Being a trailblazer

Last time I talked about a recent phone conversation that has been a big spark for thinking about this transition time I’ve been in.  The same discussion ignited a lengthy examination of my role in being one of the spiritual trailblazers who’ve been moving ahead of the curve.

It’s not how I would usually think of myself.  And even writing about this makes me realize there’s still a big issue to explore about wanting to always be humble and not take credit for anything “big”.  But I started seeing at least 10 or 12 years ago that some of my thinking about a lot of spiritual things and especially the application of spiritual principles in the world, was not in the same place as other people I knew or other people in general on a similar path.

At first, since I tend to be an outsider, I assumed I was just out of step — as usual.  But then one of the many quite psychic body-workers/healers with whom I’ve worked, commented on me being ahead of the curve on this.  Then, a little over two years ago I wrote about an amazing healing experience with Oshunnike, who made an even more pointed observation while she worked (and I was completely out of it and hadn’t said anything) that I am way out there ahead of where most people are in what I understand and the work I’ve been trying to do and it’s going to be hard for me for a while — and lonely.  She literally pulled this observation out of the air — 🙂 seemingly — as I’d not mentioned anything about this.  Two years ago and it’s still hard…

On the one hand it felt SO good to have this confirmation of feelings I’d barely acknowledged or allowed myself to note and on the other it was hard to accept the idea of me as a trailblazer.  But her words and that thought stayed with me and I’ve realized the truth of it more and more.  My reaction to the U.S. election last year and the aftermath have been bringing increasing clarity to how radically different my understanding is from the way most people see it or react to it.

I’m so grateful that I have friends who “get it” and I’ve been hoping to reach out more toward those who do.  Thus my gratitude is so enormous for having this great conversation show up — with a friend I rarely get to talk with at length — and for the wave of realizations it has brought.  Just having someone talking to me about it made me feel weepy.

Again, one of the things it has me contemplating is how I seem to have gathered a community here in the blogging world of people who get it — and I’m coming to understand it’s possibly the main reason I was drawn to do this.  So again, I’m interested to hear from you all about this trailblazer thing — your experience of being ahead of the curve on understanding how the world works and how far outside the mainstream understanding it is.

I’m wondering if there is some way we can support one another more than by just reading and commenting?  I’m sensing those of us in the advance troops could use some assistance in holding an energy space together, to join our energies in the forward movement to a new age.

What do you all think?

17 thoughts on “Being a trailblazer

  1. I get it too. I started calling it, “the secret club”, not because it’s exclusive, but because it’s inclusive without people realizing it. Hope this makes sense. Realizing that our collective energies can (and do) make a huge difference for the better, I say we talk about it more to create stronger, positive universal energy. Thanks so much for this wonderful post! Cher xo

  2. Hi Leigh,
    I have really enjoyed these 2 consecutive posts and they have sparked some inner conversations within me. I think that one can be humble and still admit how they may be different and/or gifted. Afterall, we are all part of the whole but the whole encompasses infinite expressions.

    I love how you bring peace to all situations consistently and passionately. You are living your truth and it is very important work. I have been blogging almost 5 years and within a few months it became clear to me that the friends I had been seeking offline were manifesting online. I feel so supported and encouraged to be more and more of me, without judgement by a group of people who have become my family. Of course you are part of my family <3. I am eager to read more comments from others.

    I had suggested a blogger conference a few years ago and it began to take root and then we lost momentum. But there surely are other ways to harness this trailblazer energy. I know you are not into astrology, but Uranus is the planet of the maverick, rebel, genius, alien, futuristic type. Uranus square Pluto launched the whole 2012 event and continues to trigger our planetary adventure,

    I look forward to hearing more from you.

    Namaste, Linda

  3. Agreed. I’ve stopped telling my metaphysical buddies about my spiritual experiences any more because they are so far out there. I sound weird to all of us, yet I can’t deny what I experience personally. I’d love to talk to someone who is at the same place and it all sounds normal to them- the new normal, that is.

  4. Any sea-change does start at the ‘fierce edges of life’ … so it seems out of step, or more like out of the prevailing norm. Sending up the flares through our writing (or art, or presence and so on) helps to connect with kindred-spirits seeding shift from the edges. Thanks for writing, Leigh.

  5. I can definitely relate, Leigh! And I support whatever it is that you may be thinking of it terms of assistance, etc. Interestingly, I was just writing my next post which has a similar message! 🙂 Really love those synchronicities!

    Much L ❤ ve, & Brightest Blessings!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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