I DO have a bucket list…


Bucket lists seem to have become a big priority in this country; I’m hazy about whether it started with the movie or whether the movie arose from a growing preoccupation…  Since it keeps coming up, I find myself periodically wondering whether I have one.  At one point I wrote a post about not wanting one.

Pretty much all the bucket lists I’ve encountered are long to-do lists of activities.  Whether it’s a catalog of places to visit or exploits or career accomplishments they’re all about external pursuits.  Underlying the lists is an obsession with living a life that’s packed with doing and the corollary notion that your life won’t have value (or you’ll have regrets when you die) unless you’ve done as much as possible.  At least that’s my take.

Looking at these lists reminds how definitively I “march to my own drum”.  Because I pretty much don’t want to do any of that stuff and I can’t imagine lying on my death bed feeling sad because I never saw St. Emilion or jumped off a bridge while attached to a cord.  I would like to see St. Emilion but I don’t feel the value of my life will be determined by whether I have or haven’t.  Now the bungee cord thing…  that would go on a growing list of things I don’t EVER want to do before I die 🙂

Another blogger (so sorry, I’ve lost track of which) recently posted about Myers Briggs.  I decided to finally look into it.  My initial guess was INFP (introverted, intuitive, feeling, perceiving) and then I took several different tests, each of which confirmed it.  We’re somewhere from 1-4% of the population (different sources give different %), which kind of fits with my sense of being out of step.

When I made this discovery, I’d been working on and off on the idea that maybe my bucket list is just different.  I can see how mine fits with being an INFP.  It’s a work in progress (even though I memorialized it on the picture above):

  1. Be Peace or as close as I can get in this lifetime
  2. Become ever more compassionate
  3. Radiate love
  4. Be generous
  5. Open my heart
  6. Allow the shifts of the world and those around me to move through me without affecting me
  7. Be unfailingly kind
  8. Develop ever higher consciousness
  9. Evolve to consciously living as a divine spirit in a physical body
  10. Heal this life and all effects of ancestral patterns and past lives
  11. Write a great book
  12. Write a great song
  13. Help others on their journeys
  14. Stay healthy
  15. Heal all anger

I suspect it’s a list for several lifetimes.  And most of the items will, by their nature, be works in progress rather than things I can check off the list.  I gather most people would feel antsy at the lack of stuff “to do” and scratch off…

But it’s my list and I like it.  And I feel so much less out of step now that I have one 🙂





13 thoughts on “I DO have a bucket list…

  1. I enjoyed reading your list and gaining a different perspective. I wrote a post about living my dreams and most of it contained travel. Travel is in m blood. But I also realize that living is an inside job and travel helps spark my inner experiences.

    I can see you as an INFP. They are a minority, which is cool. I initially tested as INFP but morphed into the compulsive planning INFJ. We are another obscure percentage, and I would not have it any other way.

    Mortality is often on my mind and I worry if I am wasting time. And yet, finding and sustaining inner peace would take care of everything…

    • I figured it must be changeable, as I was aware in each test that I’d have answered many questions the opposite way 25 years ago… I think lots of those list things that don’t excite me ARE sparks for those who love to do them — I’m curious whether an expert could pick up on the Myers Briggs type from the bucket list.

  2. Yes! When I took it, I was astounded that anyone could know me that well! I am an ENFP…..but at this age much less extreme. We do develop as we age in the other traits…more or less have to for survival in most jobs…. Lastly developing in our weakest trait, which involves a temporary dying to our greatest strength…..it really is like a dying to self. It can be very unnerving if we don’t realize it’s part of becoming whole. But we do resurrect with a greater balance and flexibility.

    You are inspiring me to write a bucket list! Thanks. Could relate to most of yours very well.

    • As I mentioned in the above comment, I actually think when I was younger I’d have tested a very different type — probably always an introvert, but the other three would have been different. For me this journey of inner work and insight has brought out traits that were buried. Interesting idea that they all develop over time.

  3. That’s a great lost Leigh. I don’t really know what my BL is, apart from some travel ideas we have. I think really the only thing on my list is continued presence and authenticity – as frequently and deeply as I can. All the rest is gravy.
    Much love

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