The Sense-sational Challenge: sensing the physical

Linda over at litebeing chronicles issued a challenge for this month, to write about our senses and the joy they bring.  I actually put up a post a few days ago on scent and realized too late I could have saved it for this.  In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about the senses and segueing into thinking about my healing journey and how it has helped me to “sense” into my body more minutely than ever before.

And I started thinking about how numb most Americans are to their bodies and how interesting it is that it takes a kind of “sensing” to be aware of your body and what it needs and yet we don’t have a “sense” for that added to the usual list of five, nor a word for it.  It has me thinking we SHOULD figure out a name to call it and then promote using it.

In fact, in the long slog of healing my muscles, one of the blessings has been the growing great awareness of my physical being.  As I hung around thinking about the senses during a week when I’d thrown off my wrist, arm and shoulder by overdoing it with holding a mouse and scrolling on my phone, realized how important it is to be able to tune in to our bodies.  Long ago I’d have been in pain for days without realizing what caused it or doing anything about it.

I quickly realized what I was doing that had thrown the muscles and ligaments in my wrist so far out of whack, then started doing my triggers of release work to ease out the pattern in the muscles and started wearing a wrist brace when I’m dong a bunch of research on the laptop or phone.  But the sense of my body is so much more than just registering what’s wrong.

As my healing as progressed, I can feel a tingle in my body when I eat something good for it.  I’m hyper aware of how much all the sleep deprivation of recent years has impacted my ability to function and how much it helps to sleep when I can.  Years of practicing the triggers of release and yoga have loosened my spine and hips so when I walk I’m aware of an undulating, flowing movement when I’m relaxed.  If I walk more stiffly, without that flow, I’ll soon have pain in my lower back.

Awareness has brought such a heightened sense of my physical being and the importance of taking care of it.  I’m having trouble finding the words to describe how much difference it has made to keep growing my awareness of my body and how it feels and what helps it, etc.  Sensing into my body, noting anything that seems sore or out of balance, etc. has become a regular part of my life.

Healing my body has been so tied to healing my emotional issues and to opening my connection to my divine being, I wish I could convey to people how much it would change their lives to know their bodies, to “feel” their bodies and to keep them in good health.

So I think we should figure out a word for the “sense” of our own bodies.  Something conveying an ability to tune in and “know” what’s going on just as clearly as we “see”, “hear”, “feel”, “smell” or “taste” and identify  aspects of our world and our lives by using them.

Next challenge post will be here.

11 thoughts on “The Sense-sational Challenge: sensing the physical

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  2. Thank you Leigh for such a fascinating and provocative post. I always learn so much from you and appreciate your unique take on complex issues. Maybe there already is a sense that hones in on the physical body, but it is so underdeveloped that it goes unrecognized?

    peace to you, Linda

    • Oh, I’m glad you liked — I was worried I’d gone too far off your original intent 🙂
      But yes, I think it’s partly a consciousness thing– I’ve had teachers say when you are fully conscious you can simultaneously be aware of the vibration of your kidneys, the flow of your blood, the rhythm of your breathing. I’m not there yet… So maybe the word is just consciousness.

  3. Great post Leigh. A massage therapist might suggest ‘body intelligence’ or ‘body awareness’. I like the concept of mind-body-spirit connectivity. And your term ‘consciousness’ covers all of these beautifully.

    • Yes, body awareness and body consciousness have been bandied about by some of the body workers I’ve seen. I do kind of like consciousness for conveying something a little more…

  4. An excellent post Leigh. So true, many people do not take any notice of what they put into their bodies, and can not see the relationship of being mindful of our bodies and sensing what suits and what doesn’t
    So many conditions now are relating back to diet, and are also helped with altering what we digest. not only in food, but in our stress levels to.
    An important post to bring awareness to our bodies.
    Eating healthy, seeing what suits and what doesn’t , Having times to detox and cleanse our systems , drink more water etc. and raw foods. And to be aware of the additives in many supermarket foods such as readymeals, and takeaways which many now are digesting for the easy options in our busy life styles.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Sorry its taken me a while to get here.
    Hope you are continuing to heal and sending Love and Hugs your way xx Sue xx

  5. Only just getting around to reading Linda’s sense challenges… oh I just love you talking about this… body awareness… because the body is an intelligence all on its own and working together with it will bring magical changes. I have to be very thankful to my Dutch teacher all those years ago who made me aware of this intelligence of my body and over the years my body has become my best friend… together with my mind and spirit. He taught us to feel, to be aware, to know. Much love to you Leigh x Barbara x

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