Choose Happiness

I’m actually going to write something one of these days 🙂 but in the meantime, this message is just about what I want to say right now — and put so well!

Professions for PEACE

“Folks are usually about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

A definition of happiness:

“Happiness is the process

of creating and experiencing

good feelings, in your body and mind,

moment by moment by moment.”

~Michael Neal, Feel Happy Now


A definition of joy:

“Joy is the emotion evoked by

well-being or by the prospect of

possessing what one desires.

Delight is the expression or

exhibition of such an emotion.”

~Dr. Christiane Northrup, The Power of Joy

“Many events will transpire in which your conditioned response is to feel bad. Be aware of these outer incidents, and say the five magic words: I want to feel good. In that precise moment, ask yourself if feeling bad is going to make the situation any better. You’ll discover that the only thing feeling bad accomplishes in response to outer situations is to plummet you into…

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2 thoughts on “Choose Happiness

  1. Oh if only more people understood this. On a personal note it hit me recently like a bolt from the blue that just because I’m in pain it doesn’t mean I have to be unhappy! So freeing!
    Alison xox

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