Politics, religion and judgment: Part 1

Okay, Ivan from Teacher as Transformer has me trolling through my own ancient posts and I thought this one seemed pretty timely again… or still???

Not Just Sassy on the Inside

Watching the political maelstrom of late,  my reflections on opinions and judgment have been swirling.   I can see when it comes to politics and religion lots of folks have some underlying belief not only that they’re right but the world (or life as we know it) is somehow threatened by the wrongness of those who disagree.  And the fear leads to hate and condemnation.

It’s one place where I can see pretty clearly I can disagree with someone else’s opinion but there’s no reason I need to judge that person as bad or evil.  The same for those who hold different religious views.  I also see that for most people anyone who disagrees with their opinions–whether it’s Democratic or Republican views, abortion for or against, reincarnation or none, Protestant or Catholic, etc.– is an enemy.

It seems since the dawn of time people have duked it out over deep seated…

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