What’s a life worth?

Ivan from Teacher As Transformer found another very old post (I think this one goes back to a time of maybe 3 followers). When I saw the like I decided to take a look at it; though it was about news at the time, in an eery way it seems very appropriate now…

Not Just Sassy on the Inside

I’ve been a little shocked lately at the news about Bin Laden and the people rejoicing in the streets over a man’s death.  I don’t like what he did and I’m not questioning whether there should have been a mission or even that they felt there was no choice as to the outcome once the mission started, but he was a living person and I find it ghoulish to be jubilant that he was killed.  I chanted the lovingkindness chant for him for hours long ago and eventually I softened and felt the divine nature beneath the angry mask.  Doesn’t mean I liked him or approved of him, but I recognized him as another member of the web of life.

We stormed Iraq, a country that had no known relationship to 9/11 and no nuclear weapons and caused the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent civilians and left thousands…

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