Love is rising: where are you focused?

Nearly Full Moon over my back yard

Nearly Full Moon over my back yard

Being very mindful that energy flows where attention goes, I’ve been working at finding positive things on which to focus.  And I’m happy to report I’m finding a lot of cause for hope.  I was especially happy to see a report the other day that the Schumann Resonance has recorded the highest frequency ever as of January 31.

Considered to be “Earth’s Heartbeat” frequency, the Resonance has been linked to human brain activity/consciousness and a rise in this frequency has been correlated by some to a rise in human consciousness.  I’m seeing this recent spike as arising from the worldwide movement sparked by current events and leading to multitudes standing together in support and/or mediating and reflecting on peace and heartfulness.

I’m seeing stories about people cleaning hate graffiti off a New York subway car and a Synagogue in Victoria, Texas gave keys to the Muslims whose Mosque burned down so they can continue having services.  I’m seeing people supporting the protest at Standing Rock in numerous ways.  More and more stories of people standing up in support of their brothers and sisters of every race, creed and religion are showing up every day and my heart fills with joy at every one I see.

In each of these stories there is a choice of focus.  I could choose to dwell on the hate behind the anti-Semitic graffiti or the possibility the burning of the Mosque was arson or the corporate greed behind the pipeline.  Or I can choose to dwell on the lovingkindness of those who cleaned the graffiti, gave the keys to the Synagogue and who stand with the Native Americans at Standing Rock.  I choose the love.

Energy flows where attention goes.  If your attention is on the hate, you send energy to it which creates more.  If you focus on the love and compassion you send energy there and create more.  It is entirely your choice where you will focus and to which end you will send energy.

If you choose to focus all your attention on the haters, you’re as much a part of the problem as they are.  Choose the love.  It doesn’t mean you don’t notice what’s happening it’s that you change your focus to celebrating those who are doing the right thing instead of those who are doing wrong.

I see a global consciousness of oneness and the need to stand up for one another rising.  I see love growing bigger not only in the world, but as I continue to chant for lovingkindness and a heart filled with love (see post), I feel my being shifting into more and more into a space of love.

For the first time the Schumann Resonance reached 36.  I plan to do all I can to be part of taking it higher by continuing to focus on being peace and love.  Where are you going to put your attention?  Which do you want to feed, the love or the hate?

Addendum:  I love this video discussing Gandhi and his approach to changing the world by changing your self and the list of organizations bringing his spirit into the world:

Video from KarmaTube

For more on the Schumann Resonance:





14 thoughts on “Love is rising: where are you focused?

  1. The idea has been growing in me for a couple of weeks, and now I’m sure of it – he has been sent to wake people up from their apathy, to rise above the status quo, to help where it is needed. No-one would have shaken things up the way he is doing, and we will see and read about more and more acts of love because we see more and more that that is what is needed.
    Hugs Leigh.
    Alison xox

  2. Great post Leigh. Thank you for steering me in the right direction. I recently heard of Schumann on FB. Is this related to the theory that Earth is shifting from 3D to 5D? I am also reading that scientists have discovered that our Universe is a hologram. Hope none of this is fake news lol!

    Namaste my sister ❤

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this, Leigh! I was having some moments of hopelessness these past couple months, but I now feel a renewed energy and knowing that many humans are rising to the occasion…and what is happening is so very necessary to birth the new. Much love, Aleya

  4. Thank you so much for writing this! I have been disturbed by the recent events in the USA, and I use Facebook to inspire, but admit that there are times when I focus on the fear. I will shift my focus to love no matter what is going on because our thoughts do indeed affect the collective. Again, thank you for this reminder.

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