And the message is???

In this time of transition both for earth and in my life, I’ve been pretty silent on this blog.  Kind of hard to describe the fogginess that overtakes me every time I try to write up some thoughts…  A lot has been going on so I thought I’d do one of my catch-up pieces about this and that.


I’m still pondering the “what am I here for?”, “what’s next?” questions that have been looming for quite some time.  I’ve been seeing how lots of seemingly unconnected steps along my journey are adding up to a greater whole for some time.  But lately I’m realizing it probably stretches on back to my politico college days and the studies I did on government and power (I’ll catch you up on that in a future post).  I still keep seeing a guide book on peaceful activism but I keep feeling there are more pieces to put together first and I’m prepared for change to march me in a different direction…

Body healing

The last few months have seen some significant, if slow, progress on the unwinding front.  The deep, deep places in my face that are opening now are connected to patterns throughout my body and the opening is leading to huge energy flows.  The huge runs of energy have a lot to do with my inability to pull together coherent thoughts and also interfere with sleeping.

I’m hearing that big energy shifts and downloads and weird physical things are happening for lots of folks as this is a big time of transition so I’m guessing it’s pushing my healing process along as well as impacting other levels of transformation.

This last weekend seemed to mark a moment of big shift.  On Friday I whacked my left elbow into the edge of a towel bar which has had it black and blue and, initially, swollen.  The next day, some spilled suntan oil in a store left me splatted on the ground, smashing my left knee and wrist as well as banging my left hip.  By Saturday night I had puffy, black and blue elbow, wrist and knee.

Having learned that it really helps to do the triggers of release work after an accident, I did a number of those exercises Saturday night.  I started experiencing pops and opening at way deeper levels than the accident could possibly have reached that quickly.  It reminded me of another fall, after which Body Patterning practitioner Hanna commented on picking up the feeling that I needed the fall to crack some things open. That’s exactly how this has felt.

Not only did things begin to open more deeply that night, but it has activated a lot of opening in those last, intertwined pieces in my face — the root stuff that has been slow and resistant to opening.  Now, I could do a lot of exploring about some message from particular places I injured (or look it up in Louise Hay 🙂 ) and I do find it interesting all the injuries were on the left (feminine) side, but I’m satisfied that cracking open was the point.

How long? how long?

Over the years I’ve often circled back to wondering why this healing process is taking SO long.  I first realized there were massive problems with my muscles and my health over 30 years ago.  I’ve practiced yoga, spent tens of thousands of dollars on body work, created a new exercise series for it and done countless of hours of energy practices not to mention the affirmations, prayers and visions…

While I’m aware there have been many lessons and I’ve learned a lot about my body I’d never have known without this long slow process, I’m again at a point of saying to the Universe, “Enough.  I’ve had enough.”  Way past the point of getting what benefit there could possibly be to 30+ total years and something like 12 years of just getting the muscles in my face and head sorted out.  Enough.  Not that saying “enough” seems to affect the Universe… 🙂

Love and Compassion

Meanwhile, still working at love and compassion and ever more convinced the answer for these times is to be love, be peace, be compassion.  I posted a Patricia Cota-Robles video a while back in which she leads a meditation basically for healing all humanity and bringing love to the world.  I’m posting it again below, just to make it easy if you’re interested.  I play it on my tablet as I go to sleep most every night and I love it.

Got to see Patricia in person at one of her free events last Sunday, which was SO lovely!  And I’ve been making my way slowly through a Ram Dass on line retreat involving videos from a real world workshop on transforming negative emotions.  Good stuff.

Still chanting as well as seeking out videos and workshops focused on the issues so dear to my heart.


16 thoughts on “And the message is???

  1. I have been thinking about you, Leigh, wondering how you’ve been and what you’ve been up to, as you’ve been ‘pretty silent on this blog’ as you said. I was, in fact, about to just send you an email to ask you where you’re at with experiencing the ‘final hump’ on this stage of our journey. You know, when you commented in one of my posts last month and we agreed to hold a vision for us “that we both have finally gotten to that final hump!” It has been pretty ‘quiet’ for me (aka no humps of late…)

    That “what am I here for?” is another of our numerous parallelisms. That has come up for me again also recently. And I’ve also been mulling over posting about it. I can so relate to how that feels, Leigh.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your accident. Ouch!!! 😦 😦 😦 And thank you for sharing about the ‘triggers of release work.’ I think I’d incorporate that even if I haven’t had any recent accidents. I’m guessing it’ll be as ‘effective’ even if the accident took place years ago,..

    I’m glad to hear about your journey, Leigh. Am continuing to hold that vision for us.

