Intuition and me.

I wrote the first draft of this Saturday and the title included “Happy Canada Day” but allergies sidetracked me from getting back to it.  Still wanted to say a belated happy happy to my Canadian friends!

I mentioned recently that I’d be doing a post on intuition — I’m realizing that it’s more a meandering on intuition as I am in a process more than at a place of wrapping it up, but this unfolding has been intriguing to me.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know I’ve been working on issues related to an ancestral shut-down of my maternal lineage as “seers”.  So I tend to think of myself as not having much third eye activity–or at least what most experts around me say is a block to receiving the info.

While I have a notion I will be coming to yet-to-be-determined “extra sensing” ability when the muscles finish, I’ve been realizing lately that some degree of good intuitive “knowing” has been there all along.  Beyond that I have no way of knowing what talent or talents the line of seers in my family had since that got shut down long ago so have no idea whether I’ll be leading cops to murders or reading people’s thoughts or “seeing” visions of the future or just expanding the “knowing” I already have…

Since early in the journey I’ve been very good at having a strong sense of which spiritual teachers, books, activities and which alternative healing modalities are right for me and which are not.  In the beginning I wasn’t always good at following my avoid instinct and I wound up unhappily working with a practitioner/teacher or two whom I wound up finding creepy or uncomfortable or just not good at their practice.

But over the years I’ve come to trust it and it has served me well as I’ve moved along the healing process in great strides by heading for this practitioner or that teaching when it called to me as the next step.  For a long time I’ve said no to any healer or teacher or class if it feels off or wrong.  No way to know if I missed something great on the “no’s” but I sure have had some fabulous experiences with amazing therapists and healers whose work has drawn me to say YES.

Lately I’m noticing as things clear and my head opens, if I tune in (a big “if” 🙂 ) my intuition guides me very well on many more things, from which practices to do each day to which errands to run, to types of food I need to eat for a period of time and more.  I see intuition and “the sight” as coming from the same place but esp as having a wider or deeper connection to info outside the normal senses.  But I’m aware the type of “knowing” I experience is also considered to be one of the forms of ESP, so I find myself wondering if this expanding intuitive ability means the muscles blocking my third eye are finally opening.

Can you tell I’m getting antsy to get to the end of the muscle-healing thing and on to whatever is next?  I keep trying to stay in the moment and find the joy, etc.  But when it comes to unwinding and not sleeping and headaches, etc.  I have to admit my basic feeling re: those things and joy is…  not so much.

Anyway, as I note the intuitive ability growing, it’s been interesting to ponder… and wonder what abilities my ancestors had.  Maybe a seance???  🙂

16 thoughts on “Intuition and me.

  1. The one thing I did find personally was…after finally reaching that point of ‘releasing’ what I felt was the big block in my life, I was so eager to move forward, that the action itself blocked me further.
    I had to relax, get used to my newfound understanding from within myself. Continue to heal myself from ‘all’ the actions of this world and what I had ingrained from a lifetime of living.
    And it was a lot, simply because it was all I knew. And as I was ready as each bit was let go, spirit would pass on more understanding when it was required. Yes, I still tripped and stumbled, simply because I would not understand it truly if I didn’t.
    But as time has gone by, my awareness is in a beautiful place…until I need to understand something. I am still amazed how my awareness is ‘switched off’ so that I cannot ‘see’ something so that I can learn and understand a very important ‘thing’ for me. Only then can I give the love to others that I now have opened further within myself.
    Enjoy the journey Leigh, it will unfold some incredible things, and the most amazing love each time we give that love to ourselves ❤ 😀

    • Thanks Mark. Yes, I’ve seen enough people go through big changes from third eye opening that I’ve been aware there will be a period of adjustment. Always change.

  2.     It seems to me that the concept of “Ancestors” produces a major philosophical conflict. When we are born our body inherits the genes passed down from our Ancestors. The abilities and characteristics that inhere from them are related to body structures. Knowledge that is taught intellectually may also have been passed along from one generation to another. However, the soul doesn’t have physical genes. When it reincarnates into a new physical body, that body does not have to be in the same gene line. That new body can have a different set of ancestors that passed along its genes. So in the soul sense, you made not be related to your ancestors. Your Great Grandmother may have reincarnated from a different gene line where in a previous life she interacted with family unrelated to you. In a spiritual sense, you may not be related to your Ancestors in the way that that-word is generally used. Tracing through a family history only traces through the physical body history (which body was born from which Mother), but doesn’t say anything about where the souls came from.
        So anyway, prejudice from you Mother and Aunt may be intellectual prejudice and not soul prejudice, or knowledge passed along body-to-body and gene-to-gene but not soul to soul. It’s just as book knowledge can be passed on by building on the logic of one book and adding more logical deductions to it. Books can grow like a snowball, but when the snow melts does the water evaporate into a worthy cloud that waters the flowering blossoms of insight? We seem to often inherit the library and not the ability to read. If my ancestors were rogues, I’d rather learn from an orphan rock.
        So, about your Ancestral block. Are these genetic ancestors or spiritual ancestors? I don’t know… if your Great-great-many Grandmother lived on a moon colony with low gravity, would you still have to be afraid of jumping too high on Earth?

