A glimpse of unwinding

The main reason I’ve been absent so much from blogging has been the unwinding face muscles.  Not just the unwinding itself, but the huge transition it’s creating have been diverting me from the keyboard.

So many people have been puzzled about what I mean by unwinding, I decided one day while it was in full yanking and tugging mode to grab my phone and record.  What you can see on the surface is really just the tip of the iceberg and I wish I could figure out how to describe the multitudes of things going on in the muscles underneath.

All the contortions are driven by what’s going on in the muscles and for the most part out of my control (I can clench down hard and force it to stop but that’s not something I can or want to do routinely, especially since it re-creates some of the knots and tension already released).  When this decides to start happening it just takes over.

The good news is my face, head and neck are becoming slowly but surely free of tension, clenching, pressure, etc.  Periodically significant pieces open and I feel a new level of “wow, my face can feel like this?”  Those moments are the blessing in all this that keeps me able to tolerate it.  Not to mention my eternal optimism 🙂

Nonetheless I thought it might help make the process clearer if I showed you.  Imagine this going on for hours a day — sometimes as much as 18 or all 24 — and perhaps you can see why I say it stops so much of my life.  Why I can’t sleep.  Why I’m so tired.  Why I often can’t concentrate to write or meditate…  I’m not anxious for this to wind up all over the place so in about a week I plan to take down the video and probably this post.

16 thoughts on “A glimpse of unwinding

  1. Oh Leigh, that’s a lot to be going through, and I know this has been happening for a long time now. You are sooooo strong. I totally relate to the eternal optimism thing. It keeps me going too.

  2. Leigh, thanks for the video, it gives me a better understanding of what you are going through. It looks like a tough process, my heart goes out to you. I pray that whatever causes this condition is healed, and allows you to live without this burden.

    Your post reminded me how deeply our health affects our life, and sometimes we are not in control of that health. It’s good that you share your journey. Reading your posts reminds me to thank my body for all it endures, and to re-dedicate myself to loving body practices.

    Sending you peace and love for your journey of unwinding.


    • It IS tough. But I’m glad I shared because finally having some people see what I’ve been trying to explain for so long has really helped me feel less isolated with this. I appreciate the peace and love! Hugs, Leigh

  3. I am so sorry that you are experiencing this Leigh. I hope you have been checked by a neurologist to determine if there is an underlying organic cause such as a compressed cranial nerve or small tumor. I truly hope you can find some relief as it certainly seems debilitating. Blessings and healing to you…

    • It’s been clear for a long time that all the personal work and, especially craniosacral work unleashed a process of unwinding in the muscles. I have been able to follow the progress from muscles at the surface opening down to where it is now, deep behind my eyes and in my jaw. Don’t really feel a need to get into western medicine, which has no explanation, tolerance or understanding for such things, but I appreciate the kind thoughts.

    • Thanks for that Barbara. I hadn’t thought of it in quite those terms, but yes, that’s what it feels like and there’s something very affirming about having someone else “get it”. Hugs to you. xoxo

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