We Are the World Blogfest June edition

I actually have several links this time for the blogfest, all around the same theme:  the environment and climate change.  You see, while loads of people everywhere beat their breasts and talk about catastrophes and disaster awaiting, I really do feel optimistic and convinced that the amazing, innovative, remarkable human race is going to get it right.

I’ve been aware for quite a few years that terrific innovators have long since developed technological advances and programs and plans that could change everything.  There just hasn’t been the political will to use them.  But times are changing!

These are links to two news items, a video and the book touted by the video that I feel show us why we have every reason to be optimistic.  The link for the book takes you to my local independent bookstore and I hope some of you will support them by purchasing there (if you click on one of the cities on the page the link takes you to it will take you to the book).

News item #1:   https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/jun/28/global-covenant-mayors-cities-vow-to-meet-obama-climate-commitments

News item #2:  http://www.yesmagazine.org/planet/us-doesnt-need-trump-to-honor-paris-climate-agreement-20170601

Charlie Rose video of Paul Hawken and Gisele Bundchen talking about his book:

Link to Hawken’s book, Drawdown:  http://www.josephbeth.com/Products/173190-drawdown-the-most-comprehensive-plan-ever-proposed-to-reverse-global-warming.aspx  Click on Lexington on the page this link takes you to and it will take you to the book

The co-hosts of We Are the World Blogfest:

Belinda Witzenhausen, Carol Walsh,Chrissie Parker, Damyanti Biswas, Emerald Barnes, Eric Lahti, Inderpreet Kaur UppalKate Powell, Lynn Hallbrooks, Mary Giese, Michelle Wallace, Peter Nena, Rich Weatherly, Roshan Radhakrishnan, Simon Falk, Susan Scott, Sylvia Stein, Sylvia McGrath

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15 thoughts on “We Are the World Blogfest June edition

  1. I’ve worked for the USEPA for the last 27 years and have never — even in this political climate — lost my optimism! I’ve noticed that where I used to have to tell people what the EPA acronym even stood for, now everyone knows and are paying attention to the environment in a way they never did before. Thanks for this post. It’s this kind of thing that feeds the world’s optimism!

    • Thanks for the EPA service! I always think it’s far more helpful to concentrate on being for a good outcome and seeing what you can do to make it happen than to focus on what you don’t like or on potential disaster…

  2. I am optimistic, I think despite some denouncing climate change, people are aware and smart enough to see that we have the ability to make the difference. Thanks so much for sharing this! #WATWB

  3. Another optimist here, though an alarmed – it’s great that there are people and organisations who employ their ideas and ongoing technology to make the world and Mother Nature a better place ..

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