    • There are certainly different theories. I’m familiar with an expanding body of work in various disciplines of science and social science–i.e some parts of the work of Rupert Sheldrake– that find we DO inherit both physical and thought patterns from our ancestral lines. Since my initial exploration began when a trusted shaman saw current issues tracing back in my ancestral line and other practitioners since then have felt the same thing, I’m satisfied with the belief that I have inherited ancestral traits. I feel no need to have any one else believe what I do.
      I’ve also worked with a number of people who feel that in me (and in many) my past life issues dovetail with my ancestral ones. So it doesn’t really matter which way I conceive it, the results are similar. Working with these concepts has been very helpful for me in resolving many issues. Again, my path is not necessarily the right one for anyone else.
      Since I didn’t write of prejudice from my mother and aunt in this post nor the one to which I linked, I don’t really understand that part of the comment…

      • Sorry about that. I re-read my post and I got the tone all wrong. I do sound a bit rude and arrogant. So I apologize.
            I’ve heard about Rupert Sheldrake and it does sound like an interesting possibility. (morphic resonance does sound like a grand symphony). I suppose I’m not keen on the idea of someone in my family or in my ancestral group interfering with some ability or talent I might have. I don’t feel like they are necessarily qualified to teach me a lesson just because they want to “help me.”
            Thank you for your response. I appreciate it.

  3. Happy July 4th Leigh! I love the ‘if I tune in (and it’s a big if) — I experience the same thing. That if is such a scoundrel!

    I love how you share your journey — it moves me deeper into love always.

  4. Leigh I was thinking of you the last week or so in regards to this ancestral work. Last week I was doing some light gardening and immediately had a blister form and pop on the palm of my right hand, within like 5 minutes. You can tell I don’t do much gardening, apparently gloves are worn? Who knew? Anyways I recognized the karmic past life connection right away. and the pain I felt, they had felt. I meditated and prayed the Ho’ oponopono prayer over and over visualizing the incarnation and begging forgiveness from those I harmed and myself. Now 2 days later I sliced my hands again, not bad but painful. I do believe it is a time now that these things can be healed.

    Really good meditation

    There toward the end you are sending energy to these high chakras, one was the akashic.

    Anyways, love you,

    • Oh great adventure! Thanks for sharing that. And yes, lol, gardening gloves help though I don’t always put them on either.
      I agree, I think we’re in a time of things coming up to clear, That’s cool that your connection is so strong you can pick up that readily on the ancestral connection.
      I’ll check out the meditation — it’s funny, because of some of the things I’ve been listening to on YouTube this one keeps showing up in their suggested list and I’ve noted it but I’ve been kind of stuck on a Patricia Cota-Robles so I’ve ignored it. Now that I’ve been repeatedly tapped on the shoulder I guess I need to check it out before I start getting hit over the head! 🙂 xoxo Leigh

  5. It’s endlessly interesting to see what tools and processes others are using. It would seem we are so very invididual in spite of our commonalities. I think intuition is well serviced by simple trust. How often do we doubt our knowing? I also think that – as far as specific healings and ancestor knowledge goes – cellular memory is helpful in sorting it all out. Reiki made a profound difference in my life when it came to working on the cellular level, bring-up and releasing this life’s traumas bound in body and connectioning with / understanding of my ancestral lines, particularly on the distaff side. Learning to trust was also helped by working on others and having them confirm what I was seeing, which seems to be the more spiritually advanced. I applaud your persistance and the continuity of your quest, Leigh. With each stop forward, we help to bring the rest of Life with us. Much needed in this age, perhaps more than ever. Your work is valued. Thank you!

    … and thank you for subscribing to “Coffee, Tea and Poetry,” You’re one of the first and I appreciate the support. Happy weekend.

    Jamie Dedes

    • It is fascinating, isn’t it? I know so many people who have grown and changed and transformed their lives and everyone has done it differently. Many of my friends and I have shared certain practices (often met through a class on it, etc.) but we also all have divergent paths we’ve trod. I love that the Universe provides enough means for everyone to be able to find a way that suits. I used the Reiki long distance/through time technique to send a lot of healing back to the witch ancestor which I’m sure helped the process, but it was actually a bunch of body patterning work, a sort of priestess who worked on me, and a session with a guy who heals ancestral stuff with crystals that lifted shifted the most. I’ve heard SO many stories of different ways to work on the ancestral stuff.
      So pleased to support you in your new blog — haven’t had a chance to explore all the posts so far, but I’m loving what I’ve seen.

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