the tunnel pretty brightly.  The process has taken me deep within, led to multiple transformative experiences, taught me a huge amount about how we hold onto the past – not only our own but our past life and ancestral pasts as well – and changed the trajectory of my life dramatically and overall I would say for the better.

After a few decades of being told by one practitioner after another  they’ve never seen this, that, or the other thing as bad as my… psoas, neck, hip, whatever, I know most people don’t have physical issues of the same magnitude.  I also know from learning to move and to observe how others move, that millions of people walk around with tight muscle patterns interfering with their movement, their ability to process emotions, their capacity to feel energy, etc.  And I feel as though talking about my journey and process might help some of those people to open some channels and pathways for their own lives to receive more healing.  In fact, I hear every now and then from someone who says it has helped them take better care; what a great feeling.

As I survey this history, I feel this glow of blessing.  For once, instead of viewing it only as a burden I have unfairly had to bear, I can see the Universe entrusted me with an unusual but important journey and what a gift it is that I have been able to explore all these nuances and share my experience.  Which is not to say I won’t be back whining about my uncomfortable muscles or being kept up all night 😊  But more than ever I also feel gratitude for being sent on this journey of healing.

11 thoughts on “Blessed healing journey

  1. It is gratifying for me to read this post and see how your attitude has shifted. It takes an enlightened stance, plus faith that the more unusual paths have purpose and value. I often wonder why I couldn’t have been given a normal, simple, life, and that no one would want to trade with me, but in the final analysis, we are all who we are and where we are supposed to be, until it is time to morph into another way of being.

    i have never heard of a story like yours and am fascinated with all the twists and turns.

    Thank you for being you. ❤

  2. Just a thought Leigh, and I know your journey has been a very long healing one, but have you researched or tried Bowen Therapy. Even they don’t fully understand it still, but it appears to unlock physical, emotional and even ancestral holding patterns.
    I have a teacher who lives nearby and she says that some of the most hard cases that modern doctors won’t touch, have come to her and had some remarkable results. Your body just responds as it needs to ❤
    Anyway, may your journey find the peace and love of that healing ❤

    • No, haven’t had Bowen work and no one in my area does it. Looks interesting. I have had naprapathy, which involves soft tissue work. And a form of Rolfing, which releases fascia. And cranio-sacral, which releases emotional and physical patterns with gentle pressure. Most significant has been a technique created by someone here, called Body Patterning (not the only therapy with that name), in which the practitioner reads patterns and uses gentle pressure in specific places to open/release both emotional holding and the muscles. Those are just the ones that seem similar to the description of Bowen. Have also had multiple specific types of massage and more. It’s the cranio-sacral that opened the muscles in my head enough to start the unwinding process.

      • Yes I would expect your journey has touched on many therapies, from your descriptions it hasn’t been an easy path. I hope at the least then, a blessing from Christmas will give you a gift to help your healing and find some peace within from what must be a testing journey ❤

  3. Wow. This: being a path finder. Amazing. How you have embraced this journey now + can see it all with perspective . So beautiful. And I am very grateful that you shared all of this evolution with us. Inspiring, lovely!

  4. You are a hero Leigh! Have you read Bringers of the Dawn? You’re one of them.That’s why you’re going through all that you’re going through. Being an example of living into the truth no matter how painful.
    Alison xoxox

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