Don’t get mad, be peace

Ivon from Teacher as Transformer somehow landed on this old post and his “like” led me to revisit it. It seemed very apropos for these times — and it was posted back when I had 5 followers 🙂 so I thought I’d present it again. Thanks for the reminder Ivon!

Not Just Sassy on the Inside

When I watch the news (try to avoid it) or face opposing political opinions or hear about what I perceive as injustice, I tend to react.  Sometimes I’m pretty angry, raving and waving my arms around.  I try to be mindful in this arena, to realize when I’ve flipped into mad mode.  Because I believe absolutely that the only way to have a world at peace is for enough of us to release our anger and truly become peace; peace in your heart, compassion in action, etc.

In this great big web of divine oneness that we all inhabit each one of us affects the entire web by the emotional patterns we hold and express.  Just because almost everyone I know would be angry about the same stuff doesn’t change the fact that all anger fed into the web contributes to hatred and violence and war.  At any given moment…

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