    Much Love, Big Hugs, & Brightest of Blessings to you, Leigh!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. So lovely to hear from you. I’m sure hoping this is the final hump on this physical healing phase but, as noted, this has gone on a long time and I’ve been hoping to be at the end for many years…
    Yes, the triggers of release are excellent for old patterns — it’s why I fiddled with the stuff until I got it to work — I attribute a great deal of the almost end of fibromyalgia to doing that work.
    Blessing to you — and I’m still holding the vision of both of us crossing that final hump on this phase of our journeys!!!

  3. Interesting Leigh…there are many people around me at the moment who are going through ‘accidents’, and in most all I could ‘see’ they were not giving to themselves, rushing hither and yon to achieve something. But all I could ‘see’ was this inability to stop and truly give to themselves, constantly on the go, so the universe did it for them, created a time where they could go no further and look within to find the missing pieces AND re-balance the body, mind and heart.
    Not that I’m saying this is you also, most certainly not. But it is intriguing with all that is happening.
    As an aside, I too have one of the nastiest sinus infections that has flattened me also. So I stopped and focused on me, a little unwinding as you do to assist the journey, and find what my heart has to say instead of listening to the world.
    My heart speaks funny, all warm and fuzzy, relaxed and comforting, and most certainly with a love like no other.
    I think I’ll keep this one, my other one I used to use in this world is built on plastic, hugs like a wet cloth and loves like an auction 😀
    Love and light for your injuries, and the journey within as you heal (from the warm one) 😀

  4. Well, by the nature of my health stuff, running hither and yon for me is in the far distant past. But I did mean to have mentioned the stop and rest aspect because this set of injuries has stopped all kinds of activities (I’m left-handed so a left wrist injury is a pretty big impediment) and left me spending more time lolling, napping and contemplating — plus letting the unwinding unfold — so yes, it has served as a time out. But the breaking stuff open part feels the larger purpose.
    Sorry to hear about your sinus issues. Many years of using a nasal cup and more recently also keeping a himalayan salt lamp in my room have kept those issues down for me but I sure know how miserable it can be!
    Thanks so much for your insights and kind thoughts — always appreciated.

  5. So I’m not the only one who has been positioned to stay quiet with myself and finding the words to write about it in a future post. Funny how it all works… but I have the feeling that we are all surrendering more and more of ourselves that we are gathering from all our life’s, not just this one… the important thing is to keep looking at the intention of feeling great, excited and passionate about the new role we are all preparing ourselves for… we don’t need to know until the clock strikes and as the lightening flashes we will know. Much love Leigh, barbara x

    • Yes, it’s apparently a “thing” many of us are experiencing. I’ve been working on staying up and positive though I must admit I’ve got work to do on being excited while my head is splitting or my wrist is throbbing or I’m so exhausted I can hardly move… The more I succeed at it the more I see how the thinking changes even those things but it’s a challenge — much easier to be whiny when it hurts 🙂 And yes, I’ve realized there’s a shift that will come before I know the next piece and, while i’m sometimes impatient, by and large I’m content to ride the process and let the Universe choose the timing. Love you Barbara — Leigh

  6. Hi Leigh,
    I was struck by the vulnerability and authenticity of this post and send my love to you. I admire your patience with your health more than you may know. It is quite interesting what you write about accidents and needing to crack open, i never thought of it that way. I had a teacher once who said every thing that happens to you and your body, no matter how seemingly minor, is what is needed in that moment. And yet,,,,,

    grateful for your presence,
    Linda <3.

    • Thanks Linda! Yes, I’ve followed the “everything happens for a reason” philosophy a long time — though I often find the reason pretty obscure and mysterious 🙂 Love and hugs to you — Leigh

  7. Oh I ponder too, and then just carry on doing what feels right in the moment. The pondering is always on the back burner saying I “should” be doing more meditation, chanting, affirmations, working with my guides, devoting my live to spirit, and yet here I am just being being me, doing what I want which involves a lot of time online.
    I too wonder when that inner shift will happen, when healing will happen. I’ve just had an injection in my hip yesterday which is painful today but I’m hoping will result eventually in less pain and more mobility.
    And yeah, I do keep coming back to love and compassion, and I appreciate the reminders from you.
    Alison xox

  8. Healing seems to be a layered process and as others have pointed out, healing is not cure though occasionally it may lead to that. I do think our illnesses are linked to some degree to unfortunate “current events,” which have been more wearing than usual … although I’m not sure I can say what usual is. What a sweet spirit you have, Leigh. Thank you for the intro to Ms. Cota-Robles and for the heads-up on Ram Dass online retreat, the sort of thing we are all in need of right now. Prayer and well-wishes sent your way. Warmly, Jamie Dedes

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