Hold the Loving Space

I’ve been a little silent lately.  Partly because the unwinding is back with the usual discombobulation accompanying and also because I’ve been ruminating on current events and what I want to say…

It’s been an amazing time for me in general.  As I mentioned recently, my daily chanting into heart-fullness  has brought me face to face with some remaining issues about worthiness, self-love and my ongoing journey to transform my ancestral negative thinking habit into positive thinking; it’s been a far tougher transition over the years than I’d have imagined when I started out and blithely assumed a few months of affirmations would fix everything.

Since my last post, I’ve been guided to “The Cure Is…“, which I LOVED.  I was given a link to see it free on Vimeo but I’ve found the DVD at Amazon and am thinking I want to buy it and add it to my growing collection of positive thought movies.

And then a friend sent me a link to this lovely — and fairly short — video of Martha Beck on YouTube, which I found to be the PERFECT message for these times and reflects how I see it working:

The piece that’s been bugging me lately has been the handful of friends on Facebook who can’t seem to stop fear-mongering even though they have spiritual knowledge and practices that should help them step out of that space.  I’ll be posting more about those issues — theirs with the fear and mine with being bugged by it 🙂 later.

But this little film from Ms. Beck helped me to see the message I most  want to spread, the one I most want to be my message:  Be the Peace.  Hold the space of lovingkindness.  Let your heart be filled with love and compassion.

Being in fear only helps them.  What we need right now is for as many people as possible to be clearing anything within them that stands in the way of peace and compassion and also meditating, chanting, praying their way into higher consciousness. The higher we take the consciousness, the more that pyramid she’s depicting melts into the sea of love.


P.S.  A little extra.  I have also found great comfort in this YouTube video from Patricia Cota Robles.  I’ve been listening to it every night as I go to sleep.  Some of it’s pretty woo woo if you’re not into some of the I AM stuff but the basic message about transforming the world into eternal peace is spot on:

4 thoughts on “Hold the Loving Space

  1. This was a profound post Leigh. I so enjoyed reading your thoughts and yes our thinking is very in-tune right now.. I think many more are on this wave length.. I so so loved the video Leigh and it made so much sense.. Only by changing ourselves can we help change the world.. And I hope she is right.. And we avoid a revolution.. There have been far too many of those happening throughout our history and nothing ever much gets changed..
    I was so impressed by the video I am going to share it and link your post to it.. For people really need to wake up to this idea that we can all by going within and opening our hearts,by being creative and waking up to the Truth we can alter the world for the better..
    Many thanks for sharing it..
    And I hope too you soon feel brighter and gain more strength..
    Lots of Love to you Leigh..
    Hugs Sue ❤

    • Thanks for passing along the video to your readers and for the credits to me. Yes, I think if those of us who already believe keep putting our attention on raising the vibration and maybe convince some others to join us, we can be enough to raise consciousness to levels of greater peace and harmony. That’s part of the comfort I derive from David Hawkins’ Power vs. Force.

      • Yes, definitely.. Power Vs Force.. 🙂 And you are welcome, The post now posted.. And the more we touch the more we create the Ripple Effect.. ❤ xxxx Have yourself a Peaceful Weekend xxx

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