Subtle shifting

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I spent several weeks recently reading my way through Life Loves You by Robert Holden and Louise Hay and sort of doing the practices.  Some I did exactly as provided, some I re-crafted to use similar practices I know..

It’s been a return to the sort of practices and info I devoured at the beginning of my spiritual journey.  On one hand I’ve very much enjoyed the return to the basics as well as seeing how much more these things flow after years of clearing away emotional debris and physically opening my body.  On the other hand, counter to their predictions for big change, this far down the road and after the huge amounts of change and release I’ve already undergone, to me the impacts of this work were subtle.

Getting my mind to quit running old tapes and stop reacting out of inter-generational habits has been one of my great challenges.  I’ve finally reached a place where the kind of positive thinking, gratitude and forgiveness practices in this book grab hold with greater ease and I’m so pleased to feel the years of work on affirmations and retraining my brain are resulting in finally seeing a bigger impact from such practices.

The piece about which I’ve been most excited was a little change that suddenly happened with my lovingkindness chanting several weeks in on the Life Loves You venture.  As you know, I’ve been a fan of the lovingkindness chant for years and since the election I’ve established a regular practice of chanting it for 10 minutes 4 or 5 times a week.  Suddenly one night I found myself saying it with a change of emphasis while simultaneously being flooded with a sense of the meaning of each separate affirmation:

  • I am filled with lovingkindness
  • I am well
  • I am peaceful and at ease
  • I am happy

It’s hard to describe the inner shift as I say it now.  Over the years I’ve mostly said it as one continuous piece.  It’s always been powerful for me, always opened a big flow of energy through my heart.  But now I’m saying it with a great consciousness of each phrase being an affirmation of something I truly assert to be true — and the powerful feeling has grown.

Another phase of major unwinding has been unfolding as well, opening some significant pieces where my left eye, cheek and jaw have all felt crunched together.  Still not done, but open enough to feel something significant is happening.

Then the other night I had a bunch of tabs open on my browser and as I moved from one to another I noticed I had 5 FB notifications, 5 new posts waiting on WP, 5 notifications from Pinterest, an ad with a big “5” in it….  Although I find it interesting, I’ve never had a conscious experience of one or more numbers repeating like that.  Linda over at litebeing chronicles does pay a lot of attention to numbers and knows a lot about it so when the first post I saw on FB the next day was from her and IT had “5” in it, I asked her about the meaning.  “Change,” she said.  I also found a site with spiritual meanings of numbers and “manifestation” came up.

Feels like the Universe is giving me a big thumbs up and confirming big change is afoot!




14 thoughts on “Subtle shifting

  1. Now that I have heard the “back story”, I better understand why you approached me about the number five. I have to wonder if Venus retrograde has impacted your decision to go back to an old practice by reading Life Loves You. Venus is about love, after all 🙂

    I got a free Louse Hay desk calendar for 2017 when I bought some cards from Hay House and I am really digging the positive messages and images that greet me daily at my office. Sometimes I use them with my clients too.

    Congrats on more shifts and thanks for the mention.

    peace always, Linda

    • Oh, the calendar sounds like a nice way to have her positive thoughts in view on your desk. Thanks again for looking into the the number.
      I like the idea of Venus being in on this!

  2. Change — how exciting, Leigh! 😀 Interestingly enough, I opened my book on Angel Numbers by Doreen Virtue to look up its meaning. Not coincidentally, guess which number the book opened to? 5 of course! 😀 And here’s what Doreen wrote for the meaning of 5 —

    “A significant change is occurring, always for the better. It’s a good idea to call upon Heaven for help with life changes.” (Virtue, Doreen. Angel Numbers 101 (p. 11). Hay House. Kindle Edition.)

    Lovely, eh? Much Love & Brightest Blessings to you, Leigh!!! ❤

  3. Oh this sounds so wonderful. I can imagine the power of the lovingkindness chant after doing it for years. Stuff like that has a way of finally sinking right into your bones. I need to do it more!

  4. Years ago I heard the phrase, “Change is here to stay. Stop fighting it.” I love that you have come full circle in your practices and discovered how far around the circle you’ve moved, and how deep, you’ve journeyed. Very cool.

    It is a gift Leigh to be able to follow your healing journey here. Thank you..

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