Yoga for the Homeless

Since I’ve been practicing yoga for 30+ years and teaching off and on for something like 25, it seemed only fitting that my first participation in the We Are the World Blogfest should share a positive and uplifting piece about yoga.  I love the idea of offering yoga to homeless people.  Knowing the power of yoga practice to balance your energy and move you into a stronger more centered space, I imagine these programs (this isn’t the only one out there) are having an important impact.

The five co-hosts for this month’s event are:

  1. Belinda Witzenhausen
  2. Lynn Hallbrooks
  3. Simon Falk
  4. Sylvia McGrath
  5. Damyanti Biswas







17 thoughts on “Yoga for the Homeless

  1. Yoga, like the arts and other holistic practices, make a huge difference in shelters — for shelter users and for staff — there is a study here in Alberta that shows levels of PTSD amongst front-line workers in a shelter are equivalent to a soldier’s PTSD when returning from a war zone. Thanks for sharing this Leigh. ❤

  2. Seeing this has made me realise that I should be more regular with my Yoga practice….But honestly, how often do these homeless people do Yoga once they get back on their feet?

    • I think follow-through on yoga and all forms of exercise is an issue for all types of people. But if the yoga helps some homeless people feel better while they’re doing it and maybe helps some to get back on their feet, why does it matter if they keep doing it after that?

  3. Hi Leigh,
    I sometimes forget the importance of yoga in your life. I just started a new class after a very long absence and find even the gentle yoga to be challenging. However, I value this practice and am glad it continues to spread its access to all people.

    • Yes, all exercise can be challenging after an absence. If you’ve done yoga before, though, I think your muscles will remember and ease back into it readily. Hope you’re finding some peace and balance from it.

  4. What an inspiring story. I believe these kind of core practices can really be of support and help shift things, and so the idea of making them available to those who truly could benefit from them seems both obvious and brilliant.

  5. As a yoga practitioner for the last 15+ years, I truly appreciate its benefits, especially in reducing anxiety and stress. This organization is doing wonderful work for people who may have little hope that their situation will change. Homelessness is a critical issue around the world and any amount of help in providing food, shelter and emotional peace through yoga is certainly needed and welcomed. Thanks for sharing this video.

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